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Luring Shadows by Kristina Rienzi

Luring Shadows by Kristina RienziShadows Haunt
On the fifth anniversary of her sister Caitlyn’s unsolved murder, Rayna Jennings is far from having closure. Dark memories of Caitlyn’s death live in the shadows at Happy Endings Resort. The nightmare still haunts Rayna; the images in her mind more vivid than ever.

Shadows Taunt
When gruesome reminders begin to resurface, taunting Rayna, her grief surfaces anew. Worse, an unknown killer has cast her as the next victim. Despite her will to survive, the shadows of Happy Endings Resort have their own plan in mind.

Shadows Kill
A stranger is luring Rayna into the dark shadows of the resort, and her mind. She must race to stop the killer before it’s too late and she joins Caitlyn, becoming another one of the…

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Thor Bunker, A Short Story by Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore

Thor Bunker, A Short Story by Lynn Sholes & Joe MooreApril, 1945. The Germans have the bomb. In a desperate attempt to win the war, Hitler plans to drop an atomic bomb on the city of London. That all ends with his suicide. But the scientist who developed the Nazi bomb has other plans. THOR BUNKER, A Short Story is a prequel to the Kindle bestselling thriller, THE BLADE, and includes an excerpt.

THOR BUNKER is available from Amazon.


Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore are the #1 Amazon and international bestselling authors of THE GRAIL CONSPIRACY and THE PHOENIX APOSTLES.

Speak the Word by Justin Bog

Speak the Word by Justin BogSPEAK THE WORD contains the two new dark tales added to the original ten to form Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition, and a peek at the first chapter of Justin Bog’s next psychological thriller.

THE APPLE — One fateful evening, in a single moment, a man and his wife hover between peace and upheaval.

SPEAK THE WORD — A Texan bears the brunt of his fire and brimstone-filled life, and after a shocking turn of events, begins to test his own faith.

If you enjoy these two tales, find more darkness in the award-winning collection, Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition, which reveals twisted secrets that are mined like plutonium. These twelve literary tales are nothing short of an adventure through a roiling sea of emotion. With authenticity and eloquence, author Justin Bog holds a provocative and compelling mirror on the human condition.
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Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit by Carole Nelson Douglas

Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit by Carole Nelson DouglasNow out in eBook, trade paperback, and audiobook

“Just about everything you might want in a mystery: glitzy Las Vegas, real characters, suspense, a tough puzzle, and…on top of it all, a fine sense of humor and some illuminating social commentary.”—The Prime Suspect

Readers are biting their nails as the popular alphabetic Midnight Louie feline PI mystery series’ penultimate book arrives with this 27th entry. Even then, Las Vegas’s hairiest sleuth (whose feline-noir voice has been compared to Hammett, Hammer, and Nathan Detroit) will not be hanging up his fedora. Cat in an Alphabet Endgame is still to come.

In the 27th and penultimate Midnight Louie mystery by New York Times Notable Book of the Year author Carole Nelson Douglas, Midnight Louie channels the jazz and swing-dance age of integration on the Las Vegas Strip. In Cat in a Zebra Zoot suit, Circle Ritz residents petite PR powerhouse Temple Barr and her faithful roommate, Midnight Louie, must defend a beloved friend from a murder charge that echoes a long-past atrocity. Meanwhile Temple’s fiancé, Matt Devine, turns detective on a secret mission with vintage mobsters and her ex, a magician with a counter-terrorist past, tangles with vengeful IRA members and a psycho stalker in Ireland. The main question: what makes a defunct fifties nightclub building in Las Vegas the pit of all evil and greed?
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Project Hyperion (A Kaiju Thriller) by Jeremy Robinson

Project Hyperion (A Kaiju Thriller) by Jeremy RobinsonTHE SIGNAL WAS RECEIVED

Jon Hudson has become more than just the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Center–Paranormal. He is now a husband and a father, surrounded by a team who have become a family. So when a series of strange new threats rise from the depths and fall from the sky, the stakes are higher than ever.


