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The Hooker by Simon Wood

The Hooker by Simon WoodA Reprehensible Acts Story

In this novelette, Mark was content to see out his single days with a bachelor party, but his best man, Lance, wasn’t. He insists in sending Mark off in style…in the company of a hooker. It’s supposed to be the last hoorah of a single man before being condemned to a life of marriage, but that all changes when the hooker scams them. Mark’s world unravels and a dark side he never knew he possessed spills out.

The Reprehensible Acts series features stories without heroes or happy endings in most cases. These stories feature characters that lose their way and may never find their way back. You can’t condone their actions, but perhaps you can have sympathy for their damaged souls. You might find these stories unpalatable, but then again, you’re not meant to. Don’t judge. No one is immune to committing a reprehensible act.
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Obsessed By Darkness by Autumn Jordon

Obsessed By Darkness by Autumn JordonAn elite U.S. Marshal team goes uncover on a college campus to locate a drug operation and unearths a psychopath’s murderous plot.

Chase Hunter, the youngest member of the elite U.S. Marshal C.U. F. F. Team, heads an operation on a college campus where a new drug is sweeping the campus and has caused multiple deaths. Chase’s own demons surface and he fights to determine when to trust his gut and when to obey orders, especially when it comes to their number one person of interest, the studious, pretty Emma Lewis.

Chemistry graduate student Emma Lewis’s roller coaster ride begins when she discovers a fellow student dead, inciting the police to probe every aspect of her life. When new student Chase Hunter arrives on campus, he quickly becomes her emotional rock and Emma finds herself falling for him- until she learns his interest in her was all a lie.

A murderer’s plans change as the heat on campus rises and Emma becomes the target of the psychopath. When she goes missing, will Chase find her in time?
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Malbec Mayhem by Cathy Perkins

51G21plA0nL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Successful restaurateur Alex Montoya’s charmed life has hit a snag. His trusted business partner turned out to be not exactly trustworthy, and Alex could be facing jail time over some of his partner’s shady financial deals. As if that weren’t bad enough, creditors are calling in loans he didn’t know he had and he’s desperate to prove his innocence before all his businesses are repossessed.

After a career-building stint in Napa Valley, Sofia Pincelli has returned home to eastern Washington to take over the family’s winery. Running the family business, however, means dealing with her ailing father’s continued micro-management—and his disapproval of Alex. Her father’s condemnation of Alex’s rumored involvement in his business partner’s schemes runs so deep, it threatens Alex and Sofia’s blossoming romance…along with the Pincelli family’s signature red wine. Sofia needs Alex’s crop of Malbec grapes to show her father she has what it takes to make award-winning wine—and save the reputation and finances of the Pincelli winery.
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Brown Sugar in Minnesota by Joe Field

brown sugarWhen a ruthless drug dealer from Minneapolis murders his competitors in their own backyard, he triumphantly lays claim to the lucrative heroin networks on two Indian reservations in northern Minnesota. He seems all but unstoppable until Cooper Smith, a young, enthusiastic reporter, stumbles upon the story. Soon he is using his Minnesota Public Radio credentials and voice recorder to wage war against the dealer. For Cooper, the murder of a friend and the fear of being laid off push him to pursue the story despite enemy threats to make a homicide headline out of him.

“Brown Sugar in Minnesota by Joe Field is a short, thrilling ride fueled by drugs and danger. By their very definition, thrillers are high-intensity stories, and whether that manifests in the form of action or psychological drama doesn’t actually matter. Readers seek out an author like Joe Field for his ability to create an atmosphere where both types of drama can play, where readers fear what’s around the next page, but can’t help but keep turning. Brown Sugar in Minnesota is a patient, slow-burning book that digs surprisingly deep for being such a short read. It’s perfect for an afternoon of curled-up excitement, as the honorable forces of journalism and truth do battle with the greedy, corrupt murderers of the world.”
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Trading Salvos by Holly A. Bell

Trading Salvos by Holly A. BellFinance professor Kate Adams is reeling. After her husband’s unexplained death, she runs away to the remote Alaskan wilderness to catch her breath, get back on her feet, and complete her research sabbatical in peace.

But even at the ends of the earth, Kate can’t shake one nagging question: What was her husband working on before he died?

