Angel Heat by Leslie A. Borghini

The two most powerful entities in the universe have a meeting, and it does not go well. Only seven days remain before all life on Earth will be extinguished. Angels, witches, and demons must somehow set aside their differences and join forces to save the planet. God, who is frustrated and has lost faith in humanity, and the Father of Lies, who sees only opportunity, come to blows, and a powerful witch becomes the unlikely key to mankind’s survival. When neither God nor the Devil can foresee the outcome, what hope is there for the human race?


ANGEL HEAT is a soul-scorching work of fiction about angels and demons, the masters they serve, and the humans caught in the middle. The Angel of Horror creates a world so terrifying and believable ardent atheists will fall to their knees and beg God for salvation.”
—S.L. Menear Award-winning author of DEADSTICK DAWN

“Leslie A. Borghini’s debut novel will turn the Suspense Horror genre on its head. “ANGEL HEAT” will take you to the brilliance of Heaven and the fiery furnace of Hell. When angels, witches and demons come together to try to save mankind; a hurricane of good and evil will be whipped in to a category 5 fury.

“Leslie has written an artistic masterpiece. You will envision and come to know each character on a personal level. They will become your friends and your enemies. The surprise comes with which ones are which.
“Grab a strong cup of coffee and strap in. When you begin reading the very first line you will not want to put it down until it reaches the last page and then you would sell your soul for more. “ANGEL HEAT” is a hell of a ride!”
—J.M. Leduc: Author of the TRILOGY OF THE CHOSEN

“Horror fans, take note. All hail newcomer, Leslie A. Borghini for her breakout masterpiece, “ANGEL HEAT.” With the page-turning suspense of masters Stephen King and Dean Koontz, Leslie has created characters you will, “love to hate.” From the depths of Hell, to the bows of Heaven, ANGEL HEAT is an emotional rollercoaster you’ll be begging to ride.”
—Caryn Devincenti: Retired Senior Editor of Fabulous 40rties magazine and author of THE GIRL WHO CRIED GHOST.


After living 30+ years in the snow and ice, Leslie A. Borghini settled in Florida. She continued her career as a Trauma/ICU RN and then went into administration. As fate would have it, Leslie’s own health became an issue. She retired from Nursing and began fulfilling a dream that had sat on the back burner for many years, she began to write. After watching the EXORCIST at the tender age of 13, Leslie knew she was possessed to write horror.

Leslie’s debut novel, ANGEL HEAT, ignites to life and her writing is off and running. Her house overflows with angels; her husband, Mama, and her “Kids:, 8 dogs, 4 cats, and a parrot. She frequently travels between Heaven and Hell. She is also known as the ANGEL OF HORROR, and welcomes you into her world.

To learn more about Leslie, please visit her website.

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