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Someone is murdering spousal abusers in L.A., and the killer is using means that mimic the violence the men committed against their wives or girlfriends. There’s another common thread: all the victims belonged to a spousal abusers group run by therapist Gwyn Sanders. And she’s the prime suspect in the killings because of the unsolved murder of her own violent stepfather more than twenty years ago.


Mark Nykanen is the internationally bestselling author of six thrillers, including “The Bone Parade,” “Primitive,” and “Burn Down the Sky.” Critics have praised his books as “irresistible,” “vivid and emotional,” “nerve-wracking,” and “furiously paced.” Europoe’s largest newspaper hailed him as “the new master of the psycho-sexual thriller. He won four Emmys as an investigative reporter for NBC News.

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