As Kate continues her research into unusual financial phenomena across the globe, a picture slowly starts to emerge, and suddenly, her husband’s death doesn’t look so accidental.

Together, Kate and Brad, a former flame and CIA officer, dig deeper into the mystery, and a global-scale financial conspiracy comes into focus.

Even with Brad covertly watching her back, it doesn’t take long for Kate to be thrust into the middle of this high-stakes contest—and directly in harm’s way.

Kate will need all her wits to navigate this dangerous game. But the more she plays, the more she begins to realize something: even if she gets out of this alive, nothing in her life will ever be the same.
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Daughter of Count Dracula: Kula’s Dilemma (Transylvanica High Series Book 3) by R. Barri Flowers

Daughter of Count Dracula by R. Barri FlowersFrom R. Barri Flowers, the bestselling author of the young adult Transylvanica High series featuring Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter and Out for Blood: Kula’s Destiny, comes the exciting third book in the series, Daughter of Count Dracula: Kula’s Dilemma.

Seventeen-year-old honor student Kula Lockhart is a junior at Transylvanica High School in Harbor Heights, Michigan. It is one of several integrated pilot schools across the country where human and vampire students peacefully coexist.

As the half human, half vampire daughter of Count Dracula, Kula has become a target of those who seek to destroy vampires, in spite of her vamp guardians, Ivan and Amelia, and Kula’s own growing sense of self-preservation that she inherited from her father.

In her latest crisis, Kula is devastated when her mortal boyfriend, Eriq Pratt, is left clinging to life after a car accident orchestrated by a vampire hunter. When things reach a point of no return, Kula turns Eriq into a vampire to keep him alive forever.
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Kaanapali Beach Paradise (A Maui Novelette, Part 2) by R. Barri Flowers

Kaanapali Beach Paradise by R. Barri FlowersFrom R. Barri Flowers, award-winning writer and bestselling author of the Leila Kahana Maui Mysteries and Eddie Naku Maui Mysteries, comes the second installment of the compelling Maui contemporary novelette series, Kaanapali Beach Paradise.

Set amidst the lush playground of Maui, Hawaii’s famed Kaanapali Beach Resort, the soap opera style tale of adultery, ambition, dark secrets, love, lust, hate, romance, betrayal, revenge, and murder, revolve around the anticipated grand opening of the Kaanapali Palms Hotel, the latest luxury accommodation on this three mile-long ocean front stretch of paradise on the island’s western shore.

Multimillionaire real estate investor and CEO of Kaanapali Palms, Ben Crawford, is not above getting in bed with organized crime to make his dream come true. A widower, his 19-year-old daughter, Leigh, means everything to him. Forgotten is the child he abandoned long ago, never imagining this would come back to haunt him.
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Wings of Mayhem by Sue Coletta

Wings of Mayhem by Sue ColettaShawnee Daniels – cybercrimes specialist by day, cat burglar by night – ignites the hellfire fury of a serial killer when she unknowingly steals his trophy box.


Shawnee Daniels always believed her “fearlessness rules” mantra would keep her on top and out of jail. When she hacks a confiscated hard drive at the Revere P.D., she focuses on a white-collar criminal accused of embezzlement. To teach him a lesson and recoup the funds she breaks into his massive contemporary in Bear Clave Estates. Jack has even more secrets, deadly secrets, secrets worth killing over.


Shawnee thinks she made it out clean until a deadly package arrives at her door soon after. He’s found her. As a glowing eagle taunts her Skype screen, Jack tells her she stole his precious trophy box — and he wants it back!
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Coma by WR.PARK

Coma by WR.PARKA sadistic assassin, dismembered Congressmen, and a devious plot to overthrow the president send CIA agent Hunter Dougllas halfway around the world on a seek-and-destroy mission. Add the distraction of two beautiful women and a bullet painfully lodged in his skull, and his task is formidable.

A man is discovered near death, half-submerged in a black-water ditch along side a lonely Louisiana bayou blacktop. Shot numerous times and obviously left for dead—he has no identification. The small sheriff’s office turns the case over to the rural hospital. The man barely survives, but due to multiple head wounds remained in a deep coma.

