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Five years ago they’d vowed to live separate lives…now they’ve been brought together to complete their deadliest mission yet. In Debra Webb’s Colby Brass, a Colby agent, Trinity Barrett is one of the best at finding the missing and delivering justice. He must locate a missing child and bring her home safely.

Launching a dangerous search in Chicago’s underbelly is not Evonne Cassidy’s biggest obstacle–partnering with her ex-husband is. As the danger mounts, the passion ignites. If there’s any hope for a Christmas reconciliation, Trinity and Evonne must rescue the child and survive this risky assignment.

Debra Webb is the award winning, nationally bestselling author of 88 novels. Colby Brass is the 42nd installment of her much loved Colby Agency series–the author series spanning the largest number of books in Harlequin’s history!