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When a restaurant gas oven explodes in Killer Kitchens, killing two men, destroying the chef’s livelihood and tossing heroine Deva Dunne out onto the sidewalk, you know something’s gone terribly wrong with Deva’s first commercial project. Actually it’s been blown all to, well–smithereens. The reason? An accidental propane leak. Or was arson the cause? Either way, just because Dynamite Shrimp was on the menu, did the place have to explode?

Amazon says: Jean Harrington has a few surprises up her sleeve for her intrepid sleuth in Killer Kitchens. Mystery lovers are sure this entertaining and intriguing addition to the fabulous Murders by Design series.

KILLER KITCHENS is available from Amazon and CarinaPress.


Jean Harrington is the author of the Naples-set Murders by Design Mystery Series. A former English prof at Becker College in Worcester, Mass., Jean is writing for the exploding field of electronic publishing and is awed by its impact on readers and writers alike. For excerpts from Designed for Death, The Monet Murders and Killer Kitchens, the first three books in her tongue-in-cheek series, Jean invites you to visit her at