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28 new thrillers from ITW Members, including debut novels from Teri Anne Stanley and Wendy Tyson, plus new nonfiction from Steven Philip Jones. Don't miss the Between the Lines Interview with Karin Slaughter by A.J. Colucci; a Special to the Big Thrill: THE KILLING novel: The Rewards and Challenges of Bringing Linden and Holder to the Page by Karen Dionne; a second Special to the Big Thrill: A Q&A with Simon & Schuster Senior Editor Sarah Knight by Barry Lancet; and don't forget to visit the Africa Scene with Annamaria Alfieri.

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New E-Releases

Headcase by Marc Rosenberg

Headcase by Marc RosenbergHeadcase is a fast-paced crime novel that follows the journey of a fallen cop’s bloody manhunt for a vicious serial killer.

“Headcase,” tells the story of Detective Ash Aiken, a burned out cop, one of the city’s finest, who is reinstated to lead the hunt for a psychopathic killer.

Burdened with a dishonest partner and the memory of his family walking out on him, Detective Aiken looks to balance his life and search for answers with the help of a private investigator, who is targeted for death by a vengeful crime boss.

As the killer continues his deadly rampage, he falls under the spell of a reserved young woman. Tormented by her own bitter past, she is determined to build a new life, regardless of any collateral damage.

The book is based on author Marc Rosenberg’s observation of various people he’s met through his industry and personal life. Though a work of fiction, the book deals with everyday people who encounter extremely stressful situations and how they respond to them.
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A Date to Die For by Wendy Soliman

A Date to Die For by Wendy SolimanWhen investigative journalist, Alexi Ellis, falls victim to the Sunday Sentinel’s cutbacks, she packs up her car, grabs Marvin, her anti-social feral cat, and hot-foots it out of London, intent upon licking her wounds in private. She heads for Lambourn, the valley of the racehorse, where an old college friend runs a hotel and Alexi is assured a shoulder to cry on.

But this idyllic country paradise is not all it appears to be. A woman has gone missing under mysterious circumstances and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Unemployed she might be, but Alexi still has a nose for a story. So too does Tyler Maddox, ex-Metropolitan Police detective turned private eye, who is also trying to find out what’s happened to Natalie Parker.
Tyler, driven out of the police by a vicious press campaign that accused him of racism, hates all journalists on principle. But Natalie had been using his sister’s online dating agency and Tyler needs to find her before his sister’s business gets dragged through the mire.

Reluctantly, Alexi, Tyler and Marvin join forces. As they delve deeper into Natalie’s secret past, they discover rich adoptive parents from whom Natalie absconded while still a teenager, huge, unexplained amounts of cash and connections to a London escort agency. Is Natalie still alive and, if so, what can have made her turn her back on her comfortable life and thriving business?
Someone doesn’t want Alexi and Tyler to find the answers to the questions their investigation throws up and will do whatever it takes to ensure they don’t…
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Savage (Jack Sigler / Chess Team Book 6) by Jeremy Robinson & Sean Ellis

savageFor more than a hundred million years, the Dark Continent has kept a savage secret.

While on the trail of a stolen tactical nuclear weapon, Jack Sigler, callsign: King, and his black ops Chess Team, answer a cry for help. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is on the verge of exploding into another bloody civil war that will engulf all of Africa and put millions at risk, a crisis too politically volatile for any outside nation to touch. As the team, unfettered by political constraints, deploys across the globe, the threats spin out of control.

A search for the Congo’s missing president becomes a quest to solve a century old mystery, and uncover a secret that powerful men will kill to protect. A mission to rescue a team of scientists from violent revolutionaries devolves into a desperate run through the jungle, pursued by both modern man and ancient beast. And the effort to stop a revolution becomes a brutal contest, pitting King against the most cunning and sadistic foe he has ever faced—a deadly mercenary known as the Red Queen.

King has traveled around the globe and across time to protect the people he loves. Now, he must face a harsh truth: he cannot save everyone.
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Stray Ally by Troy Lambert

Stray Ally by Troy LambertA strange accident on the freeway, accusations of murder, and an encounter in the Idaho wilderness all propel Todd Clarke into a new friendship with a dog named Sparky. But Sparky is no ordinary dog, and there is more going on than Clarke could have imagined.