While Maigo, the young woman who was once a part of the kaiju known as Nemesis, goddess of vengeance, and Lilly, a chimera cat-woman, sneak off to investigate Big Diomede, an island with an ancient secret inside Russian territory, two monsters fall from the sky. One heads for Tokyo, the other for the already battered Boston. Tsunamis rise from the depths, leveling cities. The two new kaiju—Giger and Lovecraft—follow close behind, bringing death and destruction with them. And Hudson realizes the horrible truth: the Aeros, an alien race plotting mankind’s destruction, have sent these kaiju in advance.
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Hidden Sins by Alison Joseph

Hidden Sins by Alison JosephIt is a novella featuring Agatha Christie as a detective, the second in the series (the first was Murder Will Out).

It is June, 1925. Agatha Christie is holidaying in Cornwall and working on a new novel, a romance. But her plans are interrupted when one of the guests is found shot dead on the hotel tennis courts. Frederick Collyer was researching the life of a local man, an eminent chemist who worked on camouflage. As Agatha is drawn into the investigation, it becomes clear that the killing has its roots in the Great War, and the truth is obscured by the shadows it still casts.

HIDDEN SINS is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


ALISON JOSEPH is a London-based crime writer and radio dramatist. After a career in television documentaries, she began writing full-time with the first of the Sister Agnes series of crime novels. Sister Agnes is a contemporary, detective nun working in a homeless hostel in South London. The most recent, A Violent Act, is about fathers, daughters and creationism. Alison has also embarked on a new police series, featuring Detective Inspector Berenice Killick and set in Kent. The first, called Dying to Know, is all about particle physics. Her latest series features Agatha Christie as a detective. The first, Murder Will Out, was published in December 2014, and the second, Hidden Sins is published September 2015. Alison was Chair of the British Crime Writers Association from 2013 to 2015.

The Morisot Connection by Estelle Ryan

The Morisot Connection by Estelle RyanMurdered criminals. Flawless forgeries. Encrypted operas.

The murder of an opera house director forces world-renowned nonverbal communications expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard and her team into an impossible position: protecting notorious criminals—from what appears to be a serial killer.

Genevieve plunges into the world of opera, uncovering secrets that a group of organised crime leaders would do anything to keep hidden. She cannot allow her previous case, unreliable witnesses or conflict with her team to distract her. Not if she wants to prevent many innocent lives being lost in a shocking grand finale.
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Tempus: The Phoenix Man by Matt Hilton

Tempus by Matt HiltonWhat if everything we thought we understood about the nature of time was wrong?

In the nuclear devastated landscape of London, James Rembrandt delivers law and order with a firm hand and uncompromising resolve. In his violent world it takes a violent man when dealing with cannibalistic scavengers. But Rembrandt was never born to the hellish Old City: he is a man out of time and place, but even he doesn’t know it.

When he is snatched from death, and deposited in an alternate time and dimension, he has finally come home. But he has returned to a place alien to him, and a world suddenly on the verge of destruction when a wormhole tethered between dimensions begins merging both Earths. Our world is about to be consumed, and the future of mankind relies on Rembrandt. He must again transvect, this time to avert the war that destroyed his parallel world, and seal the planet destroying breaches. He has already died once: he could die again. But what is one man’s worth compared to that of billions?
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Aim to Kill by Allison Brennan

Aim to Kill by Allison BrennanWhen disgraced former cop Alexandra Morgan is shot saving the life of California’s Lieutenant Governor, she doesn’t expect to be caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy, an FBI sting, an old rivalry … and cold-blooded murder.

When the shooter gets away after Alex pursues him, she gives her statement to the police, but is skeptical that LG Travis Hart was the actual target. The lead detective—Alex’s ex-boyfriend—doesn’t buy her theory, but is willing to look into it. That satisfies her until District Attorney Matt Elliott shows up at her house and asks Alex to once again go undercover to stop a growing criminal enterprise that he claims is funding Hart’s campaign for Governor.

