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Tough and street-smart, a principled rebel against an establishment he has always scorned, Dan Lazar has risen from the working class to become one of Philadelphia s top criminal defenders. But now divorced and burned out, Dan is ready to call it quits. On the surface he would seem to have nothing in common with Susan Boelter, the beautiful and patrician wife of Peter Boelter, who runs the city’s dominant newspaper and heads on of its most powerful families. But when Peter deserts her and files for divorce, moving to seize everything that is precious to her, including custody of their thirteen-year-old daughter, Susan turns to a reluctant Dan for help. Suddenly, Peter is found dead, and Susan becomes the prime suspect in his murder. Driven by his love for her and by an inner need to defend someone in whose innocence he can truly believe, Dan investigates. He soon discovers a maze of conflicting evidence and of growing doubts and mystery about the woman he thought he knew and loved. And he realizes that the truth he desperately seeks depends on finding the answer to a question of proof.

A QUESTION OF PROOF is available from Amazon.


“A strong courtroom [drama] that hooks you fast–and pulls you straight through to a knotty, post-courtroom surprise ending…Neat storytelling… You’ll never guess who did it.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Joseph Amiel’s book stands head and shoulders above the other popular ‘legal novels.’ A Question of Proof is brilliantly crafted from the opening line to the finale. It is the finest suspense novel I’ve read in years…entrancing. The outcome was a mystery until the last sentence. A masterpiece of suspense!”
— Gregg Jarrett, anchor Fox News Live and Court TV.


Joseph Amiel is an internationally best-selling novelist, film-maker, webseries creator, and lawyer. He is the author of the novels, Hawk, Birthright, Deeds, Star Time, and A Question of Proof. His books have been translated into over a dozen languages. He wrote the cult vampire-film classic, “Daughters of Darkness.” His comedy screenplay “Games” has recently been honored at film festivals, as has his comedy-mystery web series “Ain’t That Life.”