A military commander he investigated for Aryan activity and links to domestic terrorism is after him, and he’s not sure why until another chance encounter provides the answer.
With Sparky and the help of his canine friends, will he be able to figure out the Colonel’s plan and stop him in time? All Clarke knows for sure is none of it would be possible without the help of his Stray Ally.

“Mr. Lambert weaves a great back story into the characters present, showing us both the history that builds the situation and how it is resolved.”
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Going Grey by Karen Traviss

Going Grey by Karen TravissIan isn’t crazy. Life would be a lot simpler if he was. He’s eighteen, on the run, and scared – the shape-shifting delusions he’s had since childhood have turned out to be real. He’s the result of a dynamic mimicry project intended to help undercover agents “go grey” and blend in unnoticed. Now the biotech company wants its property back, and the only people he can trust are two private military contractors sent to find him – Rob, a former Royal Marine who’s struggling to adjust to Civvy Street, and Mike, heir to a wealthy American political dynasty, who only ever wanted to be an ordinary guy. While the company hunts Ian, the two contractors try to help him harness his disturbing ability. But first Ian’s got to work out what identity really means – and Mike and Rob have to decide how far they’ll go to give him the chance of a normal life.

GOING GREY is available from Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.


#1 New York Times best-selling novelist, scriptwriter and comics author Karen Traviss has received critical acclaim for her award-nominated Wess’har series, as well as regularly hitting the bestseller lists with her Halo, Gears of War, and Star Wars work. She’s best known for military science fiction, but her new novel, GOING GREY, is the first of a techno-thriller series that’s set closer to home. A former defence correspondent and TV and newspaper journalist, she lives in Wiltshire, England.

God’s Banker by Chris Malburg

God's Banker by Chris MalburgCardinal David Caneman took just three years to engineer his ascension into the CEO’s office of Vatican Bancorp. His cabal of fundamentalist zealots now quickly moves to seize the world’s largest institution. First by publicly assassinating the Pope. Next by replacing him with Caneman. Finally by giving the masses a common, everyday object—unquestionably used by their savior—to rally behind. For centuries, folklore has claimed the sacred item laid in wait sealed within the Church’s lost treasury vault. Caneman races to unearth the vault—if it exists. He has bet everything that he can find the blessed object, surely buried within. He intends using it to sweep the faithful from their ungodly ways and into his personal standards of piety.

The Taliban took just two years to overthrow Kabul. Armed with over a billion faithful worldwide and a $200 billion war chest—and the sacred Broom Of Formia—Cardinal David Caneman figures it will take him just half that time to conscript the hearts and minds first of Europe, then…

Jackson Schilling enjoys his happy, early retirement. He attends minor league ball games near his home in Elkhart, Indiana. He’s an amateur chef. And Jackson Schilling is a hunter. Then the SEC drafts him. Come on, Jack. One last audit. It’s mandatory after an attempt on the Vatican Bank Chairman’s life. But Jackson Schilling is no ordinary auditor. And it was his Commander in Chief who personally ordered him drafted. Schilling exhaustively uncovers Caneman’s deadly purpose. First he must stop a professional assassin from completing his mission against the Pope. Now the hard part—derail a fundamentalist faction led by a brilliant, ruthless [and some would say] saint to over a billion faithful. Jackson Schilling battles a force growing faster and more deadly than the Crusades, the Inquisition or the Taliban ever were. Legitimate governments will surely topple, becoming answerable to one man and his band of strict fundamentalists if Schilling fails.
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Teen Time Travel Novels 2-Book Bundle: Danger in Time and Christmas Wishes by R. Barri Flowers

Teen Time Travel NovelsTeen Time Travel Novels 2-Book Bundle contains two complete young adult time travel novels by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, including Christmas Wishes: Laura’s Story and Danger in Time.

Christmas Wishes: Laura’s Story

Laura Kettleton, three months shy of turning sixteen, lives in Cranbrook, Oregon. It’s early December and she already has her Christmas wish list written down. These include wishing that Martin Walker would like her as more than a friend, that her best friend Saba Knight had not moved to Alaska, and that her parents were not on the verge of getting a divorce.

