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Heaven Sent by Ann Simas

Heaven Sent by Ann SimasThe bad-luck threes. . .

Sophie Doyle is not having a good day. She’s without a car, because hers was stolen. She’s without a washer and dryer, because hers tanked on the same day. She’s overslept because of a power outtage and when she finally arrives late for work, she’s told her employment is terminated due to budget constraints. Could things get any worse?

Never ask, “What next?”

Hit in the crosswalk by red-light runner, Sophie finds herself dead on the sidewalk, observing a good Samaritan trying to resuscitate her. Suddenly, she thrust into a tunnel of incredibly bright light, where she meets…God? Sophie likes it in Heaven where it’s nice and warm and welcoming, but she’s told she can’t stay. Her assignment? Return to the earthly plane to save a man by saving his daughter Bella.
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Vegas, Lies, and Murder by Sibel Hodge

Vegas, Lies, and Murder by Sibel HodgeThe Bestselling Cozy Mystery Series is back with more adventures!

“If you like Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum I think you will really like Amber Fox – I know I do.” ~ Martha’s Bookshelf

When feisty insurance investigator Amber Fox lands in Las Vegas to tie the knot with her fiancé, Brad Beckett, she’s got three things on her mind: fun, relaxation, and lots of honeymoon action.

But after one wardrobe malfunction and a botched Elvis-themed ceremony, Amber’s personal life is in overload, and her lucky knickers definitely aren’t working their magic. And if that wasn’t enough to ruin her special day, Amber finds herself in the middle of investigating the disappearance of an exotic dancer and working undercover in a gentleman’s club, Polesque, bringing a whole new meaning to seeing the Vegas Strip.
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Ryder: Bird of Prey by Nick Pengelley

Ryder by Nick PengelleyThe Maltese Falcon was no mere tale. The fabulous jeweled golden bird really existed. Still exists, according to the last words of a dying man. Ayesha Ryder is on its trail, for reasons other than the Falcon itself. It is said to contain a clue to the lost burial place of King Harold of England – seen as a potent symbol by ruthless politicians determined to break up the UK and create a new, independent, English Kingdom. The Falcon may contain a second clue, one few would believe.

Labeled an assassin, hunted by Scotland Yard and Dame Imogen Worsley of MI5, as well as those who want the Falcon and its secrets for themselves, Ayesha joins forces with Joram Tate, a mysterious librarian known to her friend Lady Madrigal, one-time lover of Lawrence of Arabia. With Ayesha’s attraction to Tate growing, they follow clues left by long dead knights to the tomb of a Saxon king, then to ruined Battle Abbey. When the trail leads them to the discovery of a stunning secret hidden for a thousand years beneath an English castle, Ayesha must battle modern killers with medieval weapons before confronting the evil that would destroy her nation.
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Get Plucked: 13 Twisted Tales by Thomas Pluck

Get Plucked by Thomas PluckIn a tribute to Elmore Leonard, a computer nerd and an Island barmaid race against the mob; a shifty construction foreman encounters zombies and sex dungeons in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; visitors review the Overlook hotel from THE SHINING; a psychotic virus hunter plans to unleash apocalypse during the panic of 2012; a kid who hides in the woods to scare urban legend hunters gets a surprise of his own, and eight more twisted, dark and funny tales that only Thomas Pluck could write. The latest collection from the author of BLADE OF DISHONOR and “Punk Dad Manifesto.”

“he combines jabs of clever humor with full-impact gut shots.” – Johnny Shaw, author of PLASTER CITY

“hardcore-clean writing delivered at warp speed.” -Andrew Vachss, author of SIGNWAVE and the Burke series
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The Tithing Herd by J. R. Lindermuth

The Tithing Herd by J. R. LindermuthFormer lawman Lute Donnelly reluctantly abandons his search for the bandits who killed his brother when Serene, the widow he loves, asks him to help her son move the herd cash-strapped Mormons have gathered as their tithe.

Lute’s desire for revenge is replaced by another more important goal when the bandits kidnap Serene and hold her ransom for the cattle.

“THE TITHING HERD is an ambitious, exciting, multi-layered Western adventure.” Wayne D. Dundee, author of Gunfire Ridge.

THE TITHING HERD is available from Amazon.


J. R. Lindermuth is the author of 14 novels, including six in his Sticks Hetrick crime series. A member of International Thriller Writers, he is currently vice president of the Short Mystery Fiction Society.

