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A Kangaroo’s Pouch (A Children’s Picture Book) by R. Barri Flowers

A Kangaroo's Pouch (A Children's Picture Book) by R. Barri FlowersA Kangaroo’s Pouch is a humorous, rhyming book of colorful illustrations for beginning and young readers by bestselling children’s book author R. Barri Flowers. It is about the female kangaroo and what her pouch is for. The book should delight young audiences with the many playful things that could be kept in the kangaroo’s pouch, before finally getting to what the pouch is actually for.
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ABC’S of Earth’s Creatures (A Children’s Picture Book) by R. Barri Flowers

ABC'S of Earth's Creatures (A Children's Picture Book) by R. Barri FlowersABC’S of Earth’s Creatures is a fun alphabet and rhyming book of illustrations for early and beginning readers to learn about some amazing animals on land, in the water, and way up in the sky. It is the first in an exciting new children’s picture book series from R. Barri Flowers, the bestselling author of teen and young adult fiction, which is sure to engage your preschoolers and young children.
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Heater by Katherine G. Thomas

Heater by Katherine G. ThomasSt. James Pastor Mary Beth is beginning to heal from the loss of her husband when the charming son of a recently departed parishioner asks for her help. She finds he wants more from her than help as she watches her life spiral out of control.

HEATER is available from Amazon.


Katherine Thomas began her career in Good Housekeeping’s promotion department. She moved into editorial at McCall’s You-Do-It Home Decorating and Industrial Photography magazines, and later sold her soul to work in public relations for large international and regional companies.

She’s currently at work on her second mystery, Plum Heights, and her flash fiction “Bang” appeared in Issue #14 of Vine Leaves Literary Journal.

Guarding Shakespeare by Quintin Peterson

Guarding Shakespeare by Quintin PetersonThe Folger Shakespeare Library is the world’s largest repository of Shakespeareana and English Renaissance books, manuscripts, and objects d’art. Nobody alive knows the library better than Special Police Officer Lt. Norman Blalock; he’s been guarding it for 25 years. That’s why he is the perfect candidate to pull off an inside job and heist from the library’s underground bank vault a priceless artifact that can rock the foundation of English Literature…

“In the time-honored tradition of noir fiction, Quintin Peterson doesn’t shy away from exploring the lengths to which people will go to feed their greed. In his world, things are seldom what they seem. They’re generally much, much worse – but a heck of a lot of fun to read.” –Karen Lyon, The Hill Rag

“Peterson’s novel is a lush tale of noir fiction in the spirit of the appealing thief utilizing all his wits against almost insurmountable odds.” –Literary Fiction Book Review
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The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns by Paul D. Brazill

The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns is a collection of gritty, violent and blackly comic short stories and flash fiction from Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton.

The Gumshoe itself is the short, sharp story of Peter Ord, a divorced teacher who decides to become a private detective in fading ‘one-whore-town’ somewhere in the north-east of England. Dark farce and tragicomedy ensue.

‘packed with jokes, puns and whiplash humour, whether it is spawned by character, setting, dialogue or just because a word can become entertaining with a simple twist in a sentence’

‘as dark as it is funny’
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The Secret Sharers by Keith Dixon

The Secret Sharers by Keith DixonHe said, ‘Let’s be clear: there are two things that I want to come out of this. First, I want to be sure I’m being followed. Secondly, I want to know by whom. Do we understand each other?’

How difficult could this case be?

Private investigator Sam Dyke soon learns, however, that Frank Wallace, the client, hasn’t revealed the whole truth. And in the world of secret intelligence in which Wallace has earned his living for the last forty years, it’s probable the truth has rarely seen the light of day.

Dyke travels into London and out of his comfort zone, soon finding himself tangled in a web of deceit in which Government Intelligence services, mysterious blondes, private security firms and vintage Blues music are all bound together. Only he can clear a path through to find out what everyone really wants—and not just what they say they want.
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Standpoint by Derek Thompson

Standpoint by Derek ThompsonA contemporary British thriller – with a nod to Raymond Chandler and Harlan Coben – combining action, intrigue and dark humour.

