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When a fortune in gold goes missing during the war in North Africa, it is believed to be lost for ever. But twenty years later a small part of the bullion is offered for sale by a London dealer. This triggers a hunt for the gold by the man who first concealed it, Miles Roselli, the Vatican who are the owners of the bullion, and the Italian Mafia. Each of the three have their reasons: Roselli to protect himself from a charge of murder, the Vatican to retrieve a document that went missing with the gold, and the Mafia to get possession of the document and ultimate power over the Holy See. Each one has good reason to terminate the other, and neither blackmail, intrigue and murder will stop them.

ROSELLI’S GOLD is available from Amazon.


“….. an entertaining, action-packed thriller, August 17, 2011” –By Daniel Jolley “darkgenius” (Shelby, North Carolina USA)


Michael Parker is the author of eight novels, all published by reputable, London publishers. He lives in Spain with his wife, Patricia. Parker was also a contributing editor for ITW. He has released three of his novels as POD & Kindle, the latest of which is Roselli’s Gold.