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Peyton Stone has finally recovered from the tragic loss of his wife in a violent bomb blast that was meant for him. That is until he finds his business partner, Xu, murdered in a Shanghai hotel room. Who killed Xu and why? Why is a mysterious Chinese man trying to kill Peyton? How is the Chinese man tied to a letter stolen from the Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan just hours before his death?

To answer these questions, Stone uses his status as a CIA Nonofficial Asset, a person whose private life serves as a cover, and calls on his friend and handler, Harry Morrison, to help him find the man who Stone believes killed his partner. Along the way, Harry and Peyton meet Rachael, an operative in the elite SCEPTER division assigned to the Director of National Intelligence and discover that Xu’s murder is somehow tied to a plot to launch an Iranian nuclear missile attack somewhere in the Middle East.

Fighting the urge to slide backwards into the reckless alcohol induced behavior of the last two years, he vows to find Xu’s killer and bring him to justice. What did Xu discover about the arms dealer brokering the most powerful weapon ever to move through the black market? Has Iran secretly developed a nuclear capability? Who is the Iranian Admiral bent on destroying the hard won peace between his country and the West? Why does Peyton’s effort seem to be anticipated and blocked at every turn?

As the clock ticks down to the signing of the historic peace accord that will stabilize oil prices and bring peace to the Middle East, Peyton and Harry race to untangle the threads that lead from China through Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran and end finally in the Oval Office itself.

NONOFFICIAL ASSET is available from Amazon and SmashWords.


“Great story…well written.” – Bentley Morriss, Holloway House Publishing


Bill Sewell is a Vietnam veteran and served in the US Air Force. After leaving Government service he was a contractor with the Department of State, Department of Defense and spent over a decade working with the US Intelligence Community. He has consulted on security matters with the governments of Kuwait, Australia, India, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, China, Canada and with the European Council of Mayors. He currently lives with his wife in Southern California.

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