Dougllas’ condition is brought to the attention of CIA Director Carter Holloway. During one of Dougllas’ coherent moments—in the DCI’s presence—he manages to describe each detail of the murders and admits he was there. But how could that be? He’s been bedridden in a coma for the past six-months.
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Treacherous Wishes by Denise A. Agnew

51RBRi-hYaL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Just when you think the danger has passed…

Just when you’ve stopped looking over your shoulder…

Evil finds a way…

Tammy Carter lost her psychic abilities in the aftermath of tragedy. Now, years later, her power resurrects when evil returns to her town. She was secure in her job, her life, and lack of complications. Now everything in her comfort zone is disintegrating and she doesn’t know what to do next or who she can trust.

Bodyguard Kyle Hawthorne doesn’t believe in the supernatural or in Tammy’s psychic gift, but when her life is threatened he’ll do anything to protect her. Professionalism demands a platonic relationship with his co-worker at Taggert Security Team, yet the sizzling connection he feels for Tammy demands exploration every time he’s near her. Deep down Tammy has always found Kyle a stable force in her world, even though she’s harbored lightning-hot fantasies about him for years. Suddenly their sexual desires and emotions are too powerful to ignore, which starts a chain reaction of events that may bring them together or allow the evil to consume them.
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The Eye of Ra by Jeanne D’Août

The Eye of Ra by Jeanne D'AoûtIt all starts with a ring, inlaid with a seemingly insignificant black stone. Discovered on its own by the famous archaeologist Flinders Petrie, the stone had not been recognized for what it was, for up until the fall of Jerusalem in the 6th century BCE it had always been one of a pair. As a pair, these stones had been used for divination in Biblical times. Together they are known as the Urim and Thummim.

Determined to find the highly valued, lost stone and bring the separated pair together once again, a powerful secret order sends a team of intrepid researchers back in time to the era of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, only to discover a much greater enigma.

“In The Eye of Ra, Jeanne D’Août cleverly uses fiction to bring alive ancient Egypt and its magic. A most entertaining and fun book to read!” – Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery
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The Housewife Assassin’s Ghost Protocol by Josie Brown

The Housewife Assassin's Ghost Protocol by Josie BrownIN BOOK 13 OF THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN SERIES:
Donna Stone’s mission: investigate the resurrection of known terrorists who were thought to be dead and buried. But when vital intelligence leads them to a group of domestic-based terrorists who are planning major attacks throughout the United States, a political enemy of the president of the United States provides evidence that Acme is involved. President Chiffray has no other option than to initiate ghost protocol, dissolving the black ops organization. To save their lives and their country, Donna and Jack must go under deep cover to seek out the true spooks betraying America.
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Rules of the Earth: A dark disturbing detective thriller by Wendy Cartmell

51hCXeMq9bL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_Two lost girls. An out of control detective. Is anyone safe?

Sgt Major Crane is out of the army, out of a job and definitely out of sorts. So when DCI Anderson throws him a lifeline, Crane grabs at it with both hands. A young girl has been found, dazed, bruised and mute. As Crane and Anderson try and find out what happened to her, another girl is found. But this time she’s dead…

A gripping military detective crime thriller packed with suspense from the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, Steps to Heaven.

For lovers of Rachel Abbott, Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza, Robert Dugoni and Sharon Bolton.
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The Devil Made Me Do It Again and Again: Thirteen Tales of Terror by Paul Dale Anderson

The Devil Made Me Do It Again and Again by Paul Dale AndersonHere are thirteen tales to scare the pants off you. Ten of these stories by master of the macabre Paul Dale Anderson previously appeared in horror magazines and anthologies, and three are original to this volume. The Devil Made Me Do It Again and Again also includes Paul’s brief introduction to each story, a new forward by Irwin Chapman, a preface and afterwords by the author, and some secrets never before revealed.

Stories included in this collection:
After the Fall
Who Knows What Evil Lurks?
Screw Ups
I’ll Show You Mine
The Last Straw
Better Than One
What You See
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Amaretto Amber by Traci Andrighetti

Amaretto Amber by Traci AndrighettiPrivate investigator Franki Amato has just turned thirty, and she feels anything but festive. For starters, she can’t have cake because she’s given up sweets, and one of her teeth is torturing her. To add insult to birthday injury, she has to investigate a surreal strip club homicide—with her sixtyish ex-stripper landlady. Then her Sicilian grandma crashes the New Orleans non-party and insists that she steal a lemon to land a husband.