Thomas Bladen has been living a double-life for two years. He’s a civil service photographer, working in London, but the Surveillance Support Unit also assists other government departments. The SSU is staffed by ex-forces personnel, careerists and Thomas. He has an eye for details that other people miss and a talent for finding trouble – a combination that was never going to bring him an easy life. When he uncovers a web of deceit and treachery that puts the only woman he’s ever loved in danger, it’s time to come out of the shadows and to come out fighting.

“This book is an excellent read from cover to cover. The storyline is compelling and the characters are deep with many levels of complexity which indicates that the author has an in depth knowledge of the human psyche. The dialogue is sparkling and witty with amusing one liners sprinkled throughout. The character of Thomas is very ordinary and a little seedy and is somewhat reminiscent of the erstwhile George Smiley. The plot is multi layered with twists and turns at every point and one is never too sure where one is going to end up. All in all, this book is a jolly good read for anyone who enjoys a thriller that will keep them hooked from start to finish.”

STANDPOINT is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


I’m a diverse writer of fiction, non-fiction and comedy. Standpoint is the first in a series of contemporary thrillers that combine action, intrigue and dark humour.

My blog – where you can also find out more about my other books –
My Twitter handle is @DerekWriteLines

Our Lady of Vengeance: 13 Dishes Served Cold by Thomas Pluck

Our Lady of Vengeance by Thomas PluckSome say “the best revenge is living well.” Not the people in these stories! 13 crime, action, and noir tales of ice cold retribution and burning two-fisted fury.

It contains a Jay Desmarteaux tale that was only available in Hills of Fire: Bare-Knuckle Yarns of Appalachia, a story from the final issue of HARDBOILED, and more. A trip into the cool cruel world of criminals, ronin, veterans, bluesmen, bullies, hot-rodders, and the wronged screaming for vengeance.

“hardcore-clean writing delivered at warp speed.” –Andrew Vachss, author of SIGNWAVE and the Burke series

OUR LADY OF VENGEANCE is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.


Thomas Pluck writes unflinching fiction with heart. He is the author of Blade of Dishonor, Steel Heart: 10 Tales of Crime and Suspense, and he is the editor of the Lost Children charity anthologies, which benefit PROTECT: The National Association to Protect Children. He hosts Noir at the Bar in Manhattan, and is the Social Media Editor for PROTECT.

Cold Fear by Toni Anderson

Cold Fear by Toni AndersonA relentless FBI profiler hunts a vicious killer.

When old evidence turns up on a fresh corpse, ASAC Lincoln Frazer is determined it won’t delay the execution of a convicted serial killer. But when more young women are brutally slain, it becomes clear–this new killer is intimately familiar with the old murders.

A dedicated emergency physician hides a dark secret.

Former Army Captain Dr. Isadora Campbell helped her mother conceal a terrible crime. After her mother’s death, Izzy resigned her commission and returned to the Outer Banks to raise her rebellious teenage sister. But it doesn’t take long for Izzy to suspect that someone knows exactly what she did, all those years ago.

If they work together, maybe no one else will die.
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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt by Linda S. Prather

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt by Linda S. PratherAssistant DA, Jenna James took an oath to uphold the law, administer justice, deter crime and ensure the safety of the community. Her job isn’t easy, but it has always been black and white—criminals versus victims. Now she is the victim, and the very system she’s fought to uphold is suddenly corrupt, the lines between good and bad are blurred and her world has turned upside down. She’s always known that world existed—a world of power so immense that a single phone call can result in people disappearing or political offices being vacated, a world where doctors are available at a moment’s notice. She’s never been part of that world—never wanted to be. The body count is rising, and unless she finds proof beyond a reasonable doubt against a corrupt former federal judge, and a notorious criminal defense attorney, it will continue to rise.
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Midnight Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice

Midnight Secrets by Lisa Marie RiceFormer navy SEAL Joe Harris nearly died—twice—on a medevac helo after being blown up by an IED. He’s not moving too great these days, but if there was ever a woman designed to jump-start a man’s hormones, it would be his new neighbor.