Alex is no stranger to working undercover—she’d been undercover for the FBI when her partner shot and nearly killed her eight months ago. To protect the investigation and the FBI’s informants, she left the force under a cloud of distrust and suspicion. But this time, she’s going in without back-up and without a badge. And this time, the shooter will aim to kill …
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The Tomorrow Heist by Jack Soren

The Tomorrow Heist by Jack SorenReaders looking for twisting, fast-paced suspense will be swept away by Jack Soren’s newest tale of thrilling international adventure…

Jonathan Hall and Lew Katchbrow intended to leave life as international art thieves behind them—if only the money hadn’t run out. But when a shadowy organization approaches the duo offering compensation, protection, and prestige in exchange for their skills, Jonathan and Lew think it’s the answer to their problems…
But the nightmare has only just begun.

Suddenly Jonathan and Lew are thrust headlong into a race against time and a technology that science says shouldn’t exist. With the very nature of life and death on Earth hanging in the balance, it’s up to them to discover the truth behind Ashita—a terrifying futuristic city in the depths of the Pacific Ocean—and stop it. But the clock is ticking. If Jonathan and Lew fail this heist, millions will die—and the human race will never be the same.
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The Advocate’s Geocache by Teresa Burrell

The Advocate's Geocache by Teresa BurrellAttorney Sabre Brown is having a great time geocaching, the Internet’s version of a treasure hunt. The fun ceases when she “caches” a container with an official death certificate citing “Murder by Poison” as the cause of death. Even more disturbing is that the date of death is ten days in the future.

Sabre is forced to search cache after cache, each revealing more clues, until they take an unexpected twist and shockingly point to one of her court cases. Is the murderer a rejected child, a well-known plastic surgeon, a scorned ex, a crooked lab technician, or a politician in line for the highest office in the land? Or is someone playing Sabre in an ugly geocache of life and death?

THE ADVOCATE’S GEOCACHE is available from Amazon.


Teresa Burrell has dedicated her life to helping children, first as a teacher and then as an attorney in juvenile court. She continues to advocate children’s issues and write novels. She taught school for twelve years before she received her juris doctor degree. She opened a private law practice which specialized in domestic, criminal, and civil cases until she landed in juvenile court where she focused on abused minors. Burrell has received several awards from the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program for her countless hours of pro bono work with children and families. Burrell writes legal suspense mysteries that incorporate many of her experiences as a lawyer. Her “Advocate Series” consists of, The Advocate, The Advocate’s Betrayal, The Advocate’s Conviction, The Advocate’s Dilemma, The Advocate’s Ex Parte, The Advocate’s Felony, and most recently The Advocate’s Geocache.

The Girl in Red Pajamas by Chris Birdy

The Girl in Red Pajamas by Chris BirdyThe Girl in Red Pajamas begins when two lesbians have a smack down in a Boston restaurant. After one is found dead stuffed in the back of the other’s SUV, their families line up and point fingers. Tensions mount as relatives question religious beliefs, and the police gather evidence to build a case against the survivor. Bogie McGruder becomes deeply involved in the investigation because one woman is his sister and the other, his old girlfriend. This third book in the Pajamas Trilogy brings the series to a glorious end.

THE GIRL IN RED PAJAMAS is available from Amazon.


I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school, I did a four year stint in the Middle East. When I returned to the States, I settled down in the Boston area and became a true Bostonian by collecting college degrees while raising my family.

For more than twenty years, I did investigative work for Boston law firms. Being an avid mystery fan made me either fearless or foolhardy while working in rough neighborhoods and housing projects. I know how it feels to have a gun stuck to the back of my head…and that was in a courtroom. I know how it feels to have an angry client walk in my office and point a small gun at me saying, “I want my money!” That was when I opened my desk drawer, removed a large gun and drew back the slide while aiming it at him. “Have a seat!” I said.

There is no substitute for experience.

I live outside of Boston with my husband. We also have a place in Palm Beach where we escape to hide from the snow.

Death Do Us Part by JG Faherty

Death Do Us Part by JG FahertyVengeance never dies.

