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the-chill-of-the-night.jpgIn James Hayman’s The Chill of the Night, Lainie Goff thought she had it all. The ambitious young attorney was brilliant, beautiful, and on a fast-track to a lucrative partnership at one of the top firms in New England. But a secret history of sexual abuse in Lainie’s past left scars that never healed and one cold night she pushes things too far. Soon her body is found, frozen solid in sub-zero temperatures at the end of the Portland Fish Pier.

A schizophrenic woman named Abby Quinn witnesses the brutal crime. But when she tells what she has seen, nobody will believe her. Not until she too mysteriously disappears.

In The Chill of Night, Portland homicide detective Michael McCabe finds himself finds himself fighting memories from his own past as he races to find the killer before another life is lost.

Praise for The Cutting:

“Rarely does a new novelist make a debut, in Maine or anywhere else, as polished, well-paced, and plotted as this one.” Portland Press-Herald.

“This is a stunning debut that gripped me from first page to last.” Tess Gerritsen

hayman-james.jpgJames Hayman left a senior creative director’s job at one of the world’s biggest ad agencies to pursue his lifelong dream of writing fiction. In 2009, his debut thriller, The Cutting, was published to rave reviews. The Chill of Night is his second in the Mike McCabe series.

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