She didn’t believe for one second that some silly wishes would change the misery in her life. But when the science teacher, Mr. Packard, calling himself the Wizard of Wishes at the Wish Upon A Star school dance, talks her into making her wishes to a fake star, Laura soon finds that her life has turned upside down when her wishes suddenly come true.

Is she imagining it or really living December over again, only this time in ways she couldn’t begin to comprehend? Would she wake up one day to find her life has returned to normal? Or had this become the new norm with no turning back?

Laura’s time travel fantasy holiday tale will warm hearts and resonate with teenagers as she experiences the power of having one’s wishes come true in the spirit of the Christmas season.
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Teen Haunted House Mysteries Bundle: Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay & Teen Ghost at Dead Lake by R. Barri Flowers

Teen Haunted House Mysteries BundleTeen Haunted House Mysteries Bundle contains two complete YA ghost mystery novels by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, including Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay and Teen Ghost at Dead Lake.

Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay

Three years after her father was killed, sixteen-year-old Peyton Delaney, her mother, Melody, and new stepfather, Vance McIntyre, relocate to Shadow Bay, Minnesota and move into an old Victorian. They are unaware of the house’s dark history–fifty years ago, a jealous husband snapped, murdering his wife, her lover, and sixteen-year-old daughter before killing himself.

But when Peyton begins to have nightmares about the crime and is haunted by a ghostly teenage girl named Caitlyn, she begins to investigate with the help of the caretaker’s cute son, Bryant. As the two delve into the supernatural mystery surrounding the house, they discover that the events that led to the tragedy of fifty years ago are somehow intertwined with the present. In other words, history is repeating itself and Peyton, Bryant, and their parents are being drawn into a disturbing case of jealousy, possession, revenge, and murder, while seemingly powerless to prevent the inevitable from taking place all over again.
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Noir City by Richard Godwin

Noir City by Richard GodwinDangerous, blonde Gigolo, Paris Tongue, uses his looks to seduce beautiful and wealthy women and introduce them to the Secret Hour, that hidden time when they can escape their lives. Using his inheritance to travel, he penetrates the erotic essence of different cities, from London, to Paris, Rome, Madrid and Dusseldorf. But his sexual escapades begin to catch up with him. When he sleeps with the wife of a Mafia Boss he is hunted across Europe by hit men. He manages to evade his assassins, until they find him in Spain. But by then he has understood the deeper philosophy of Eros at the villa owned by the illegitimate granddaughter of Georges Bataille, and he sees them off. He is, after all, the bastard child of a killer, who knows how to survive. In Germany he meets Anja from Croatia, the first woman he wants to settle down with, and he realises he inhabits the Noir City, that place of intoxicated night and endless seductions.
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Private Eye Bestselling Mysteries 2-Book Bundle: Dead in the Rose City\Murder in Honolulu by R. Barri Flowers

Private Eye Bestselling Mysteries 2-Book BundlePrivate Eye Bestselling Mysteries 2–Book Bundle contains two full length private detective novels: Dead in the Rose City\Murder in Honolulu and a bonus short story, “The Wrong End of a Gun.”

Dead in the Rose City (A Dean Drake Mystery)

In this hard-boiled detective novel nothing is quite what it seems. Dean Jeremy Drake, nicknamed D.J., is a Jamaican-Italian private investigator and ex-homicide detective for the Portland Police Bureau. He is six-five, hip, tough, armed with a .40 caliber Glock, and courts danger and romance with equal abandon. These qualities are put to the test when Drake is framed for murder in the midst of two seemingly unrelated cases. The more he investigates, the more he realizes they are intricately and dangerously connected. It literally becomes a life and death issue as Drake has to use all his detective skills, and then some, to fit all the pieces together in a deadly, high stakes whodunit and why.

Murder in Honolulu (A Skye Delaney Mystery)

On the lush Hawaiian Island of Oahu in Honolulu, ex-cop turned PI and security consultant Skye Delaney investigates the death of ex-husband and former prosecutor turned businessman, Carter Delaney, after she finds him dead in her Jacuzzi bathtub with an apparent suicide note stuffed in his mouth. The one thing she knows for sure is that her German Shepherd Ollie bit an intruder who happened to have AB negative blood. As did Carter. Coincidence? He had hired her to learn if his new young wife was having an affair. Reluctantly taking on the case, Skye gets much more than she bargained for. As the bodies continue to pile up, Skye puts her neck on the line to find out the truth and nail a ruthless killer who has targeted her for death.
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Hunted By The Past by Jami Gray

Hunted By The Past by Jami GrayA reluctant psychic who can relive the past, a man well versed in keeping secrets, and a psychopathic killer enter a deadly game where the past determines the future.