Falling Fast by Tina Wainscott

Falling Fast by Tina WainscottShe was supposed to be a summer romance, but Raleigh fell fast for the only person who made him feel worthy of love. He was supposed to be a fling with a bad boy, but he made Mia feel alive … until a tragic accident tore them apart. Seven years later, fate throws them together and, with the same breath, threatens to separate them forever.

“An emotionally charged story about two people with wounded pasts, and deeply buried secrets, who find their way back to one another.”—New York Times bestselling author Patricia Rosemoor

“Falling Fast has wonderful characters you’ll hold in your heart forever. I couldn’t stop reading until I found out if these two star-crossed lovers would be able to survive all the challenges keeping them apart.”—New York Times bestselling author Kathy Clark
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Rosolio Red by Traci Andrighetti

Rosolio Red by Traci AndrighettiWith Christmas around the corner, Franki Amato’s got visions of her sugarplum, Bradley Hartmann, dancing in her head. Now that she finally has some time off from her PI job, she’s cooking him up a special holiday treat, and it’s not figgy pudding. Her Yuletide plans are dashed, however, when her meddlesome Sicilian grandma goes missing, and she has to hurry home to Houston to investigate. All the evidence points to foul play, but then there’s a bizarre break in the case—one that makes her wonder whether her notorious nonna has been naughty or nice.

“Traci Andrighetti’s Franki Amato Mysteries have me tickled pink! Her smart, sassy heroine, wacky cast of characters, and vividly original settings had me glued to the page. I can’t wait to read more from this author!”
~ Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling author
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Hunger by Jeremiah Knight

HungerDesperate to solve a global food shortage, ExoGen scientist Dr. Ella Masse oversees the creation and release of RC-714, a gene that unlocks millions of years of adaptation and evolution, allowing crops to use long dormant junk DNA to rapidly adapt to any environment. The world’s food supply grows aggressively, occupying every inch of earth, no matter how inhospitable. World hunger is averted. Humanity flourishes. RC-714 is digested, absorbed and passed on.

The Change affects small, fast breeding mammals first. They multiply with the same aggressive speed as the ExoGen plants, but a new, insatiable hunger drives them to violence. War between species breaks out. And then RC-714 reaches humanity, along with every other large creature on the planet. Civilization implodes, as every living thing that consumed the ExoGen crops begins to adapt to a world full of predators, accessing genes dating back to the beginning of life itself.
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Tor Maddox: Embedded by Liz Coley

Tor Maddox EMBEDDED by Liz ColeyIntroducing Tor Maddox, a heroine for our times.
Book 2 Tor Maddox: EMBEDDED

Life has been way too quiet for Tor Maddox since her fifteen minutes of CNN fame. Then agent-in-training Rick Turner reappears with what sounds like a simple assignment—to embed herself as his eyes and ears in her own high school. When she agrees to keep tabs on high school state swim champ Hamilton Parker for the Feds, she is plunged into the deep end of a sinister plot. Knowing that freedom, justice, and lives are at stake again, Tor jumps in feet first, but has she gotten in over her head this time?

When observe and report becomes kiss and tell, Tor’s first mission may blow up in her face.
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Unfinished Business by Jenna Bennett

Unfinished Business by Jenna BennettBook 10 in the USA Today bestselling mystery series.

When realtor and recovering Southern Belle Savannah Martin wakes up alone on what is supposed to be her wedding day, she isn’t sure what to think. Did her fiancé—bad-boy TBI agent Rafe Collier—decide he couldn’t face being shackled to one woman for the rest of his life… or is something more sinister going on?

Savannah’s mother Margaret Anne, in Nashville for the nuptials, is certain she knows the truth: her future son-in-law has always been an ill-bred cad, and leaving his pregnant girlfriend practically at the altar clinches it. But the people who know Rafe aren’t so sure. Wendell Craig with the TBI and Tamara Grimaldi with the Metro Nashville PD suspect foul play, and set out to prove it.

