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A police detective eager for success sees the opportunity in a simple death and suspects poison as the cause. He is told of natural causes and not poisoning as the cause of death. To his delight it later turns out to be asphyxiation brought on by curare.

The only problem is the motive as the deceased was a revered professor who ran a successful orphanage where the children were educated by qualified teachers.

Then a suicide occurs.

Paedophilic avatars of children are discovered.

Later, children’s bodies are found.

MURDER is available from Amazon.


I always thought that a 100 word story was the hardest thing in the world to write, then I read this. 55 words that tell a whole story from beginning to end with an awesome title to boot. Impressed doesn’t begin to describe what I feel. I’ll stop here lest my review be longer than the story. False Pretenses, true talent. Marc Mimouni Softeampact organiser.


Born in Manchester, England, 13th March 1944. Ex-military living in Germany. Wife, three children, one grandchild.After I was forced into early retirement fourteen years ago I started writing screenplays and stage plays in German. After finding out my grammar was not up to standard I changed over to English. I write sci-fi, crime, sci-fi fantasy, Steampunk, tasteful erotic and history. All my books are self-published. I find great joy in writing and donate my stories to my friends who comment fairly on them. My hobbies are photography, archery and reading.