Sometimes death is the only way to out run the past…

Changing the past is an impossibility ex-Marine, Cynthia “Cyn” Arden, understands all too well. Struggling in the aftermath of a botched mission, which cost her two teammates, her military career, and a fledging relationship, she’s brought home by a panicked phone call. The psychic killer behind her nightmares has escaped military custody to hunt down the remaining teammates, one by one. Next on his murderous list–Cyn. Her only chance at survival is to master the psychic ability she’s spent years denying.

The killer’s game brings her face to face with the one person guaranteed to throw her off kilter—the unsettling and distracting man she left behind, Kayden Shaw. Once she believed he’d stand by her side, until he chose his job and his secrets over her. A choice that’s left the scars of the past etched deep on her mind and heart.

To survive this twisted game, Cyn must risk trusting her heart and accepting who and what she is, or lose not only her life, but the man she loves.
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Love Mother Love Daughter by Ellen Frazer-Jameson

Love Mother Love Daughter by Ellen Frazer-JamesonLove Mother Love Daughter

Hell Hath No Fury Like  A Woman Scorned

This is a compelling tale of a mother and daughter who are both under the spell of a bewitching, gypsy flamenco guitarist, Romero.

‘A brilliant debut novel’  Peter James

‘Chilling and elegantly written first novel’  Edna Buchanan

‘An intriguing tale of triumph over adversity’ James Herbert

LOVE MOTHER LOVE DAUGHTER is available from Troubadour, Amazon UK and the author’s website.


Ellen Frazer-Jameson is a journalist and former BBC broadcaster.  She is also an actress, director and producer who ran a theatre company on Miami Beach Florida and was principal of her own  theatre school for children in the United Kingdom. She lives in Miami Beach and London and relaxes by dancing Argentine tango.

Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt by Bobby Nash


Raven’s Head Press has released Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt, a novel by Bobby Nash for immediate purchase as an ebook for the Kindle on Amazon.

Alexandra Holzer is just your average young paranormal investigator out to show an early 1960s New York City she knows a thing or two about ghosts. Join Alex’s alter ego, GHOST GAL, and her fiancé, Joshua Demerest as they do battle with a very ancient ghost and his pals who have a score to settle with her famed father, ghost hunter, Hans Holzer.

Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt by Bobby Nash is the first book in a series of new horror/adventures novels from Raven’s Head Press.

Listen to Michael, Alexandra, and Bobby discuss Ghost Gal on ESO episode 184 where they also braved The Geek Seat. You can hear it here.
Up next: Ghost Gal Book 2– “A Haunting We Will Go…” by Bobby Nash.
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The Alternative Gambit by Steve DeWinter

the alternative gambitFree at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Google

From bestselling author Steve DeWinter comes an exciting action-adventure series.

“This is THE must-read action-adventure series for all thriller readers!”

“Keeps you turning the page!”

“I didn’t want to put it down!”

A shadow organization is planning to replace the President of the United States with someone they control. But there is someone who can stop them. If they want to succeed, she must be the first to die.

Staying alive, is her number one skill. Her second best skill? Returning the favor.

Season One – Episode 1

All Melissa wanted was to be left alone. But on the same night a secret group sets their plan to replace a world leader in motion, she is targeted for termination. Can she survive the worst night of her life?
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Stunner: A Ronnie Lake Mystery by Niki Danforth

StunnerBeautiful. Bright. And possibly, deadly…

This is all Ronnie Lake knows about her potential sister-in-law, Juliana. But she’s determined to find out the truth about her wealthy brother’s new lover before he throws away his happiness, fortune, and quite possibly, his life. Who is this mysterious woman with two lives-and how deep does her deception go?

