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Elizabeth Mary Downing is a typical American teenager…almost. When she peers into a mirror, she sees someone else staring back–an image identical to herself in every detail save one–the mirror image has blue eyes. Elizabeth’s eyes are brown! She is told by her mirror counterpart, “Liz,” that she can enter any mirror she wants through “trans-starence,” and when curiosity prevails over fear she enters the mirror, trading places with Liz. The horror begins as Liz wreaks havoc with what was a normal life. Elizabeth’s attempts to trick Liz into going back into the mirror reflect both suspense and humor, and just when all hope seems lost, she succeeds…only to discover she has to return to the mirror to reverse events and get her life back to where it was. She succeeds, but she leaves part of herself forever in the mirror.

MIRROR, MIRROR is available from Amazon.


I’m a big time Les Edgerton fan and my 12 year old daughter knows it. When she sees a new Edgerton book on my shelf or tablet, she always asks, “can I read that?” and my answer is always “No!” Imagine my excitement that Les Edgerton has put out a book I can say “Yes!” to.

Les’ straightforward, `take no prisoners’ style shines through in Mirror, Mirror and it serves him well, making this book an easy and enjoyable read. The plot moves well and keeps you engaged and is suspenseful enough to keep the story exciting. It’s laugh out loud funny and keeps you guessing…

If you’re a fan of Les Edgerton, or if you’re looking for a good, clean read for your kids,you won’t be disappointed.
Maegan Beaumont, Author Carved in Darkness, Midnight Ink Books

Elizabeth has a double in the mirror who convinces her to trade places. But when she does, the mirror double (“Liz”) wreaks havoc on Elizabeth’s life. Soon Elizabeth finds herself trapped in Mirror World, forced into a battle of the wits with the girl who made it out and is ruining her life. This is a tight read that will have you wondering if Elizabeth will ever make it out of the mirror, and if she does, how will she get her life back? Edgerton keeps things light with a lot of great one-liners and hyperbole in all the right places, all without losing a beat of suspense. A great read for teens and adults alike.
Stacy Chambers

My dad (Les Edgerton) wrote this book for me when I was a little girl. I didn’t look at mirrors for quite awhile after reading it. This book will definitely get your young adult spooked, I have to admit re-reading this as an adult it gave me a bit of a shiver as well. As always the book is an excellent example of the the mind of Les Edgerton, only down to a young adult level. I highly recommend this for the young adult that likes reading material a little scary, but not too scary!
Britney Edgerton-Robinson


Les Edgerton is a full-time writer and writing teacher with 15 books in print. He formerly taught creative writing in the famed UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, was the writer-in-residence at the University of Toledo for three years, and enjoyed the same position for a year at Trine University. He obtained a B.A. from Indiana University and an MFA in Writing from Vermont College. Currently, he teaches creative writing classes online the New York Writer’s Workshop and a private class. His work has been nominated for or won the Pushcart Prize, O. Henry Award, Edgar Allan Poe Award, PEN/Faulkner Award, Jesse Jones Book Award, and the Violet Crown Book Award. Les lives in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with his wife Mary, a talented hair stylist.