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Four centuries ago witch hunters killed the seven Yardley sisters.

Now Department 18 must battle…the eighth witch!

Four hundred years ago six of the seven Yardley sisters—all witches—were hunted down and killed. The seventh lived long enough to give birth to a daughter. Now, centuries later, that daughter has resurfaced in the town of Ravensbridge, more powerful than her mother or aunts ever were. She has honed her powers, can change shape at will, and has only one ambition—to bring her family back from the dead to seek vengeance against the descendants of all who slaughtered them. Ravensbridge once lived in fear of the seven Yardley sisters, but they have yet to experience the terror of…the Eighth Witch.


“This book would make a good movie.” ~FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS

“A grand adventure, written in a very fast paced, exciting style that brings several characters together in a truly terrifying novel.” ~NIGHT OWL REVIEWS

“The third Department 18 novel (after BLACK CATHEDRAL and NIGHT SOULS), a consistently entertaining blend of supernatural horror and British drawing room mystery.” ~PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY


Len Maynard & Mick Sims, writing as Maynard Sims, are the published authors of five novels, six collections, and four novellas, as well as numerous stories. They have worked as anthology editors, ran a small press, and written essays.

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