When Art Stanhope’s bitter, vindictive wife commits suicide, he believes all his troubles are over. Instead, they’re just beginning. For Catherine’s fury transcends even the grave, turning Art’s world into a living hell as he struggles to keep his son and new fiancée safe from her lust for vengeance.

But there are secrets behind Catherine’s death that Art doesn’t know—secrets that could prove deadly for everyone involved as they learn too late that death is not always a permanent condition, and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice can be too great a price to pay.

“I’ve known JG Faherty since he was an up-and-comer. Now he’s arrived. Start reading him now – as in TODAY – so you won’t have to play catch-up later.” – F. Paul Wilson, author of the bestselling
Repairman Jack series
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The Horse Hide by JR Scott

The Horse Hide by JR ScottDeath paid an unexpected visit. The brutal murder at a racetrack and two kidnapped thoroughbreds snarls Alie McCull in a web of lies, deceit, and half-truths. After poisoned horsemeat smuggled from Mexico makes people drop dead, the reporter wades into one part of a mystery she is determined to solve.

When Alie’s world is torn apart by the sting of infidelity and an old flame who might be covering up a gruesome secret, she knows one wrong move might be her last as she investigates the provocative conspiracy behind The Horse Hide.

THE HORSE HIDE is available from Amazon, Good Reads and Smashwords.


J.R. Scott grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and currently resides in Southern California. The former TV producer, independent film maker and stand-up comedian has written four books for die-hard mystery-thriller fans who love a pulse-pounding yarn with a roller coaster ride of tense action and suspense on a backdrop of 1950s nostalgia.

Convalescence by Maynard Sims

Convalescence by Maynard SimsWho will protect the children?

Fourteen-year-old James has seen his family wiped out by tuberculosis in the England of the 1960s. When he is sent to the country to convalesce with his Uncle Thomas it seems a welcome respite. But his uncle is strange, and clearly has a dark secret. The huge house is secretive too, with whispers and cries in the night. Gradually James meets other children, some real, some apparently ghosts, but all of whom have been hurt by the uncle. Will James be next?

In an eerie novella of repressed depravity, Maynard Sims conjures nightmares from the fears of childhood.

“The author duo who comprise Maynard Sims are super-fantastic, one excellent story after another.”
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Light by Paul Dale Anderson

Light by Paul Dale AndersonBill Ramsey feels no different than before. He can see and hear and smell, but he can’t feel anything and he can’t move a muscle. Ramsey was sent on a secret mission to infiltrate a terrorist training camp in Pakistan, but he realizes he was killed before he completed his mission. There were signs, of course, that he was dead, but Bill didn’t want to acknowledge any of them. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel not as something friendly but as something fearful. He avoids going into the light each time he sees it, and he does see it again and again beckoning to him but he refuses to go anywhere near it until he completes his mission. Yet there is nowhere else he can go. He can only float a few feet in any direction from the place where he died. Ramsey needs to find a way to get a message to INSCOM, the Intelligence and Security Command headquarters at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Terrorists plan to assassinate all of the world’s leaders, and Ramsey has no way to stop it from happening. When the spirit of Bodhisattva Vajrapani confirms Ramsey is dead and urges Ramsey to go into the light, Ramsey begs the former Army Ranger to help him complete his mission here on earth. Vajrapani teaches Ramsey how to transfer his consciousness into another body so Ramsey can deliver his message. Ramsey is able to enter the body of Randy Edwards because Edwards’ spirit left the body vulnerable to possession during the ecstasy of orgasm. Both minds and spirits now co-inhabit the same body. Ramsey-Edwards convinces Debra Johnson, an Army Intelligence Analyst at INSCOM, that the threat is real. When Deb is assassinated on the steps of the U. S. Capitol, all hell breaks loose. Can reincarnated wounded warriors stop an evil entity from controlling the world or will evil reign supreme?
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The Other Side: Melinda’s Story by Starr Gardinier

The Other Side by Starr GardinierMelinda’s family is dead, killed for information that is hidden deep within her mind. Her father tries to warn her from the ‘Other Side’ that she is in danger from the killers who want what only she can give them. Committed to Skyview Haven, she must determine if the ‘Other Side’ truly exists or if it is a trick of her heart and mind. With time running out Melinda must determine who she can trust. Is it the ghosts of her family, a boy who may not be who he appears to be, or the doctor who is determined to cure her? Can she figure out the truth before it is too late?