Shortly, a dead woman turns up in Savannah’s house. Rafe’s son David goes missing from church camp on the Cumberland Plateau. And a shadowy figure from Rafe’s past is stalking them all—a knife-wielding serial killer who likes to hurt women, and who has a score to settle.
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A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder by Julie Anne Lindsey

GEEK-GIRL_murder_ROUGHS_3IT manager Mia Connors is up to her tortoiseshell glasses in technical drama when a glitch in the Horseshoe Falls email system disrupts security and sends errant messages to residents of the gated community. The snafu’s timing couldn’t be worse—Renaissance Faire season is in full swing and Mia’s family’s business relies on her presence.

Mia doesn’t have time to hunt down a computer hacker. Her best friend has disappeared, and she finds another of her friends murdered—in her office. When the hunky new head of Horseshoe Falls security identifies Mia as the prime suspect, her anxiety level registers on the Richter scale.

Eager to clear her name, Mia moves into action to locate her missing buddy and find out who killed their friend. But her quick tongue gets her into trouble with more than the new head of security. When Mia begins receiving threats, the killer makes it clear that he’s closer than she’d ever imagined.
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Kissing the Man Next Door by Devon Vaughn Archer

Kissing the Man Next Door by Devon Vaughn ArcherKISSING THE MAN NEXT DOOR, the #bestselling sexy romance novel by Devon Vaughn Archer, has been republished for those of you who missed it the first time.

Hairstylist Mackenzie Reese is feeling fabulous and free! Her teenage son has gone cross-country to live with her ex, so Mackenzie’s got a new lease on life–no men, no kids, no problem! Then sexy disc jockey Ian Kelly moves in next door…and it’s more than just the barbecue that heats up.

Ian moved to Vermont for a job and his own type of freedom. But he hadn’t counted on a beautiful, sassy neighbor to stir his deep, delicious longings. When Ian finally crosses Mackenzie’s threshold…it’s more than just sugar he wants. And what he wants, he usually gets.

But unexpected drama threatens to rain on this block party, as if often the case. No matter. The romance that exudes between the hot neighbors can overcome any obstacles. Or can it?
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Napoleon – The Escape by Jan Needle

Napoleon - The Escape by Jan NeedleDespite the hatred Napoleon Bonaparte brought down on himself and France during twenty years of total war, when the British exiled him to rot away his life on the island of St Helena twelve hundred miles from the nearest land, vast fortunes were mobilised to set him free. His empress wife refused to join him on the ‘volcanic pimple,’ the governor mobilised eleven warships and many hundred men to guard over him, but spies, war heroes and would-be rulers of a new empire in South America plotted ceaselessly to snatch him from his ‘living death.’ Women swarmed to make his life more bearable.

The American Robert Fulton – inventor of the world’s first submarine – teamed up with an Irish smuggler called Tom Johnson to strike deep into the Atlantic to snatch the fallen emperor to freedom. A young English sea captain, Samson Armstrong, set sail to escort them, with his wife Eliza and a beautiful exile from St Helena, Lucy Balcombe. In her arms there was her baby Jules – whose father, she insisted, was Napoleon.
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See Him Die by Debra Webb

See Him Die by Debra WebbJulie Barton is in serious trouble. She recently discovered that her husband is a cheater. If that isn’t bad enough, she also learned that the man she thought she knew and loved is deeply involved in illegal activities. When she walked out, determined to start over, she had no idea just how far the man who had vowed to love and to cherish her would go to make her sorry until she found him murdered–in her bed. Now, the only person who believes her story is, unfortunately for Julie, the one man with the most to gain from the murder.

SEE HIM DIE is available from Amazon.


DEBRA WEBB, born in Alabama, wrote her first story at age nine and her first romance at thirteen. It wasn’t until she spent three years working for the military behind the Iron Curtain and a five-year stint with NASA that she realized her true calling. A collision course between suspense and romance was set. Since then she has penned more than 100 novels including her internationally bestselling Colby Agency series. Don’t miss a single installment of her romantic thriller series, the Faces of Evil! Visit Debra at or at You can write to Debra at PO Box 10047, Huntsville, AL, 35801.

Dressed to Kill by Lynn Cahoon

Dressed to Kill by Lynn CahoonJill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books, and More in the tucked-away town of South Cove, California—is not particularly thrilled to be portraying a twenties flapper for the dinner theater murder mystery. Though it is for charity…
Of course everyone is expecting a “dead” body at the dress rehearsal…but this one isn’t acting! It turns out the main suspect is the late actor’s conniving girlfriend Sherry…who also happens to be the ex-wife of Jill’s main squeeze. Sherry is definitely a master manipulator…but is she a killer? Jill may discover the truth only when the curtain comes up on the final act…and by then, it may be far too late.