As a divorced, downsized, 50-something, Ronnie finds herself becoming an “accidental detective” in order to get to the bottom of things. There are unexplained hang-ups when the phone rings. A disturbing package and sketchy characters appear at her wealthy family’s estate outside New York City. It all pushes Ronnie to step out of her privileged life and into a sinister world of mystery and suspense where people will do just about anything to escape their past. Is Juliana the most desperate of them all?
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Killer Evidence Legal Thrillers 4-Book Bundle: State’s Evidence\Persuasive Evidence\Justice Served\Fractured Trust by R. Barri Flowers

Killer Evidence Legal Thrillers 4-Book BundleKiller Evidence Legal Thrillers 4-Book Bundle contains four full length legal suspense thriller novels by award winning criminologist and bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers, including State’s Evidence, Persuasive Evidence, Justice Served, and Fractured Trust; as well as excerpts from the author’s upcoming legal thriller, Exposed Evidence.

State’s Evidence: A Beverly Mendoza Legal Thriller

Assistant District Attorney Beverly Mendoza appears to have an open and shut case when she prosecutes Rafael Santiago for the murder of a judge and the sexual assault of his wife in Eagles Landing, a town in Northern California. Santiago was recently released from prison and had a grudge against the judge. But her case against the suspect is put in jeopardy when career criminal Manuel Gonzalez, arrested for the murder of a young woman, also confesses to killing the judge. As Beverly and Wilameta County Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Stone Palmer try to sort out fact from fiction, a case of mistaken identity becomes a real possibility. Or is it more likely that two violent men with close ties are trying to beat the system?

Persuasive Evidence: A Jordan La Fontaine Legal Thriller

It is five years before the millennium and Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Jordan La Fontaine is in line to be the next Chief of the Homicide Division Bureau. But Jordan’s world turns upside down when her teenage son is accused of a double homicide and her competition for the post, Jerrod Wresler, is assigned to prosecute the case. At the same time, Jordan is preparing to try a decorated Portland police detective, Graham Turner, accused of viciously murdering his ex-wife. Causing Jordan further grief is Turner’s hardnosed partner, Detective Harry Coleman, who will stop at nothing to prove his innocence. As Jordan moves back and forth between the two tough cases and deals with issues in her personal life, she must use all her resources to clear her son’s name and convict a cop of murder.
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Serial Killer Thrillers 5-Book Bundle: Before He Kills Again\Dark Streets of Whitechapel\Justice Served\Killer in The Woods\Murder in Maui by R. Barri Flowers

Serial Killer Thrillers 5-Book BundleSerial Killer Thrillers 5-Book Bundle contains five full length thriller novels by award winning criminologist and bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers, including Before He Kills Again, Dark Streets of Whitechapel, Justice Served, Killer in the Woods, and Murder in Maui.

Before He Kills Again (A Veronica Vasquez Thriller)

FBI psychologist and criminal profiler Veronica Vasquez returns to her hometown of Portland, Oregon, to assist lead homicide detective Bryan Waldicott in apprehending a ruthless serial killer dubbed “The Rose Killer,” who kills beautiful women in pairs, leaving a rose on top of each corpse. When she begins to suspect that the new husband of her estranged sister Alexandra could be the crazed killer, Veronica pursues that delicate angle and, in the process, becomes a target herself.

Dark Streets of Whitechapel (Jack the Ripper Mystery)

In 1888, in New York City, the search for a killer of prostitutes comes to an end with the capture of Doctor Jack Lewiston, a respected surgeon and madman. But before he can go to trial, Jack escapes from custody and flees the country to London, England, where he has now his sets his sights on ladies of the night streetwalking in Whitechapel in London’s East End. Brought out of retirement to track him down is ex-NYC homicide detective-criminologist Henry Marboro, whose younger sister was one of Jack’s victims, and is bent on avenging her death.
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Arcanum by GM Kern

Arcanum by GM KernArcanum is the First Book in The Redemption of the Guardians Series

He was always special…too special. Seven years ago they murdered his family and took him. Something ominous occurred in the black void that is his memory and it has changed him. THEY want him back and are coming with a vengeance.

Shawn Mitchell woke up from a coma, his last memory is that of the murder of his family and of his own kidnapping seven years ago. A catastrophic event propels Shawn into a quest for answers as he and his friends race against time to discover what was done to him before his special abilities take over and alert THEM of his whereabouts.