Meeting Isabel—loving Isabel—brought Joe back to life.

Isabel Delvaux came from one of America’s foremost political dynasties, until the greatest terrorist attack since 9/11 killed her entire family. She barely survived the Washington Massacre, only to become prey for rabid reporters. Fleeing to Portland and changing her name was a way out, a way to start over. The only way.
She knows she’s safe with Joe Harris. Not just because he’s big and strong, not just because he’s part of a security team that obliterates threats on the regular, but because he’s been to the abyss and back.
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All This Time by Tiffani Burnett-Velez

All This Time by Tiffani Burnett-VelezSyrian-American, Lydia Fadoul, has spent a year waiting for her fiance’ to return from war in Iraq, only to discover that he is broken by trauma and the devastating effects of PTSD. Just when he finally agrees to seek help, he takes his own life and leaves behind a story of murder, betrayal, and mystery. In her second, contemporary fiction novel since Budapest, Tiffani Burnett-Velez weaves a fast-paced literary tale about the rumors we believe and the prejudices we create in order to protect our hearts from the truth.

“All This Time…. what an amazing story- I was drawn in from the start and hated to put it down. Bold and full of risks- all of which pay off. A whirlwhind of emotion and action, all described in such beautiful detail I felt like I was inserted into the story. I felt so close to the characters I found myself missing them at story’s end. Rare to have that happen- I have read many, many books and only the best put me in that place- where I am part of the story. A delightful, brilliantly written thrill-ride- but not one that sacrifices quality writing.” T. Franz, Amazon Reviewer
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Devil’s Dance by Steve Myers

Devil's Dance by Steve MyersA paranormal thriller set in 1920s.

At first Nick Weaver thinks he and seventeen-year-old Angelica have it made. He will write the scenario for a film based on Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” and Angelica will star in it.

He slowly realizes that the man behind the film means to seduce Angelica and control her life. That man, Van Alexander, claims to have sold his soul to the devil.

Once people start to disappear, Nick is afraid Alexander is the devil himself and he, Nick, has sold his soul too.
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Holy Smoke (An Andi Comstock Supernatural Mystery, Book 1) by Ann Simas

Holy Smoke  by Ann SimasAndi’s new job brings with it the scent of smoke no one else in the building can smell. Stranger still are the voices that accompany the smoke. She doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on—does she have a brain tumor or is she going crazy? One voice suggest she seek out Father Riley at St. Gemma’s Church, and still another voice asks for help. That determines it for Andi. She heads to church.

She and Father Riley soon determine the source of the smoke and realize the person belonging to the voice asking for help may have been murdered. Father Riley turns to homicide Jack Harmon for assistance. Despite repeated warnings from the detective to stay clear of the investigation, Andi doesn’t let go. How can she, when she’s still hearing from the victim?
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Judge, Jury, Desert Fury by L. J. Martin

Judge, Jury, Desert Fury by L. J. MartinBack in the fray, only this time it’s as a private contractor. Mike Reardon and his buddies are hired to free a couple of American’s held captive by a Taliban mullah, and, as usual, it’s duck, dodge and kick ass when everyone in the country wants a piece of you. Don’t miss this high action adventure by renowned author L. J. Martin. No. 6 in The Repairman series, each book stands alone.

JUDGE, JURY, DESERT FURY is available from Amazon.