“This is another delightful entry into the cozy mystery genre, an easy read and a wonderful collection of characters solving murders in a small tourist town.”
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Cross Examinations by John Hegenberger

Cross Examinations by John HegenbergerCrime in Columbus

Meet Eliot Cross, Columbus-based P.I. in 1988.

A series of serious crimes: Kidnapping. Murder. Art Thief. Blackmail. Comic Books?
Never before published, CROSS EXAMINATIONS sets the stage for an exciting new novel coming from pop-culture author, John Hegenberger.

Private Investigator Eliot Cross faces heartache, headache, backache, and a royal pain in the neck in these rollicking noir stories from the heart of the Heartland.
Cross Examinations, Inc. established in 1988
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Legend of War Creek by Randall Reneau

Legend of War Creek by Randall ReneauOn August 18, 1882, Joe La Fleur discovered a gold-bearing quartz vein near the headwaters of War Creek, high in the Cascade Range of Washington State. Later the same day . . . he lost it. One hundred and thirty years later, geologist Trace Brandon re-discovers the vein, guarded by a skeleton with a flint arrowhead imbedded in a femur, and a carved wooden owl—admonitions not to desecrate hallowed ground.

Ignoring the warnings, Brandon stakes a number of mining claims and begins drilling—only to see two of his men murdered in a grisly, ritualistic manner. The situation soon goes from bad to worse when Brandon’s old nemesis, Mafia don Peter Pantelli, learns of the discovery and devises a ruthless plan to eliminate Brandon and take control of the mining claims.

Brandon is caught between forces he can’t comprehend and treachery he understands all too well . . .
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Deadline by J.J. Livingston

Deadline by J.J. LivingstonL.A. Times journalist Whit McKenna is recovering from a harrowing assignment in Afghanistan. Seeking refuge she moves with her two daughters to a small Southern Oregon town and works as a crime reporter for the local newspaper.

A month on the job and she’s assigned to cover the murder of a famous actress. Thrust into the media firestorm, Whit’s PTSD kicks in full force with disturbing flashbacks, each one exposing repressed memories of her nightmare in Afghanistan. Years of journalistic instincts strengthen her resolve and with dogged determination she pursues the sensational story.

When two more high profile members of the community end up in the morgue with the same gruesome detail, Whit joins forces with medical examiner detective Katie Riggs. Quid pro quo they follow a trail of deception.

Medical science has played a twisted part in this deadly drama and each front page article she writes brings her closer to a vicious killer who will stop at nothing to silence his victims.
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The Warrior Monk (A Seventeen Series Short Story) by AD Starrling

The Warrior Monk (A Seventeen Series Short Story) by AD StarrlingFounded at the turn of the ninth century by the Lotus-Born Second Buddha and inspired by the most powerful immortal warrior who has ever lived, the Order of the Three Spears has kept the existence of the immortals a secret from the eyes of ordinary humans and maintained peace between the races for nearly twelve hundred years.

When news of an ancient enemy reaches them from the West, the Order sends its best and most unorthodox field agent to investigate.

In the course of his mission, Brother Yonten crosses paths with a remarkable immortal operative also tasked with hunting the enemy. What he uncovers will determine not just his own fate, but that of the Order, the immortal societies, and the human race.

The Warrior Monk is a short story linked to King’s Crusade, the second novel in AD Starrling’s award-winning action thriller series Seventeen.
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Honey Trap by E. J. Rand

Honey Trap by E. J. RandWhy would one NSA agent attempt to kill Robert Milligan, a fellow NSA officer, and Addie Buford, an attractive woman he met only hours before? A traitor in the NSA has tricked the agency into believing that Addie has lured Milligan into a honey trap. And since Milligan knows too many secrets about the agency’s Witness Security program, he and Addie have become the targets of multiple assassins.

Already emotionally damaged from a recent personal tragedy, Milligan no longer knows whom he can trust at the agency. Soon, he and Addie go into hiding, but the close proximity and growing peril forge a bond between them, even as Milligan struggles to keep his distance from her.

