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A Washington, DC FBI agent blames the open border and politicians when his wife is killed by an illegal. Struggling to overcome guilt, he decides he can no longer “live a lie” working for the government. He tries to keep a deathbed promise to protect their children by relocating to Colorado, only to encounter Iranian extremists on their way to DC from Mexico.

When they kidnap his children after failing to kill him, he’s forced to overcome his contempt for the government and ask for help. If he fails to find the terrorists before they attack, his children will die.



Gerald Meunier turned to writing fiction after years of “creative” writing in the world of business. His love of hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing led him to Colorado where he became a Leader in the Colorado Mountain Club. The CMC quarterly, Trails & Timberline, was the first to publish one of his stories. His most recent stories appear in the anthology, From the Heart, published in Wyoming where he now lives. Gerald is busy writing his next Clay Holt thriller.

For more information, please visit his website.