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Attorney Victoria Nelson-Lee retaliates against a conspiracy of powerful politicians and rogue state troopers who kill her husband then deceives local police to help her revenge via clever clues and notes from Greek mythology signed Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting.

Huntress is available on Kindle and other industry wireless devices i.e Nook, Ipad, cells etc.

Kirbus review – “Leodas sets up his novel with an intriguing premise; the reader is unsure of why exactly Victoria and Warren were forced to flee their home, and the quest for that answer is what drives the narrative forward. Once Victoria makes her fateful decision at Warren’s funeral, the novel morphs into one full of action and excitement.”

“This was a great story of love and revenge from start to finish. A twist at every turn of the page. Nice to see a woman heroine take matters into her own hands. For those who like a quick read, I would give this sleeper a shot.” –Scoobie, Amazon Reviewer


Gus Leodas is the author of Huntress, The Forgotten Mission, and the award-winning Unsafe Harbor. After graduating from New York University, he joined a major advertising agency in Manhattan and worked on national television commercials. He also produced and directed several hundred commercials and other film projects at his own creative and production company. He received more than three dozen awards. He wrote advertising and sales copy, short stories, and continues with writing and editing two thrillers, one for publication in early 2012, plus two screenplays – adaptations of The Forgotten Mission and Huntress. He and Carole live on Long Island and have two daughters and six young grandchildren. Gus volunteered to serve on the board of the Performing Arts Foundation of Long Island for six years, and four years at the Heart Council of Long Island, two years as chairman.