Arcanum – Firestarter meets The Dead Zone meets the TV Show Heroes and gets its ass kicked by a Ludlum Thriller
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Whatever The Cost by J.T. Brannan

Whatever The Cost by J.T. BrannanA follow-up to the Amazon bestselling Mark Cole thriller STOP AT NOTHING.

A Chinese cargo ship is hijacked off the coast of Indonesia by ruthless pirates; North Korea is involved in a covert plan to reunify the country by taking control of the South; and in Saudi Arabia, a terrifying new terrorist group has emerged that threatens to destabilize the entire world.

Adrift and psychologically damaged after the brutal murder of his family, ex-covert operative Mark Cole stumbles across a clue which might lead him to the hijacked ship. Realizing that it offers the opportunity to give him a purpose in life, Cole sets out to find the ship in a bid to earn redemption for his past.

From a gun market in the ancient jungles of Cambodia, to the teeming streets of Jakarta, Cole stumbles upon a plot far greater than the simple hijacking of a ship; and as he battles against North Korean agents and Islamic fundamentalists, he promises himself that he will do whatever it takes to stop the unleashing of a terrifying jihad which threatens the Western world like never before.
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Transylvanica High Series Bundle: Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter\Out For Blood by R. Barri Flowers

Transylvanica High Series BundleTransylvanica High Series Bundle is the full length first two novels of the bestselling teen vampire series, including Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter and Out for Blood.

In Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter, Kula Lockhart learns at age sixteen that she is the half-human daughter of the powerful Count Dracula. As she comes to grips with this while attending Transylvanica High School in Harbor Heights, Michigan, Kula must also deal with a vampire killer on the prowl, a pesky and powerful cheerleader vamp, and a romance with a handsome human named Eriq Pratt. A totally original concept on an old theme. Fans of True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and Vampire Academy will certainly find this a compelling read.

In Out For Blood, Kula Lockhart, faces new challenges and threats while attending the human and vampire integrated school Transylvania High, as she adjusts to being the half vamp daughter of Count Dracula. The arrival of half vamp Sebastian LeBlanc and vamp Gabryela Roswell coincides with vampire attacks on humans and Kula fends off advances toward boyfriend Eriq by a mortal girl, while also hoping to learn more about her human mother, who died in childbirth, from the only person who can give her answers–her dad, Count Dracula.
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Murder in Hawaii Mysteries 3-Book Bundle: Murder in Maui\Murder in Honolulu\Seduced to Kill in Kauai by R. Barri Flowers

Murder in Hawaii Mysteries 3-Book BundleMurder in Hawaii Mysteries 3-Book Bundle contains three full length bestselling suspense thriller novels by bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers, including Murder in Maui, Murder in Honolulu, and Seduced to Kill in Kauai.

Murder in Maui: A Leila Kahana Mystery is a police procedural medical mystery novel set in the lush, deceptively idyllic tropical paradise of Hawaii. Maui County homicide detective and composite sketch artist Leila Kahana and partner Detective Sergeant Blake Seymour investigate the execution-style murder of two prominent doctors in an upscale condominium.
As they interview suspects and collect evidence, more doctors are murdered, making it clear to all that they have a ruthless and determined serial killer on their hands.

Murder in Honolulu: A Skye Delaney Mystery is a private investigator crime novel centered on the lush Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Ex-cop turned PI and security consultant Skye Delaney investigates the apparent suicide of ex-husband and former prosecutor turned businessman, Carter Delaney, after he had hired her to learn if his new young wife was having an affair. As the bodies continue to pile up, Skye puts her neck on the line to find out the truth and nail a ruthless killer who has targeted her for death.

Seduced to Kill in Kauai is a tropical island novel of psychological and erotic suspense and financial intrigue. Pushing forty, Jack Burke was living the good life as a successful advertising executive with a gorgeous wife in Hawaii before in the blink of an eye, his life began spiraling out of control. Temptation, infidelity, betrayal, deceit, and murder, leaves Jack left wondering if there was any way out. Or would he lose everything, including possibly his life?
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The Sex Slave Murders True Crime Bundle: Serial Killers Gerald & Charlene Gallego\Fred & Rosemary West\Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka by R. Barri Flowers

The Sex Slave Murders True Crime BundleThe Sex Slave Murders True Crime Bundle: Serial Killers Gerald & Charlene Gallego\Fred & Rose West\Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka contains one full length bestselling true crime book and two true crime short stories.