“One of those rare paranormal thrillers that challenges as it entertains…a wondrous, chilling tale…supremely and masterfully crafted, and elegantly written…”
~Jon Land, author of Pandora’s Temple
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Nation of Enemies by H.A. Raynes

Nation of Enemies by H.A. RaynesA chilling, suspenseful new thriller in the vein of Michael Crichton and James Rollins.

It’s all about the genetics. DNA. Black & white.

A decade ago the U.S. government mandated that all citizens be issued biochips containing all of their medical information and an I.D. number indicating a person’s health. Then they made the information public—the implications of which are wide-spread and devastating.

Now on the eve of the 2032 presidential election, the country is deeply divided and on the brink of civil war. But as the two major political parties face off, innocent Americans are dying at the hands of masked terrorists. When the Liberty Party’s presidential nominee is assassinated in a highly-coordinated, masterful attack, it sets off a chain of events that will change the course of history and leave America’s inalienable rights—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—dangling on the precipice of extinction.
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Jack and Joe by Diane Capri

Jack and Joe by Diane CapriFBI Agents Otto and Gaspar pick up where Lee Child’s “The Enemy” leaves off in the Hunt for Jack Reacher.

When FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are sent to Fort Bird, North Carolina to find Jack Reacher, powerful enemies with their backs against the wall will stop at nothing to keep the secrets Reacher left behind.

Lee Child Gives Diane Capri Two Thumbs Up!

“Full of thrills and tension, but smart and human, too. Kim Otto is a great, great character — I love her.” Lee Child, #1 World Wide Bestselling Author of Jack Reacher Thrillers

“Expertise shines on every page.” —Margaret Maron, Edgar, Anthony, Agatha and Macavity Award Winning MWA Past President and MWA Grand Master 2013
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Treasure Hunt by J. H. Bográn

treasure huntThe Hunt is on!

When The Falcon — a master thief and man of unquestionable honor despite his profession — gets a cryptic message from Bill Porter, a prisoner who’s finishing a twenty-year sentence, he’s intrigued.

Twenty years ago, Bill hijacked a plane carrying a fortune in gold, money and jewels. Before he was caught, he stashed his ill-gotten goods where no one would ever find them.

Now, after spending twenty years in prison, Bill is ready to get out and start a new life. But the F.B.I. is watching him and Bill knows, the minute he tries to retrieve his hidden treasure, they’ll grab him, send him back to jail and confiscate the goods.

The Falcon agrees to retrieve the money and deliver it to Bill’s daughter, Jamie, for a cut.
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Fool’s Mate by Ritchie Perry

Fool's Mate by Ritchie PerrySR(2) operative Philis has been assigned to escort a nubile Ugandan across France and into England.When he meets Kuldip he quickly discovers there is far more to the job than his boss, Pawson, has led him to believe. She was formerly the favourite mistress of Idi Amin, the deposed Ugandan dictator, and various factions are determined to use deadly force to stop her reaching her destination. The mad chase begins on the Riviera, moves to the desolate plateau of the Causses region and comes to an explosive end in a nearly abandoned fishing village on the coast.

“The narrative is swift, taut and salted by Ritchie’s almost savage wit, a stand-out here as in all of his novels.” Publishers Weekly

“The Philis novels are well-written, provocative, and amusing……Philis is all of us – and our understanding of that creates much of the pleasure we get from reading about him.” Pelican
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Odd Odyssey by Benni Chisholm

Odd Odyssey by Benni ChisholmPhilomela Nightingale and her employee, Janice McGill, take a trip of a lifetime—around the world in 30 days. They fly to amazing places, meet fascinating people, stay in lovely hotels, and experience different cultures. They also become involved with kidnapping and murder. Will Philomela’s observational powers and intuition enable her to help police solve the puzzling mysteries?