Unfortunately for Franki, the man she has in mind has his mind somewhere else, and their relationship seems to have soured. Adding to her troubles, she has to figure out what a missing amber pendant and a mysterious amaretto bottle have to do with the murder, not to mention why she’s being followed. When a second dancer goes down and a third is threatened, Franki turns to a weird witch to crack the case and cancel a curse before someone blows out her candles for good.
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Waking Up in Medellin by Kathryn Lane

Waking Up in Medellin by Kathryn LaneNikki Garcia, an American woman, arrives in Medellin, Colombia to investigate allegations of fraud against the General Manager of Amazonia Steel, a local affiliate of the multi-national corporation where she works. In her ensuing investigative work she connects two accidental deaths at the Company to a much darker plot involving the man under investigation. Feeling in over her head, she hires a former CIA operative to assist her. Nikki also meets a medical doctor she soon finds herself falling in love with until she is kidnapped and wonders if he is also part of the sinister plot threatening her life.
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Fake (Finn Teller Corporate Spy Mystery #1) by Twist Phelan

FakeHave you ever thought about buying a counterfeit product? Maybe a watch or a handbag for fun? After you read FAKE, the first book in Twist Phelan’s series featuring Finn Teller, corporate spy, you’ll think again.

FAKE, the first book in Phelan’s new series featuring corporate spy Finn Teller, shines a light on the netherworld of counterfeit goods.

An assignment with a Milan fashion house leads Finn to an undercover investigation of a train wreck in Croatia—scene of her most tragic professional mistake and home to terrorists still out for revenge. The hunter becomes the hunted and the stakes skyrocket as Finn must win a race against the clock to stop the spread of a deadly African pandemic and escape with her life.
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Feast by Jeremiah Knight

Feast by Jeremiah KnightThe human race hangs by a thread the thickness of a single gene: RC-714. The gene, which unlocks the millennia of genetic traits stored in junk DNA, gives crops the ability to rapidly evolve and thrive in any environment. But RC-714 is passed on when consumed. Any creature—mammal, reptile, fish or insect—that eats the genetically modified crops becomes a slave to the Change. Bodies morph into unrecognizable abominations. Intellect takes a back seat to ravenous hunger. And all the world’s species eat each other toward extinction.

Racing against this impending outcome, Peter Crane and his family attempt to reach a laboratory in Boston, where a slim hope of saving the human race from extinction exists. But before heading northeast, they must visit the swamps of South Carolina’s Hellhole Bay to find a scientist who can help undo the damage done by ExoGen, the corporation that created and unleashed RC-714. Upon reaching Hellhole, the family is captured by a man named Mason, who not only survived the Change, but managed to keep a small community alive as well—a community that is subject to his every carnal desire and whim.
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The Unmoving Sky by K.L. Hallam

The Unmoving Sky by K.L. HallamThere is nothing darker than the woods, until you meet your worst fear.

Jackson Bower has a lot on his mind lately. His younger brother hasn’t been the same since his mother’s death. His father’s drinking is out of control. Then there’s Jackson’s girlfriend and the grief that ties them together even as it threatens to drive them apart.

He distances himself, hoping for a little perspective at the family lodge. But when their father gets drunk and dangerous, he and his brother escape into the woods.

Night creeps in, and the rains come fast. Artie slips down a ravine. He’s wounded and the brothers seek shelter in a cave, only to find someone else already taking refuge there.

A desperate man with plans to destroy their town.
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The Chosen by James Hallan

The Chosen by James HallanNew Mexico…one of dozens of unnamed places scattered across the vast White Sands desert. Proiect Balcescu, located north and east of Bucharest, Romania. The American director is Charles Rodham; the Romanian is Andre Dalakis. Charles and Andre are longtime friends in the human evolution scientific community with a shared dream: mankind will, one day, become naturally immune to all known pathogenic diseases. That will take tens of thousands of years and billions of lives lost to diseases. But we don’t have to wait…we have the key now, the human genome…we can make a better man…a genetic bend here, a twist there, snip, cut, slice and…it’s easy, when you’re a true believer…when you have the science…when you have the massive funding from your government…when you know you can not only play at being God…you can be God. The clarion call sounds out…we’re doing this with the best intentions…we’re doing this for the common good. The usual excuses, before the running and the screaming…
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Was a Time by James Hallan