The Sex Slave Murders: The True Story of Serial Killers Gerald & Charlene Gallego chronicles the kidnapping, rape, sex slave fantasies, brutality, and serial murder of husband and wife, Gerald and Charlene Gallego, in California, Nevada, and Oregon, killing ten, including a pregnant woman, and destroying many lives in the process before the killer couple was finally brought to justice and pitted against each other in riveting trials in two states.

The Sex Slave Murders 2: The Chilling Story of Serial Killers Fred & Rosemary West (A True Crime Short) recounts the lives of Britain’s most infamous serial killer married couple, Fred and Rosemary West, who raped, tortured, held in bondage, and. murdered more than a dozen young females over two decades, mostly at the couple’s house of horrors on 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester, in South West England, till the authorities brought the reign of terror to an end.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka is a true crime short that looks at the infamous Canadian sexually motivated serial killers and husband and wife, who took three lives including that of Holmoka’s own sister; with Bernardo a serial rapist as well, known as The Scarborough Rapist, before justice came down on them.
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River City by Doc Macomber

River City by Doc MacomberA River Patrol Deputy starts out looking for an errant hunter on an idyllic Pacific Northwest island, but changes direction when he discovers a string of juvenile murders.

“Doc understands the seamier side of life.
His characters are complex, loaded with contradictions and wholly believable.”
– Dan Schilling, Former Special Ops Commander, Co-author, The Battle of Mogadishu

“An intriguing read that will hold your attention as investigators come up against dead ends and lies…where people aren’t always what they seem. A fun read and
something different by a talented author.”
– Murder and Mayhem
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Locked and Loaded by Charlie Flowers

Locked and Loaded by Charlie FlowersMeet Rizwan Sabir.

A former al-Qaeda operative, he was lifted by Counter-Terrorism Command – and now battles his old comrades.
In ‘Locked and Loaded’, the first three best-selling Riz Sabir thrillers are collected together for the first time.

London. The city is reeling from a series of deadly attacks by a new radical terrorist group. Working above the law and below government radars, Riz must lead a dangerous double life with the help of Holly “Bang-Bang” Kirpachi, a Burlesque dancer and internet hacker with a talent for breaking codes – and bones. With time running out, Riz must put his life on the line to identify the terrorists. And silence them forever – before he is silenced himself.


According to confidential reports, elements of the Metropolitan Police have been penetrated by a violent terror group. With rising tension within the police force, time is quickly running out for Riz. His task: to identify the target. And neutralise the enemy before they strike. But before he can begin, there is a desperate mission that must be completed, at all costs. Riz must find his fiancee, dead or alive….
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Beautiful Things by Jennifer Loring

Beautiful Things by Jennifer LoringMitzi Weinhaus is the talentless daughter of two Munich Kabarett stars. One night, in an underground club that has so far escaped Nazi detection, she meets the enigmatic singer Giselle, who offers her the chance to be a hero. All Mitzi has to do is infiltrate the notorious Dachau death camp, but she won’t have to do it alone.

Teamed up with the mysterious Wolfrik, for whom she develops an alarming attraction, Mitzi soon finds herself ensnared in a world of secret societies, super-soldiers, monsters, and gods. Double-crossed on all sides, it is up to her to save her parents from certain death–and to save her heart from one of the most powerful beings in the universe.
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The Last Spy by Bob Reiss

The Last Spy by Bob ReissIn this Washinghton Post best-seller, who would guess that that Ash, David or Corinna are different than any of Washington’s other successful citizens. Ash, a prizewinning reporter for the Washington Post, is as famous as the people whose secrets he turns into headlines. David, a former Undersecretary of State, has friends in high places. His lover Corinna is a Justice Department lawyer so beautiful that her legal adversaries sometimes overlook her brilliance in the courtroom.

Who could know that these three movers and shakers began their lives not on American soil, but far behind Soviet borders, in an ingeniously designed mockup of an American town.  Bred to be spies, they’ve moved for 15 years in Washington, honing their parts, never arousing suspicion.