“The book is a fun read, a cozy mystery. Odd Odyssey has an unusual storyline and an author whose voice is fresh and unique.” ~ Taylor Jones

“Things don’t go quite the way anyone expects, resulting in a very odd odyssey indeed. Chisholm has a nice way with a story…her characters are fun, realistic, and charming, and her plot is strong with plenty of twists and turns. A clever and fun mystery/adventure.” ~ Regan Murphy
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Pinking Shears by Paul Dale Anderson

Pinking Shears by Paul Dale AndersonPinking Shears is the novel everyone has been waiting to read. Not only does Pinking Shears link Paul Dale Anderson’s classic Claw Hammer with the more recent Pickaxe, it introduces readers to rookie detectives Troy Nolan, Bill Bowers, Rich Pearson, and Betty Brooks. Homicide Lieutenant Carl Erickson and Deputy Coroner Dr. Marsha Wade are working the case in this exciting addition to the Instruments of Death series of police procedurals. Brooks goes undercover as a streetwalking prostitute to find a vicious serial killer, Nolan looks for a missing boy, and Carl becomes jealous when a handsome new doctor dates Marsha. Can a cop do his duty and have a personal life, too? How important is family and what constitutes a normal family in this day and age of shifting gender roles, rampant divorce rates, and neglected children?
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Warrior by Terry Irving

Warrior by Terry IrvingIt’s 1973. A machine gun bullet ripping over his head is a sign that motorcycle courier Rick Putnam is heading for trouble again. A winter on the Northern Cheyenne reservation seems to have shaken off any pursuit from last year’s discovery of High Treason in the Oval Office, so it’s time for motorcycle courier Rick and, his girlfriend Eve Buffalo Calf to head back home.

First, a short stop to help out some of his girlfriend’s activist clients–in the small town of Wounded Knee.

A promise made to another Vietnam veteran results in a race through the Black Hills with a secretive cult trying to kill them at every turn. Rick follows the cult back to Washington DC and he, and his computer hacker housemates, take on the cult and the corrupt bureaucrats who support it before it can despoil the sacred lands of the Northern Cheyenne and destroy the childhood of an innocent young girl.
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The Neon Boneyard by Paul D. Brazill

The Neon Boneyard by Paul D. BrazillIn the neon-soaked, blood-spattered hell-hole they call The City, Roman Dalton struggles to fight the forces of darkness, even when he becomes a creature of the night. Werewolves, vampires, zombies: they’re all just amateurs when it come to the real menace who haunts the streets. Let Brazill take you on a grim dark journey to hell and back. Bring lots of whisky: it’s a rough ride.’

THE NEON BONEYARD is available from Amazon.


Paul D. Brazill is the author of Guns Of Brixton, Cold London Blues, A Case Of Noir and Kill Me Quick! He was born in England and lives in Poland. He is an International Thriller Writers Inc. member whose writing has been translated into Italian, German and Slovene. He has had writing published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime. He has edited a few anthologies, including the best-selling True Brit Grit – with Luca Veste.

Error in Diagnosis by Mason Lucas M.D.

Error in Diagnosis by Mason Lucas M.D.A mysterious illness with disturbing symptoms is plaguing women across the United States. It begins with memory loss and confusion and ends with the patient falling into a coma. Medical professionals are at a loss for the cause, but one thing remains constant: All of the victims are pregnant.

Called in to consult on the case of his best friend’s wife, neurologist Jack Wyatt has never seen anything like it. Now, with the nation on the brink of panic, Jack and his colleagues are in race against time to find a cure.

The disease they are calling Gestational Neuropathic Syndrome (GNS) is spreading. Patients are dying—and no one can guess what will happen next…

“Dr. Jack Wyatt races against time to discover whether bioterrorism, a new virus or something else is striking pregnant women across the United States and you are along for the ride in this tense medical thriller.”—Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of Woman with a Gun
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The Lilitu (Lilitu Trilogy Part I) by Toby Tate

The Lilitu by Toby TateIt’s been one month since the beast once known as Lilith MacIntyre and her unborn child were taken to a secret facility in Connecticut. CIA operative Gabrielle “Gabe” Lincoln is now tracking the others involved in Lilith’s organization. She soon finds most of them are Lilitu, a race of beings as old as time who may have once dominated the galaxy itself.

