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In western Baghdad, a suicide bomber blows up a fortified house, killing everyone inside. In Norfolk, England, a runaway Libyan banker is assassinated. Different events, half a world apart – but very closely linked.

Former M15 agent Harry Tate, having survived a rogue Intelligence plot to kill him, is now working in the private sector, but ‘carded’ – retained by the Intelligence world to carry a weapon… just in case they need him. Hired by a government fixer to find two runaways, he soon tracks them down, only for both men to be promptly murdered. Despite serious misgivings, Harry is persuaded into a third assignment, this one to locate an Israeli professor suffering from trauma. But the man is not who he seems, and for Harry, hot on his trail, things start to go very wrong indeed.

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“With high-octane action, steadily building tension, and a plot packed with twists, Magson’s second Harry Tate novel suggests the best of Ken Follett or Robert Ludlum but with a touch more substance.” –Booklist (American Library Association)

TRACERS is an intelligent read, fast-paced, with more twists and turns than a high-octane roller coaster. It’s sure to add more fans to Mr. Magson’s ever expanding fan base on this side of the Atlantic.” –New York Journal of Books


Adrian Magson is a freelance writer, reviewer and creative writing tutor. He lives in England. The author of five books in the Riley Gavin/Frank Palmer series based in London, he is currently producing two new series: Spy thrillers (including Tracers and Red Station) and a French police series.

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