Now, thousands of miles away, the game changes. The USSR is collapsing as the cold war ends. And these spies are turned against each other in a new kind of danger. Who is in control back home. Why have their assignments become so peculiar? Most of all, who are they anyway after so many years playing roles?

Bought outright by Paramount pictures.

 If you like cold war era thrillers, or if enjoy the hit the TV show “The Americans”, this book is for you.
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Strange Faces by Linda Hall

Strange Faces by Linda HallFrom experienced and award winning author Linda Hall comes Strange Faces, a collection of seven stories that will take you to a place where killers can linger in your backyard but where magic can sometimes change everything. The voyage begins with Pickers and Choosers, and with a group of young dumpster foragers who witness a murder. Or do they? And why now, after twenty-seven years is the terrible memory resurfacing? In A Nice Cup of Something Hot we meet Mrs. Wilkers, a divorced woman obsessed with her ex-husband, his new wife, and ultimately with death and murder.

The connection between siblings plays a key role in two of the stories. We Are Brothers is about very different twins. Weather Ladies attempts to answer the question, what do you do when you find out your sister is a murderer? Mad Scientist is all about revenge. How far can someone be provoked? Far enough to murder? On the lighter side, The Hockey Bag features a young man, who through no fault of his own, gets caught up in a rather gruesome bag of tricks. You will smile, or tear up, with A Small Season of Magic. It’s a story of a girl, of bullying, and what happens when a small bit of magic intervenes.
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Heinous (The Faces of Evil) by Debra Webb

Heinous (The Faces of Evil) by Debra WebbThe body count is rising. The serial killer obsessed with Birmingham’s Deputy Chief Jess Harris is getting closer, and he knows Jess’s secret. Can she protect the child she carries and the people she loves from Eric Spears and his followers?

The body farm discovered in a small Alabama town has many buried secrets. Is the truth about Jess’s past buried there too? Will learning what really happened to her mother and father help Jess stop the killer determined to have her? Only three more levels in the Faces of Evil series! Don’t miss this one!

“Debra Webb is a master storyteller.” Allison Brennan, New York Times Bestseller
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Countdown to Casablanca by Dan Pollock

countdownA ruthless Axis agent code-named Sirocco and an American linguist turned amateur spy find themselves on a collision course with destiny in romantic and exotic World War II Casablanca.

Roosevelt and Churchill are coming to Casablanca. So are Eisenhower and Patton, Montgomery and DeGaulle. For ten days, the entire Allied High Command will be gathered in one place—to plan the invasion of Fortress Europe.

Learning of the secret conference through an Abwehr intercept, Hitler launches an audacious counterstrike — with one demonic blow he will take out the assembled Allied chieftains and turn the tide of war back in favor of the Reich.

“Dan Pollock is a bright new force in #adventure writing.” ~Clive Cussler

“Dan Pollock is a writer of talent and drive” ~Len Deighton
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The Sculptor by Gina Fava

The Sculptor by Gina FavaRome’s serial killer has a way with the ladies…first he wines and dines them, then he carves and plasters them ? alive. Preying on the brilliant, voluptuous grad students of Rome’s universities, the Sculptor excises and molds their finest features for his personal gallery of adulation. The Sculptor, Italy’s most notorious serial killer since the Monster of Florence, has confounded Rome’s police force. Their slew of suspects is growing as fast as their list of victims.

Mara Silvestri is a saucy female grad student seeking to shed her past. When she discovers that the Sculptor is stalking her in a twisted game of cat and mouse, she becomes wary of her relationships with fellow students, art professors, her business mentor, and Jesse, a sexy lothario and mysterious colleague. Barely thwarting the Sculptor’s attacks in Rome, Venice, Tuscany, and the Swiss Alps, Mara uncovers the family secrets in her past that draw him to her. Can Mara turn the tables on the Sculptor before he finally claims her as his prized masterpiece?

The Sculptor is the first in a new mystery series about Mara Silvestri, who, in this novel, is stalked by a notorious serial killer that preys on the female student body of Rome’s universities. It’s sure to please fans of Lisa Gardner, Douglas Preston, and Thomas Harris.
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