And all the while, Milligan also has to wonder—can he completely believe Addie? Is the woman who’s slowly working her way into his damaged heart really as innocent as she claims in this deadly game of cat and mouse? He knows he must protect Addie from the escalating danger, but can he protect himself from her?
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Rachel’s Folly by Monica Bruno

Rachel's Folly by Monica BrunoRachel Richards’ ideal life is about to come undone.

It’s the week of Rachel’s best friend’s wedding. Her fiancé is a mysterious man named Jack, who seems to have no family or friends. After a night of drinking goes awry, Rachel is forced to face a dark part of herself she didn’t know existed. What started as a horrible mistake turns into a dark mystery as pieces of Jack’s past start falling into place, and Rachel’s life hangs in the balance.

Told from three unique perspectives and set against the backdrop of Austin, Texas, Rachel’s Folly is a fast-paced thriller that explores profound loss, morality, and the lengths to which we will go to keep our darkest secrets.

Betrayal. Deception. Retribution.
How far would you go to hide a secret?

“A psychological thriller [that] takes a serious, thoughtful look at the consequences of adultery. This is a book you can immerse yourself in fully. When the big moments, the twists and revelations do come, they are genuinely stunning. Highly recommended.” – Walter Conley, Back Again and Gone
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The Secret Corps by Peter Telep

The Secret Corps by Peter Telep#1 New York Times Bestseller Peter Telep is back with The Secret Corps, his latest pulse-pounding thriller incorporating a call to action unlike anything seen before in contemporary fiction.

When a small town home invasion results in a tragic death, retired Marine Master Sergeant James “Johnny” Johansen agonizes over questions whose answers threaten his loved ones, his career, and his company. The most serious question of all—is Johnny’s family linked to Islamic extremists in the United States?

Johnny turns to Willie, Corey, and Josh—his former brothers-in-arms. Relying on their skills as highly-trained Marines, the team uncovers a treacherous plot involving a renegade defense contractor and the highest levels of a U.S. intelligence network.

Risking their lives to reveal the shocking details of the operation, Johnny and his friends discover that hundreds of terrorists are poised to launch a coast-to-coast attack on American soil. Time is running out! Who can Johnny trust?
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12+1: Twelve Short Thrillers and a Play by Raymond Benson

Twelve Short Thrillers and a Play by Raymond BensonFrom internationally-acclaimed author Raymond Benson, “12 + 1” is a collection of previously published mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, and fantasy, all told with wry humor and in the spirit of The Twilight Zone–plus some unpublished works such as “The Heart of Erzulie,” “Fortunata-697,” and the stage play “Second Chance.” Spies and detectives, rock ‘n’ roll crime, time travel, androids, alternate history, an encounter with St. Peter, and even The Black Stiletto, all in one compact anthology.

12+1: TWELVE SHORT THRILLERS AND A PLAY is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


RAYMOND BENSON is the author of 35 published books. His most recent thriller series is THE BLACK STILETTO; the fifth and final installment, THE BLACK STILETTO: ENDINGS & BEGINNINGS, was published in November 2014. Raymond was the fourth—and first American—official author of James Bond novels, and his works are collected in the anthologies CHOICE OF WEAPONS and THE UNION TRILOGY. Raymond also teaches film history and is a working musician.

Family Matters by K. J. Janssen

Family Matters by K. J. JanssenFamily Matters is like early episodes of the TV drama Dallas. The plot is fueled by rivalry, jealously, greed and, ultimately, murder. The setting is a stuffy New England town with an economic caste system. Good guys; bad guys.

In this family saga, the first Adam Kingston builds a clothing manufacturing company from scratch. In his sixties he commits suicide and his son takes over the business. Adam II continues to build Kingston Industries until his reckless life style results in dementia. The courts turn the father’s estate and control of the business over to his son and he is interned in the West Wing of Kingston Manor while his son Adam Kingston III ruthlessly expands the business.

The destinies of five townspeople in the quiet community of Old Pebscott, Connecticut are transformed as they converge with the Kingstons. The interplay between Adam Kingston III and the townspeople provides a fast moving drama as each of the main characters vies for position.
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Zero Dark Chocolate (A Miranda and Parker Mystery) #5 by Linsey Lanier

Zero Dark Chocolate (A Miranda and Parker Mystery) #5 by Linsey LanierFulfilling your destiny…one killer at a time.

Paris. The City of Lights. The City of Love.