L. J. Martin is the author of forty works of both fiction and non-fiction from Bantam, Avon, Pinnacle and his own Wolfpack Publishing. He lives in Montana with his wife, NYT bestselling romantic suspense author Kat Martin. He’s been a horse wrangler, cook as both avocation and vocation, volunteer firefighter, real estate broker, general contractor, appraiser, disaster evaluator for FEMA, and traveled a good part of the world, some in his own ketch. A hunter, fisherman, photographer, cook, father and grandfather, he’s been car and plane wrecked, visited a number of jusgados and a road camp, and survived cancer twice. He carries a bail-enforcement shield. He knows about what he writes about, and tries to write about what he knows. His work has topped the Amazon genre lists in Action Adventure and Western. He has over 120 videos posted on youtube, edited by him on Final Cut Pro, search ljmartinwolfpack. You can join him at, on twitter at @westwrite, and on other social media sites. His Wolfpack Publishing LLC has had great success in eBooks, having a disproportionate share of top action adventure novels in that genre.

Harmonized by Mary Behre

Harmonized by Mary BehreOld lovers reunite to find sparks rekindled while searching for a missing baby the world thinks is already dead. Can they find the missing infant before he really does die?

HARMONIZED is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

“This series is the perfect mix of paranormal, suspense and romance.” SnS Reviews


Award-winning author of the Tidewater series, Mary Behre writes stories with humor, suspense, and a psychic love-connection. Mary tries not to take herself too seriously, often claiming she’s the lone female in a house full of males and the undisputed queen of her domain. She says she even has the glittery tiara to prove it!

The Perseid Collapse Series: BLACKLINE (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Alex Shaw

The Perseid Collapse Series by Alex ShawBLACKLINE – the first ‘Jack Tate’ Perseid Collapse Kindle Worlds novella.

While vacationing in Camden, Maine, former SAS trooper Jack Tate is accused of a high profile assassination. Hours later, after another shooting, the Camden PD reluctantly realise that Tate is the wrong man.

Upon finally returning to his hotel, Tate overhears a group of guests speaking Russian. They seem to be discussing a military mission, but who are they and what is the event they mention?

With his suspicions rising and unable to sleep, Tate tries to call a contact—but the power goes out…
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Abducted by Brian Pinkerton

Abducted by Brian PinkertonA young mother catches a glimpse of her child on a bus — two years after he was abducted and declared dead.

“Pinkerton is a master at tightening the tension until it spills out across the page.” –Nate Kenyon, author of Bloodstone

“A harrowing and frightening journey into a parent’s worst nightmare… Shocking twists and a smash-up ending make this a highly winning thriller.” –New Mystery Reader

“A tense pace all the way to the end.” –Midwest Book Review
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Summerchill by Quentin Bates

Summerchill by Quentin BatesIt’s the tail end of a hot summer when half of Reykjavik is on holiday and the other half wishes it was. Things are quiet when a man is reported missing from his home in the suburbs. As police officers Gunna and Helgi investigate, it becomes clear that the missing man had secrets of his own that lead to a sinister set of friends, and to someone with little to lose who is a fugitive from both justice and the underworld. It becomes a challenge for Gunna to tail both the victim and his would-be executioner, racing to catch up with at least one of them before they finally meet.
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Murder and Mai Tais (A Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery) by Sibel Hodge

Murder and Mai Tais (A Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery) by Sibel HodgeMurder is on the menu, and someone’s about to get served.

Hope Foster’s motto is to let fate lead you—which it did in her case right to the quiet town of Danger Cove. But when the owner of the Smugglers’ Tavern, where Hope tends bar, is murdered, suddenly fate puts Hope squarely in the role of “prime suspect” in her employer’s murder. Not only is she the last one to see him alive, but a new will also reveals that her employer left his whole estate to Hope instead of his ungrateful daughter Elise and nephew Carter. With the local police convinced Hope is a manipulative “Black Widow” killer, Hope’s peaceful life in Danger Cove is about to turn into a white water ride. Along with a sexy underwater archaeologist from England, in town searching for a lost shipwreck, an international yoga guru, and a reformed alcoholic patron, Hope sets out to prove her innocence. But can Team Hope catch the real killer before she trades in her bartending apron for an orange prison jumpsuit?
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Rx Murder by Richard L. Mabry, MD

