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For Amanda Wells, it was flight from abductors whose plan to kidnap her daughter had been foiled.

Not only could she identify them, but they had discovered she was wanted by the police for being in possession of a seminal Christian scroll from the ancient Roman Empire!

Worse, Amanda and her children were in a rental sedan suitable for sunny rides down the beach promenade. Ahead of them was a climb of six thousand feet into the Alps.

And those whom she needed most – were facing horrific new realities; “You see, what we are describing… will bury Europe!” said Dr. Keanan.

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“clever literature, period!” –Researcher, Washington DC…

“In the face of angry activism, young professional Amanda Wells responds with quiet individualism…It’s a class act on a world stage” –discussion on Capitol Hill, Washington DC…

“A Supervolcano eruption is the biggest threat of modern history: It should be considered an extinction event…”

“An international thriller …in a series that will surprise us all” –Agent, Thriller Fest, New York City