Was a Time by James HallanWas a Time…and the big pendulum arcs down through the mix…

Bob Lee St. John is…missing, gone, vanished, and…maybe…dead? Were there an obit it would read: ‘he’s survived by a stolen van, a length of chain, a (previously-stolen-apparently-recovered) Beretta 92, a recording of Bob Lee admitting to Fr. Carruthers that he killed his three latest victims, and, oh yeah, an ear…his ear…Bob Lee’s ear…confirmed by DNA and facial recognition software, the preceding courtesy of a manifesto left for Sam Whinett by an unknown personage a too-eager media lunk dubbed the Samaritan, an understandable but incorrect interpretation of that Biblical character…

…and the pendulum arcs down to reveal a different horror…
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If the Devil Had a Dog by T.K. Lukas

If the Devil Had a Dog by T.K. LukasSidney McQueen flees the most evil man she’s ever known – her husband. Can Markus Yeager, former Marine turned CIA operative, convince her to accept his help when he’s grappling with his own personal demons? IF THE DEVIL HAD A DOG – an edgy, psychological thriller that keeps you riveted.

“This novel will thrash you about on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Some of the narrative is so chillingly authentic that you may stop for a moment and wonder how much of what you are reading is fiction.”
Gary B. Haley – Author of The Attunement and The Scrapbook Lecture

On her third failed marriage, thirty-four-year-old Sidney McQueen regrets that her Ph.D. in Psychology wasn’t useful in choosing husbands. She feels better suited choosing horses. When her divorce attorney advises her to disappear for a while, she heeds the warning. But can she disappear without a trace when her soon-to-be ex-husband, a powerful attorney with ties to Mexican drug cartels, is hell-bent to find her? He wants back what belongs to him – and it’s not just Sidney he’s after.
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The Infected Holiday Special by Andrea Speed

The Infected Holiday Special by Andrea SpeedPeek behind the curtain with Roan McKichan and the various characters who make up the Infected universe in this sometimes serious, sometimes humorous collection of short stories centered around the holidays.

There’s Kevin, who reflects on how lonely his life in the closet is. And Fiona and Tank, who go on a surprisingly good first date. Roan himself finds his Halloween celebration at Panic interrupted by loose cats and obnoxious frat boys while Paris contemplates his mortality on their impromptu honeymoon. Dropkick deals with her new marriage and male egos on the job, Roan meets Connor at the scene of a drunken fight, and Holden contemplates his future as a street kid. These stories and many more will be told, centered around more holidays than you can shake a dreidel at.
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The Other Traitor by Sharon Potts

The Other Traitor by Sharon PottsIt’s been over sixty years, but three people remain haunted by what he did.
Was it treason…or something far worse?

Raised with shame and silence, Annette Revoir refuses to confront her terrible legacy—her grandfather’s execution as an atomic bomb spy in the 1950s. But when she finds an old family photo album that reveals a very different portrait of her grandfather, her instincts as a journalist take over. Her inquiries put her on a collision course with a young man and his grandmother, but Annette is prepared to go to any lengths to prove her disgraced grandfather’s innocence.

“This is thriller writing the way it is supposed to be.”
—Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author, on In Their Blood

“Rich with high-concept, captivating characters, and a relentless plot that simply won’t go away.”
—Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author, on The Devil’s Madonna
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Cleaning Up Finn by Sarah M. Chen

Cleaning Up Finn by Sarah M. ChenLife is a constant party for restaurant manager, Finn Roose. When he seduces an underage woman on one of his booze cruises and loses her—literally, it sets off a massive search involving the police, her parents, and a private investigator. Finn is an expert manipulator but his endless lies only tighten the screws on himself and his unsuspecting best friend. Finn scrambles to make things right which may be too much to ask from a guy who can’t resist a hot babe and a stiff drink.