Rx Murder by Richard L. Mabry, MDWhen Drs. Elena Gardner and David Merritt set out to help their OB patient whose husband was beating her, they had no idea it would involve them in a complex murder scenario.
(this is a novella-length medical thriller)

“Richard Mabry’s writing elicits energy and excitement. I could hear the bones crunch; I could see the blood ooze. His detailed descriptions play the story in my mind clearly. I could not put it down until the end. Mabry’s writing talent is not just in his ability to draw the pictures with his words, but also in laying the story out in such a way as to keep me guessing about who really dunnit!” –from an Amazon review
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Go Down Hard by Craig Faustus Buck

Go Down Hard by Craig Faustus BuckGO DOWN HARD is a hard-boiled, character-driven mystery that takes readers on a noir romp through the worlds of aging rock-and-rollers, live Internet sex shows, abusive psychiatrists, Slavic mobsters, child molesters, emotional betrayal, deceit, arson, murder and estate planning. As an unpublished MS, it was awarded First Runner Up for the Claymore Award at Killer Nashville. (Brash Books, May 5, 2015)

“A spirited mix of noir homage and hard-boiled spoof, and Craig Faustus Buck gets the proportions just right. Sexy, tough and comic — and often all three at once.”
T. Jefferson Parker, New York Times bestselling author of “Laguna Heat” and “The Full Measure”

“A pleasure. Buck gives us a wisecracking freelance writer, a delectable female cop, detestable bad guys, and a plot with excitement that builds to the end.”
Thomas Perry, New York Times bestselling author of “Butcher’s Boy” and “A String of Beads”
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Radio Moscow, and Other Stories by David Malcolm and Paul D. Brazill

Radio Moscow and Other Stories by David Malcolm and Paul D. BrazillDavid Malcolm’s Radio Moscow, and Other Stories is a darkly atmospheric collection of international noir short stories.

Published by Blackwitch Press.

RADIO MOSCOW is available from Amazon.


David Malcolm was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and since 1982 has lived and worked in Japan, the USA, and Poland. He teaches, translates, and is one of the organisers of the Sopot between.pomiędzy international literary festival/conference. He lives in Sopot, Poland.

Causing Chaos by Deborah J Ledford

Causing Chaos by Deborah J LedfordFour missing women. Three suspects living parallel lies. Two forces battling for a resolution. One cop determined to clear a friend. Zero opportunity for failure. CAUSING CHAOS – Vengeance for Truth.
Book 4 from the Inola Walela/Steven Hawk Suspense Thriller Series.

“Standing round of applause for this dynamic blast of a thriller.” ~Suspense Magazine

CAUSING CHAOS is available from Amazon.


Anthony and Agatha Award Nominee DEBORAH J LEDFORD is a screenwriter and the award-winning author of the Inola Walela/Steven Hawk psychological suspense thriller series, including Causing Chaos, STACCATO, and The Hillerman Sky Award Finalist SNARE. Crescendo, is the 2014 Anthony Award Nominee for Best Audiobook, narrated by TV and film actress Christina Cox (Arrow, Dexter, NCIS, 24, The Chronicles of Riddick), and produced by Deborah’s media company IOF Productions Ltd. Part Eastern Band Cherokee, she is a three-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize for her short stories.

The Housewife Assassin’s Garden of Deadly Delights by Josie Brown

The Housewife Assassin's Garden of Deadly Delights by Josie BrownHousewife assassin Donna Stone’s green thumb–and for that matter, her trigger finger–is put to the test when it’s discovered that genetically enhanced corn containing a deadly brain-eating virus has been released into America’s food chain.

