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Molly Monroe and her boyfriend are venturing deep into a national forest searching for a place to release rare butterflies when she snaps a picture that will lead seventy years into the past. The image will frame the dark heart of the forest. Two days later, Molly and her mother are being stalked through a Walmart parking lot.

It’s the subtle signs that Sean O’Brien notices first. The lingering glances that linger a moment too long. Glances that become stares. Stares that are quickly averted when the perpetrator knows he’s been spotted. O’Brien has no idea that this morning in a Walmart will connect to a tragedy seven decades earlier.

As O’Brien tries to prevent the abduction of two women, he opens the door to a new relationship. And he opens a locked door to a hidden mystery that lies secluded inside one of America’s largest national forests. Bodies are discovered, and police think a strange old man, a former San Quentin inmate, is responsible. O’Brien believes it may be something else, something hidden deep in the forest. To prove it, he’s forced to find it. He follows veiled tracks that lead him farther into the woods where an evil from the past intersects with terror in the present to form a volatile trap with only one way out.

THE BUTTERFLY FOREST is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


“This is my third Sean O’Brien thriller and I couldn’t be more impressed! I was hooked on Tom Lowe’s writing from his first book A False Dawn. The Butterfly Forest is a finely written, complex thriller with well drawn characters and a very intricate plot. I’m not a professional reviewer just a man who has read over a 1000 thrillers and mysteries. I have NO problems recommending any of Tom’s books to someone who appreciates a finely themed mystery that’ will keep you guessing till the end.” –Anthony Thomas (Amazon reviewer)


Tom Lowe’s latest mystery/thriller novel is THE BUTTERFLY FOREST. It marks the third book in the Sean O’Brien series. The story centers around two college students who enter a national forest to release endangered butterflies and discover something horrifying. The discovery leads O’Brien to a 70-year-old mystery connected to the FBI’s most infamous shootout — the 1930’s Ma Barker Gang.

Tom’s first novel, A FALSE DAWN, was published by St. Martins Press in 2009. In 2010, St Martins Press published THE 24TH LETTER. THE BUTTERFLY FOREST is now available in ebook from Amazon’s Kindle, or paperback editions from Amazon or bookstores.

Tom is an award-winning documentary writer/director whose films air nationwide on PBS. As he writes his books, Tom draws from his travels around the world and his background as a print and broadcast journalist. Tom is a sailor and SCUBA diver. He lives in Florida.