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“Hellfire & Damnation” is a collection organized around Dante’s “Inferno” and the 9 Circles of Hell.  Each story in the collection represents the sins punished at that level of Hell.  With an Introduction by William F. Nolan and blurbs from Lisa Mannetti, Scott Edelman, Gary A. Braunbeck and others, the book has won 3 awards (E-Lit, Pinnacle, NABE) and, on preliminary balloting for the Bram Stoker in 2010, finished in 7th place of 45 entries (The eventual winner, “Full Dark, No Stars,” was 10th on preliminary balloting).  The original collection will have a sequel, “Hellfire & Damnation II” in 2012, and one story from the forthcoming book, “The Bureau,” representing the 9th Circle of Hell, is available in E-book format for 99 cents.

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“In horror/thriller fiction, as in most any other genre, true originality is an increasingly rare commodity. But it does exist, as proven by ‘Hellfire & Damnation,’ an anthology that is genuinely, blazingly original.” (Adam Groves,

“‘Hellfire & Damnation’ is an impressive collection, a series of remarkable tales—some based on true stories—organized around a brilliant and unifying theme that echoes Dante’s ‘Inferno:’ Wilson’s harrowing work will stay with you long after you finish the final page.” (Lisa Mannetti, Stoker winner for “The Gentling Box.”)

“Let me start right off by saying that Connie Wilson presents what I call ‘matter-of-fact’ horror…Frankly, and I consider myself well-read in the shock genre, I have never encountered a style such as she displays here, in story after story. She writes solid, declarative sentences rife with dark undertones…Connie Wilson’s dark talent is unique, and readers will stagger away from her icy tales stunned and groggy. I have a final word for it: ‘WOW!'” (William F. Nolan, “Logan’s Run,” “Nightworlds”).

“Connie Wilson’s short story collection, ‘Hellfire & Damnation’ marks her not so much as a writer to watch, but one to watch out for. Never have the 9 Circles of Hell been so much fun. I had a blast following Wilson on her tour of the Inferno, and you will, as well.” (Gary Braunbeck, “Coffin County,” “Far Dark Fields,” 5-time Stoker winner).

“A terrifying collection guaranteed to keep you awake at night.” – (M.J. Turner, “Dark Scribe” magazine.)


Connie (Corcoran) Wilson, M.S., is a graduate of the University of Iowa and taught writing for 33 years at college and junior high school levels.  She began writing for pay at age 10 for her hometown newspaper and has continued writing (for 5 newspapers and 9 blogs) in the half-century since.  She has written books, both fiction and nonfiction, covering a variety of genres and promises a sequel to “Hellfire & Damnation” ( in 2012.  In addition to a goal of writing “one of everything,” she founded 2 businesses, serving as CEO of both for close to20 years, raised 2 children (born 20 years apart), and has interviewed writers such as Kurt Vonnegut, William F. Nolan, Joe Hill, Anne Perry, Frederik Pohl, David Morrell and many, many others.  Her interests in a variety of topics and genres prevent her from “branding” herself as a writer of _________, for which she apologizes (without any real remorse).  Two books released in the past six months include a collection of humorous essays and anecdotes (many from following the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns with press passes) and an illustrated children’s book about cats, which promotes sharing and good behavior,  written for her two-year-old granddaughters, entitled “The Christmas Cats in Silly Hats.”  Connie is a member of Thriller Writers, an active voting member of HWA (Horror Writers’ Association), MWA (Midwest Writers’ Association for nonfiction writers), MWC (Midwest Writing Center), IWPA (Illinois Women’s Press Association), AWP (American Writing Program), Delta Kappa Gamma Honorary Society for Professional Women Educators, and was named Content Producer of the Year for a half-million member blog (Associated Content) in 2009 and Midwest Writing Center Writer of the Year in March, 2010. She regularly reviews/writes for Yahoo and has her own blog,  Operating on the assumption that it is harder to hit a moving target, she regularly attends a variety of writing conferences, including the last HWC in Hawaii, the Backspace Writers’ Conference, WorldCon, the BEA, KillerCon, the Stokers and the AWP annual conferences.  If you can’t find something in her writing catalogue that is the sort of thing you enjoy reading, you’re just not looking hard enough.