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A conspiracy thriller about our dystopian future, set in the ancient past. Welcome to a world where there is only one government and one religion, before which all must bow or die in the arena. Welcome to the New World Order. Welcome to Ancient Rome at the end of the first century. No one from slave to senator can escape the Reign of Terror under Emperor Domitian, who has declared himself Lord and God of the Universe. No one, that is, until an innocent man, Athanasius, miraculously escapes certain death, alone with a secret that will shake the world. Dominus Dei. The plot to reestablish the Roman Empire in the 21st century starts here.


“Irresistibly addicting” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Thomas Greanias is the king of high-octane adventure.” —Brad Thor

“Thomas Greanias is a superb writer of style and substance.” —Nelson DeMille


Thomas Greanias is the New York Times bestselling author of “Earth’s Coolest Conspiracies” — from RAISING ATLANTIS to DOMINUS DEI.

To learn more about Thomas, please visit his website.