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JUDY GARLAND is sent by the OSS on a mission behind German lines in 1943.

She’s to bring back a photo of a reclusive Nazi physicist whose work on the U-Boats imperils the Normandy invasion. She’s been chosen because the only lead the Army has to this guy is a fan letter he wrote asking for Judy’s picture. He’ll surface if Judy is the bait. Judy is guided by an MI6 handler from Lisbon to Italy and finally occupied France, tracking her prey.

Author Meyer, who knew Judy intimately, has been able to virtually ‘channel’ her wry, ironic voice in this edgy, suspense filled story.

OPERATION RUBY SLIPPER is available from Amazon.


“Impudent…compelling narrative…” William K. Zinsser, Author of ON WRITING WELL.

“Addictive…Judy would’ve loved it”. Rex Reed, NY Observer


JOHN MEYER is a songwriter turned novelist and enabler. In trying to rescue JUDY GARLAND from her addictions, he inadvertently became her supplier. She did, however, sing four of his songs on national television. He detailed the experience in his memoir, Heartbreaker. Recently, his songs have been performed by Linda Eder, Eartha Kitt, Paula West, Margaret Whiting, many more. His original musical thriller, The Betrayal of Nora Blake, had a sold-out run at London’s prestigious Jermyn St. Theatre. He is currently working on a new thriller, Zazou. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, Suzanne.