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next-time-you-see-me.JPGIn Next Time You See Me, the sequel to Katia Lief’s You Are Next, it is three years after Karin Schaeffer’s harrowing escape from the serial killer who took the lives of her husband and daughter, and Karin is married to her former partner Mac MacLeary. Just when their new life together has settled in, Mac vanishes, unearthing secrets and dangers that force Karin into a face-off with a deadly Mexican queenpin whose son has an agenda of his own.

“Mesmerizing.” (Lisa Gardner)
“A new force to reckon with in…suspense.” (Donna Anders)
“Suspense at a high level.” (Midwest Book Review)
“Taut, clean storytelling.” (Publishers Weekly)

lief-katia.jpgThe first thing I ever wrote that received any notice was a one page story for my third grade English teacher. I don’t recall what the assignment was, but I somehow found myself writing about a woman at a dinner party who suddenly realizes her teeth are invisible. She sits there, wedged between two chattering guests, wondering how she will eat, how she will talk, and generally how she will get out of the situation without having to open her mouth and reveal her dilemma. My teacher showed the story to my parents with a note to this effect: Katia could be a writer.

What if her note had instead encouraged me to be a dentist?

But it didn’t. And so here I am.