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All Ruined must burn.

The Ruined plague the city of Steamdon despite the efforts of the burners to see them ablaze. The cause of ruination is unknown, yet the affliction spreads.

As John’s Ruined Lord and Lady parents smolder on the cobblestones, he evades burner flamethrowers, escaping into the sewers. In this dank underworld, Anna One-Cut reveals the devastation wrought by the disease and its connection to the inventions of his father’s nemesis.

Together they must discover the truth, before Steamdon becomes a Ruined nation.

RUINATION is available from Amazon.


Mike loves adventure. Over the years he’s been spotted playing with penguins, paddling with hippos, and swimming with sharks. He’s climbed pyramids, spelunked caves, and sailed the oceans. Now he brings his adventurous spirit to the pages of his novels. His work has been published through Rubicon Publishing, and distributed via Oxford University Press Canada and Scholastic in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Find out more about him on his website.


Mike lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and four daughters.