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By Selena Robins

She cannot tell a lie.

Staci Fields loves her gorgeous husband—and that’s the honest truth. Unfortunately, her inability to lie is a major liability for the wife of a CIA agent. During a previous mission, her loose lips nearly got her husband killed. So now Staci’s filing for divorce to keep him out of danger—no matter how much her lips still crave his kiss…

He cannot hide his love.

Drew Fields knows that his wife doesn’t want to play the spy game anymore. But when he learns that Staci may be a pawn in her stepfather’s secret dealings with terrorists, he has no choice but to step back into her life. This time, the stakes are higher than ever. The closer he gets to Staci, the deadlier the odds. And the more he loves his ex, the more he has to lose…

Gina Robinson’s DIAMONDS ARE TRULY FOREVER has been garnering rave reviews as have her other romantic suspense novels. I was excited to be able to interview Gina because I’m a huge fan of witty plots with suspense, comedy, mayhem and romance.

If you lived in an alternate universe and you were a spy, what would be your code name?

In an alternate universe I’d have been born a thrill seeker and would be a Bond girl type spy, with a figure to match, and able to run in six-inch stilettos without breaking my ankle. In an alternate universe where I was still actually me, I’d never be able to be a Double OO agent like Bond. You have to make two kills to earn your double O’s and I’d never want to kill anyone.

I’d be more of an unassuming George Smiley type spy who watches, thinks things out, and plots moves. I’m good at people-watching and eavesdropping. In many cases, code names are assigned that are the opposite of the nature of the individual or project. Following that guideline, I’d be Mayhem, which is the opposite of logical, quiet, and thoughtful.

As Mayhem what kind of car would you drive?

Cars aren’t really my thing. As long as a car is in good shape, clean, and reliable, I’m happy. So Mayhem would probably still drive a little SUV like I have now. I mean, I’d have to be unassuming so no one suspected me of being a spy. But it would be tricked out with all the amenities and fancy spy stuff—like Bond’s tack dispenser to pop the bad guys’ tires, missiles, because of course you need those, the ability to become a boat (or a submarine), the highest state-of-the art GPS that can track any target, a camera so you can see where you’re backing and who’s following you, and most importantly, it would have to be able to parallel park itself and squeeze into really tight spots. It’s amazing that there are cars that can actually do that now. I really hate parallel parking and dream of owning a self-parking car. Some day 🙂

I’m with you on the parallel parking thing; I tend to drive around until a good parking spot opens up. Love all the gadgets you’d have.

As Mayhem what would be your favorite go-to gadget that the bad guys would be terrified of soon as you pulled it out?

A can of Maxwell Smart’s Immobilo cleverly disguised as a can of hairspray. Immobilo totally paralyzes bad guys so you can bind them and transport them for interrogation. It’s really non-violent, but effective. Why the hairspray can? Well, even your gizmos should be undercover. And speaking as someone who grew up with three brothers, I can say with some authority that when you threaten them with hairspray, they generally back off.

I grew up with three brothers as well, hairspray does do the trick. Your heroine, Staci Fields, what characteristics of hers do you think readers will connect with?

She’s strong and resourceful. Sassy. Headstrong. She struggles to overcome her shortcomings and fights back when she’s attacked.

She sounds like a modern go-to women, which readers will surely love and relate to. I know when we write heroes it’s inevitable we fall in love with them, which in turn our readers will fall in love with as well. What characteristics did you find attractive in your hero, Drew Fields?

He’s handsome, that’s a given. But he’s also smart, witty, and adventurous. And he’s true to the woman he loves.

Alpha qualities with a warm heart, irresistible qualities to read about. What was the most interesting tidbit you discovered when researching DIAMONDS ARE TRULY FOREVER?

In the book’s back story, Staci has been tortured with spiders by drug lords in Brazil. I needed a really scary, poisonous spider that would fit into other parts of the book. It was just a lucky thing that the world’s most poisonous, aggressive, territorial, and awesomely scary-looking, spider is the Brazilian wandering spider. It’s relatively small—five inches across. Though I, personally, consider that a badass size spider. Shudder.

The wandering spider is also called the banana spider because it’s sometimes accidentally transported to US markets in banana bunches. And that also provided the fodder for a humorous scene in the book.  Even more interestingly, the venom of the wandering spider is being studied for use in treating erectile dysfunction. Crazy, huh?

Shuddering here as well. Not a fan of spiders, snakes, or anything that crawls, but I do appreciate them in a book, especially when they’re used as an interesting twist to a plot. Staci’s situation sounds intriguing, makes a reader want to know how she handles the torture.

What was the moment that inspired you to the transition from Electrical Engineering to novelist?

The birth of my first child a million years ago. *LOL* I quit my job as an engineer to stay home and needed something to keep my mind occupied. I’d always dreamed of writing and staying home with my children gave me the opportunity to pursue it.

Praise for Gina Robinson’s romantic suspense:

“A clever concoction of lust and longing.”—Publishers Weekly

“Full of laughter, intrigue, and…steamy spies.”—RT Book Reviews

“Damn good!”—Christie Craig, award-winning author


Gina Robinson has always been a storyteller. An avid book lover, she grew up reading romance, mysteries, and suspense novels but, somehow, ended up majoring in Electrical Engineering. After marrying her college sweetheart, she began to write—software—for several large defense contractors. Eventually Gina gave up the glamorous engineering life for the equally glamorous life of a stay-at-home mom, somehow finding time to write manuscripts about villains with guns, handsome strangers, and mail-order brides. Her published novels, SPY CANDY, SPY GAMES and THE SPY WHO LEFT ME, received rave reviews, establishing Gina Robinson as one of today’s most exciting new authors of romantic suspense.

To learn more about Gina, please visit her website.

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