Not to mention the food. Gourmet dining. Fine wines. Exquisite French pastries. Especially the ones covered in dark chocolate and crafted by the best chefs in the city.

But when a dear friend goes missing and Miranda and Parker hop a plane to France to find him, they soon learn the city of romance can also be—a City of Death.

Someone Else’s Daughter
Delicious Torment
Forever Mine
Fire Dancer
Thin Ice
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Tor Maddox: Unleashed by Liz Coley

Tor Maddox Unleashed by Liz ColeyIntroducing Tor Maddox, a heroine for our times.
Book 1 Tor Maddox: UNLEASHED

When sixteen-year old Torrance Olivia Maddox, self-confessed news junkie, figures out that the mysterious and deadly New Flu is being spread by dogs, she has one question—if the danger is that obvious to her, why hasn’t the government revealed the truth and taken action?

Her search for the answer will take her farther than she ever imagined. But then again, she never imagined that man’s best friend could become public enemy number one, that men in black might show up in her cozy suburban neighborhood, that she’d spend her sixteenth birthday as a teenaged runaway, and that her effort to save one dog would become a mission to save them all.
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Straight to Hell by John G. Hartness

Straight to Hell by John G. HartnessQuincy Harker is back, and the stakes are higher than ever. The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a swearing, drinking, misanthropic half-vampire with a bad attitude and an itchy trigger finger. Harker and his team of misfits have just a few days to prevent the actual end of the world, as a group of fanatics have kidnapped a young man thought to possess the power to open the Seven Seals.

The thrilling sequel to Raising Hell brings even more action, more explosions, and more Renfield to readers.

“The story is fast paced with a ton of action squeezed into this novella, which makes for a quick and fun read. I really enjoy the voice the author gives Quincy Harker. Like I mentioned in my review of book 1, it has an action/ horror comic book feel to the story.” – I Smell Sheep
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Mistake Creek by Rachel Amphlett

Mistake Creek by Rachel AmphlettThere’s a storm coming…

When Nina O’Brien returns to the small town of Mistake Creek after ten years, she’s in a race against time to protect her father’s business from an incoming storm so it can be sold to pay for his urgent medical treatment.

As flood warnings echo over the radio and the storm breaks with enormous force across the tiny Californian community, Nina is joined by others seeking shelter from the onslaught.

Her life is changed forever when a stranger appears at her door, bloodied and incoherent.

With a ruthless killer exposed among the small group, Nina is thrust into a deadly conspiracy involving a military veteran seeking revenge and an FBI agent desperate to prevent a catastrophic terrorism threat.
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Aurelia by Alison Morton

Aurelia by Alison MortonLate 1960s Roma Nova, the last Roman colony that has survived into the 20th century. Aurelia Mitela is alone – her partner gone, her child sickly and her mother dead – and forced to give up her beloved career as a Praetorian officer.

But her country needs her unique skills. Somebody is smuggling silver – Roma Nova’s lifeblood – on an industrial scale. Sent to Berlin to investigate, she encounters the mysterious and attractive Miklós, a known smuggler who knows too much and Caius Tellus, a Roma Novan she has despised and feared since childhood.

Barely escaping a trap set by a gang boss intent on terminating her, she discovers that her old enemy is at the heart of all her troubles and pursues him back home to Roma Nova…
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Fortune’s Honor by Jenna Bennett


To save himself, his friends, and his mission, a fugitive must put his fate in the hands of the last women he should trust—the same woman who sent him to prison four months ago.

Fortune's Honor by Jenna BennettLast year, galactic translator Holden Sinclair had a great life. He was traveling the nexus with his friends, seeing new worlds, making money, and generally having a good time. The only cloud on his horizon was his unrequited crush on the captain’s girlfriend, but that matter resolved itself when she betrayed them to the Rhenians and they were shipped to the prison camp on the moon Marica-3.

Since then, Holden’s only thoughts about Josie have revolved around getting even. Or so he thinks, until he runs into her again, in a brothel in Calvados. She’s disillusioned, contrite, and still as desirable as ever. And all too soon Holden finds himself right back where he started: torn between his loyalty to Quinn and the crew of the Good Fortune, and his feelings for Josie.

But with prices on all their heads, their mechanic scheduled for public execution in the Calvados town square two days hence, and the Rhenian military drawing the net ever tighter around them… can he justify putting his trust in a woman who’s already betrayed them once?
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