“Majorly screwed up. But in a good way.” — Brett Battles, USA Today bestselling author of the Jonathan Quinn thrillers

“Chen creates a compelling character with restaurant manager Finn Roose. Readers with certain taste (like me) will enjoy watching this self-deluded ladies man bumble from one mistake to another, trying to hide his involvement with a missing teenage girl. Sarah M. Chen creates a hybrid West Coast restaurant noir novella. A great read.” — Travis Richardson, author of the noir novella, Lost in Clover
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Naked Ambition by Rick Pullen

Naked Ambition by Rick PullenWhen newspaper reporter Beck Rikki receives an unsolicited call from a high-ranking government official sending him off to investigate a candidate for President of the United States, he doesn’t realize he’s stumbled onto the story of a lifetime.

As he digs deeper, he follows a trail of murder, bribery, infidelity and deceit that runs from Canada to the Caribbean—but all signs point to the White House.

Beck finds nothing is quite as it appears—not his sources, not his curious new love interest and especially not the story he’s pursuing. In the confusion, he suspects the motives of everyone—including his new love. He must figure out the truth or forces quietly waiting in the wings will covertly grab the reins of power and take over the government.

For the first time in his career, Beck may have stumbled onto a story too dangerous to handle—but too important to walk away from. And with only days before the election, just when he thinks he’s solved the puzzle, he realizes he hasn’t.
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1935 Plot by Linda Cargill

1935 Plot by Linda CargillFind out what happens when Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora, Lady Ware, confront the Nazis in the 1930’s. It all comes to a climax in 1935 Plot in the form of a female vamp, hired by none other than Adolf Hitler himself, to do in Lady Ware at the very first opportunity. The vamp’s to steal the Lawrence maps from Lady Ware’s husband, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, using any means in her arsenal of tricks. The maps are worth a king’s ransom. They are the key to world domination. Hitler knows it.

1935 Plot is the second volume in the Edward Ware Thrillers At War Series. Reserve your copy today.
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Dead in Kihei (Eddie Naku Maui Mysteries Book 2) by R. Barri Flowers

Dead in Kihei by R. Barri FlowersFrom award winning crime writer R. Barri Flowers and the bestselling author of the Murder in Hawaii Mysteries, comes the second book in the Hawaii detective series, Dead in Kihei: An Eddie Naku Maui Mystery.

Private investigator Eddie Naku’s latest case involves the apparent suicide of a friend and fellow private eye, Frank Iwamoto, who fell from the lanai of his 8th story condo to his death.

Naku refuses to believe Iwamoto was suicidal, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Proving he was murdered won’t be easy, but Naku is not about to give up. In the process, he comes up with a number of suspects, twists, and turns, as well as Frank Iwamoto’s risk-taking lifestyle that likely put him in harm’s way.

As Naku begins to get to the bottom of Iwamoto’s death, while juggling multiple cases and complicated romances, he finds his own life in peril.
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Random Survival 3: The Endless Struggle by Ray Wenck

Random Survival 3 by Ray WenckWith the mysterious event that wiped out the majority of mankind now five months past, and winter fast approaching, Bobby, Becca and Myron hunt for game. Although life is not easy, it has at least settled into a somewhat normal routine. That is until they discover a band of hunters stalking human prey.

For Mel, Caryn and Tara, the end of the world has been a constant struggle to survive. The new world has become chaotic and and dangerous. Those with the power make the rules. Life has little value except in the depths of depravity in the minds of those who own you. Now, pursued by armed men, the three women are forced to flee or be sold into slavery.

Bobby, Becca and Myron rescue the women, but are then hunted themselves. With time running out and the hunters closing in around them, the small band must find a place to make a stand, as much for themselves and humankind, as for humanity itself.
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The Gender Experiment by L.J. Sellers

The Gender Experiment by L.J. SellersWhen bodies with unusual traits start showing up in the morgue, intern Taylor Lopez is alarmed enough to dig into the dead men’s profiles. After discovering they were born at the same clinic two decades earlier, she investigates further and uncovers a startling list. With the realization that more gender-fluid people are targeted for elimination, Taylor kicks her investigation into high gear. But Major Blackburn, the researcher who conducted the experiment, isn’t about to let anything interfere with his plans.

Soon Taylor is in deep trouble and needs the help of FBI Special Agent Bailey. As Bailey scrambles to track down leads, events spin out of control and she finds herself blocked at every step by powerful military forces. With the clock ticking on Phase 2 of the experiment, can Bailey and Taylor uncover the truth in time to save the other young subjects?
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