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BASED ON THE TRUE STORY of New Orleans’ most infamous murderer, who stalked the streets of the Crescent City for eight years and left twenty-three victims in his bloody wake, “The Axman of New Orleans” is the explosive new thriller by bestselling author and screenwriter CHUCK HUSTMYRE.

THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


“Chuck Hustmyre is one of the last of the true authentic storytellers who create magic on every page!” –Sheldon Bowles, bestselling author of GUNG HO!

“Chuck Hustmyre writes with a gritty realism that makes turning each page an act of bravery — you never know what gut wrenching danger lurks in the forthcoming paragraphs! This guy can do no wrong when it comes to suspense thrillers.” –Edgar Award winner Burl Barer

“Hustmyre brings to life the dark underworld of The Big Easy reminiscent of Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles. Detective fiction doesn’t get any better than this!” –Gary C. King, author of RAGE and AN ALMOST PERFECT MURDER

“Bloody murder and mayhem at the turn of the century–the 20th Century. New Orleans has always led the way with strange killings and Chuck Hustmyre’s riveting tale of its most infamous serial killer, THE AXMAN, is a chilling walk through a horrible nightmare that was all too real.” –O’Neil De Noux, Shamus and Derringer Award winning author of BATTLE KISS

“Hustmyre is as gritty and in-your-face as can be, making readers feel like they’re poring over a real-life crime scene.” –Anne Barringer, The Best Reviews

“Chuck Hustmyre understands the grittiness of the streets, and his characters come to life with an authenticity that grabs you.” –Kevin M. Sullivan, author of THE BUNDY MURDERS


CHUCK HUSTMYRE is a bestselling author and screenwriter. He wrote the LIONSGATE movie “House of the Rising Sun” and the upcoming film “End of a Gun.”

His books include A Killer Like Me, The Axman of New Orleans, Killer with a Badge, Unspeakable Violence, and House of the Rising Sun.

Chuck is a retired federal agent and an award-winning journalist. For more information or to contact Chuck, visit