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When bounty hunter Grace deHaviland is brought in to locate a cheating, conniving, financial management guru—arrested on multiple fraud and theft charges—who’s skipped out on bail, she finds she has her hands full, not only with trying to track the missing man down, but also in dealing with a street-wise rapper who’s popularity is in decline, his contentious wife and their disintegrating marriage and careers, and a desperate manhunt that might end up getting her killed.

And with a second bonus feature story — DISCREET FLING

Sheriff’s deputy, Suzie Jensen has investigated vicious murders before, so when she teams with BCI agent Eugene Booker to investigate the savage beating death of a woman in downtown Columbus, Ohio, it is not the level of violence that surprises her, it is the secrets the victims had and the length she will need to go to catch a killer, without becoming a victim herself.

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Praise for David DeLee and BLING, BLING

“This mystery story is original and interesting, with a fascinating point of view character…and even though [DeLee’s] playing in that familiar (mystery) world, he still managed to pull off a story that caught me by surprise. Wonderful stuff.”
—Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“David DeLee…captures…Columbus, Ohio, perfectly in this story about a wealthy but streetwise rapper who may be at the end of his game.”
—Joe Hartlaub


David DeLee is a native New Yorker, though he and his family now make their home in the great state of New Hampshire. He holds a masters degree in Criminal Justice and is a former licensed private investigator. David is the author of the Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series, including the short story, Bling, Bling, which first appeared in the Mystery Writers of America anthology The Rich and the Dead, edited by Nelson DeMille and published by Grand Central Publishing in 2011.

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