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Something is alive inside Jupiter’s ice moon Europa. Robot probes find an ancient tunnel beneath the surface, its walls carved with strange hieroglyphics. Led by elite engineer Alexis Vonderach, a team of scientists descends into the dark… where they confront a savage race older than mankind…


Based on the award-winning short story, “The Frozen Sky” is a new full-length sci fi thriller novel from the international bestselling author of “Plague Year.”

THE FROZEN SKY: THE NOVEL is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.


“Pulse pounding.” –Publishers Weekly

“I’m hooked.” –Larry Niven

“This is his best book yet.” –Allen Steele

“Nothing short of amazing.” –David Marusek


Jeff Carlson is the international bestselling author of “Plague Year” and “Long Eyes.” His next novel is apocalyptic thriller “Interrupt,” coming July 2013 from 47North. To date, his work has been translated into fifteen languages worldwide.

Readers can find free fiction, videos, contests, and more on his web site at