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This week ITW Members Jennifer Moss, Susan Froetschel, Ralph PezzulloTosca Lee and J.C. Carleson discuss researching locations that are beyond their reach, say for distance or no longer in existence?


Ralph Pezzullo is a New York Times bestselling author, and award-winning journalist and playwright, and screenwriter. His books include Jawbreaker, Inside SEAL Team Six, The Walk-In, At the Fall of Somoza, Plunging Into Haiti (winner of the 2006 Douglas Dillon Prize for American Diplomacy), Eve Missing, Blood of My Blood, Most Evil, The Navy SEAL Survival Handbook, the SEAL Team Six thriller Hunt the Wolf, and the upcoming Hunt the Scorpion and (with Don Mann).

Jennifer Moss was born and raised in Evanston, Illinois and is a graduate of Northwestern University. Although she received her degree in music theory/composition, Jennifer had an affinity for computers and entered the technology field upon graduation. In 1996, when the internet was at its infancy, Moss launched one of the first parenting websites, She also served as Director of Development and consulted with several Los Angeles internet companies. Jennifer began her writing career as a freelance author for articles about the internet industry in 2000. Her first book, THE ONE-IN-A-MILLION BABY NAME BOOK was published in 2008 by Perigee Press (a division of Penguin) as a companion to her website.

Tosca Lee is the NY Times bestselling author of the critically acclaimed DEMON: A MEMOIR, HAVAH: THE STORY OF EVE, ISCARIOT and the Books of Mortals series with NY Times bestseller Ted Dekker: FORBIDDEN, MORTAL and SOVEREIGN (Spring, 2013). Tosca received her B.A. in English and International Relations from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She also studied at Oxford University. In her spare time, Tosca enjoys adventure travel and makes her home in the midwest.

Susan Froetschel is the author of four mystery novels, including Fear of Beauty, published by Seventh Street Books in January. The book, set in rural Afghanistan, is about a woman desperate to learn how to read after the death of her oldest son. Fear of Beauty is a story of bitter opponents who find common interests. Since 2005 Froetschel has worked for YaleGlobal Online, a publication that covers globalization, defined as the interconnectedness of our world.

J.C. Carleson is a former undercover CIA officer. She spent nine years conducting clandestine operations around the globe before trading the real world of espionage for writing about espionage. She is the author of WORK LIKE A SPY: BUSINESS TIPS FROM A FORMER CIA OFFICER, and CLOAKS AND VEILS.