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THE BUREAU is a sneak peak at one of the stories that will be featured in the author’s “Hellfire & Damnation: II,” the sequel to an award-winning collection of short stories (2010) that illustrated the sins punished at each of the 9 levels of Hell outlined in Dante’s “Inferno.” “The Bureau” is just one of the stories that will appear in “Hellfire & Damnation II,” that book’s sequel, illustrating the 9th Circle of Hell. (“Hellfire & Damnation,” the first book finished 7th of 45 titles in preliminary 2010 Stoker balloting, 3 places ahead of Stephen King’s “Full Dark, No Stars,” the book which went on to win the Stoker for Best Short Story collection of 2010.)

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“Connie (Corcoran) Wilson’s debut collection of short stories, Hellfire & Damnation, marks her not so much as a writer to watch, but one to watch out for. Exploring the 9 levels of Dante’s Inferno via contemporary settings and sensibilities—and the sins punished therein—this collection veers from sinister noir (‘Going Through Hell’) to the bizarrely whimsical (‘Amazing Andy, the Wonder Chicken’) to the outright, no-holds-barred horrific. Never have the 9 Circles of Hell been so much fun. I had a blast following Wilson on her tour of the inferno, and you will, as well.” –Gary Braunbeck. 5-time Bram Stoker winner. Author of Coffin County and Far Dark Fields.


Connie (Corcoran) Wilson, M.S., began writing for her hometown newspaper at the age of ten. She has written for five newspapers and nine blogs in the years since. A graduate of the University of Iowa, she has taught writing at six IA/IL colleges and at the junior high school level. Her first novel and the screenplay based upon “Out of Time” was published by Lachesis in 2007, with “Writer’s Digest” awarding honors to Connie’s screenplay based upon the sci-fi time travel thriller. Since then, Connie has written three volumes of ghost stories associated with Route 66 (, a nonfiction book of her Quad City Times movie reviews from 1970-1979 which has won 5 national awards (, a book of humorous essays and anecdotes (“Laughing through Life”) and a children’s illustrated storybook (“The Christmas Cats in Silly Hats”). She was named Midwest Writing Center Writer of the Year (March, 2010) and Content Producer of the Year in Politics in 2009 for a half-million member blog (Associated Content). She writes for Yahoo, covering politics, television and movies and blogs about a variety of events and topics, including the Chicago Film Festival, the IHeartRadio music event in September in Las Vegas, the Occupy movements and a vareity of topics ranging from the plight of the homeless in Illinois and in cities like Nashville. Mother of two children (born 20 years apart) and founder of 2 businesses, she continues to try to write “one of everything.” Her first book, “Training the Teacher As A Champion” (1989, PLS) honors the 150 years of teacher years in the immediate family, going back uninterruptedly to 1927. She lives in Chicago and East Moline, Illinois,