Unless Gabe can stop the Lilitu from advancing their agenda, humanity may soon be facing not only the loss of its place as the planet’s dominant species, but its utter annihilation.

“This novella packs one hell of a punch!” —TT Zuma, Horror World

THE LILITU is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Toby has been a writer since about the age of 12. Inexplicably drawn to all things dark and macabre, he began penning short stories and publishing his own movie monster magazine.

An Air Force brat who never lived in one place more than five years, Toby joined the Navy soon after high school and ended up on the east coast of the U.S. He has since worked as a cab driver, a pizza delivery man, a phone solicitor, a shipyard technician, a government contractor, a retail music salesman, a bookseller, a cell phone salesman and a recording studio engineer.

After earning his English degree, he became a full-time graphic designer and newspaper reporter for five years and published hundreds of stories with the Associated Press and his local paper. He has since been published in The Pedestal Magazine, Voluted Tales magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Scary Monsters Magazine, and websites like

Owing to the inspiration of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ray Bradbury and Stephen King, Toby became an author of what he likes to call “high-octane sci-fi, fantasy and horror” and has published several books.

Toby is also a songwriter and musician and lives with his family near the Great Dismal Swamp in northeastern North Carolina.

A Pirate’s Time Served by Chris Malburg

A Pirate's Time Served by Chris MalburgThar be redemption for a pirate’s past sins…and plenty O’ me treasure to spread around. All ye have to do is find it. Argh, argh!

The ghost of pirate Black Bart joins forces with two over-privileged teens and their relatives on St. Croix in a modern-day quest to discover priceless buried treasure and along the way, their life’s mission under the most unlikely and dangerous circumstances.

Careful what you wish for…

Sarah Schilling’s twelve year-old brother is wicked smart. But this? Pure genius. Brian snagged an invitation to spend the summer with their favorite aunt and uncle on St. Croix. Uncle Jack tells them, “There will probably be some swimming, some diving. We like to run. There’s a range, so maybe you’ll learn to shoot. Cooking. Your Aunt Helen is a classically trained chef. You knew that, right? There’s the Mallard seaplane, so maybe you’ll learn something about flying. That sort of thing.”
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The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace by Ellen Byerrum

The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace by Ellen ByerrumIf you lost your memories, would you lose your soul?

“In my memories, my eyes are always green.”

After a devastating accident, a young woman finds herself recovering in a memory research facility. Her eyes are brown; her memories are broken. Years of her life are blank, yet she remembers being two very different women, one called Tennyson, the other Marissa. If she can’t trust her memories or her own eyes, who can she trust? To save her sanity and her life, she begins a secret journal between the lines of Homer’s Odyssey—and her own harrowing odyssey into madness and murder. Her past is full of questions, her present is filled with deception and danger, and her future is a blank page — unless she can discover who she really is.
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Murder on Kaanapali Beach (Leila Kahana Mysteries, Book 2) by R. Barri Flowers

Murder on Kaanapali Beach by R. Barri FlowersMurder on Kaanapali Beach is the highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling Murder in Maui by award winning crime writer R. Barri Flowers.

Maui County homicide detective and composite sketch artist Leila Kahana and her new partner, Detective Jonny Chung, take on the case of a beautiful college instructor found murdered on the island’s famed Kaanapali Beach, even as Leila continues to be haunted by a frustrating case of serial murder.

Joyce Yashiro, estranged from her husband, was suffocated when she was forced face down into the soft sand on the beach. The case is anything but simple as the victim’s life and those of the people around her are put under the microscope, with a killer watching every move the police make.

In a seemingly unrelated case, Detectives Rachel Lancaster and Trent Ferguson investigate the execution-style murder of businessman Parker Breslin in front of his Kihei home. It seems that more than one person may have wanted Breslin dead and someone made sure it happened.
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