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Three boys test the truth of a dare; a family longs for the chance to say goodbye to a loved one that has just died; a young girl and her father try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world; a writer somehow opens the barrier between fiction and real life; imagine a magical world where everything is green, and time turns in a circle; a middle-aged man battles with his own conscience over whether he should kill his evil wife or not.

These and more in a volume of short thrillers that will make you laugh, cry, maybe lose your lunch, but most of all, they will make you think.

Also features three stories by the Author’s sons and a special sneak peek of Gemstorm 2, The Gathering.

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M. A. Beghtel was originally born in Huntington, Indiana, in 1959, and moved to Florida with his parents at age 14. He has been married twice, and has one daughter, three sons, and five grandchildren. While he enjoys writing as a hobby, he pays the bills by working on Fire and Security Alarm systems during the day. He is now single, loves living in Bradenton, Florida, and enjoys playing Rock and Roll with his band, ‘Knightfall’. He plays his six-string bass guitar, keyboards, and provides backing vocals (sometimes all three at the same time).