“Josie Brown writes with all the secrets, sex, money and scandal of an OK Magazine cover. Truly entertaining reading.”–Jackie Collins, Hollywood Wives

The tone is confessional, the writing laced with venomous humor…”
—Wall Street Journal

“Brown captures the humor of working for a megalomaniac…[A] well-paced, entertaining story…” —Publishers Weekly
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The Thousand Dollar Man by J.T. Brannan

The Thousand Dollar Man by J.T. BrannanThe Thousand Dollar Man is a myth. An urban legend, his appearance prayed for by the poor and downtrodden of the United States. They say he goes from town to town, helping people who have problems. Any kind of problems.

They put adverts in their local paper, put notices up in the local stores, always hoping that one day he will walk through their town and see them, act upon them. And if he does – and as long as the client can gather together a thousand dollars to pay – their problems will disappear.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Colt Ryder was let down by everyone. A military veteran, scarred both mentally and physically by his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, after being medically discharged he tried for years to make an honest living. But after a series of menial jobs, he was eventually fired from a meat packing factory for protecting a fellow worker from a bullying boss. And when his home was then burglarized, his savings and possessions all taken, something in him snapped.

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The Death Card by Jan Needle

The Death Card by Jan NeedleIn more than a century of wars, mainly with France but latterly with the rebel colonies of America then the United States, the British navy forged a reputation based on skill and courage. By careful use of what might be recognized today as brilliant PR, it became known as a force combining brilliance and great humanity. In English eyes, its officers could do no wrong. They did, of course. The two most infamous mutinies of the 19th century were brought about by the inhumanity of William Bligh of the Bounty, and Hugh Piggott of the Hermione. In the long years that followed, both these sadists were revenged. The perpetrators were hunted down across the globe and put to death. Charlie Raven goes to sea on his uncle’s sloop, to find himself not in a world of gallantry but of mysterious and unremitting hatred. In two short historical thrillers, he is forced to fight for his survival, not from the enemy, but from his fellow officers and his uncle, Hector Maxwell. They are history with a twist, shining a grim new light on a myth that has stood the test of time.
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eDream by James Duffy

eDream by James DuffyWhat if you could choose the setting and people within your dreams? TV science reporter Nina Russo is excited about the possibilities, especially after her lover Bob Cole, developer of Techtran’s eDream software, introduces her to the wonders of lucid dreaming. But once the program hits the streets, there is an unexpected backlash. Nina sees signs of mass public addiction developing. Her apprehension turns to dread when she learns the true origins of the dream program. FBI agent Scott Williams agrees with Nina. eDream must be stopped. Together, they face off with Techtran’s ruthless management team who will protect their multi-billion dollar windfall at all cost. The stakes grow higher when Bob discovers a deadly virus embedded in the software code—a virus that takes foreign cyberterrorism to a shocking new level. Within hours of the discovery, Bob is dead. Now Nina and Agent Williams must stop the code from activating and slaughtering millions of innocent dreamers in their beds.
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Killer Men Mysteries & Suspense 5-Book Bundle: Dead in the Rose City\Killer in The Woods\Murdered in the Man Cave\State’s Evidence\The Sex Slave Murders by R. Barri Flowers

killer men mysteriesKiller Men Mysteries and Suspense 5-Book Bundle contains four full length crime novels and a complete true crime book by award winning criminologist and bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, including Dead in the Rose City, Killer in the Woods, Murdered in the Man Cave, State’s Evidence, and The Sex Slave Murders.

Dead in the Rose City (A Dean Drake Mystery)

In this hard-boiled detective novel nothing is quite what it seems. Dean Jeremy Drake, nicknamed D.J., is a private investigator and ex-homicide detective for the Portland Police Bureau. He is six-five, hip, tough, armed with a .40 caliber Glock, and courts danger and romance with equal abandon. These qualities are put to the test when Drake is framed for murder in the midst of two seemingly unrelated cases. The more he investigates, the more he realizes they are intricately and dangerously connected. It literally becomes a life and death issue as Drake has to use all of his detective skills, and then some, to fit all the pieces together in a deadly, high stakes whodunit and why.
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The Jericho Tablet by Barry Webb

The Jericho Tablet by Barry WebbAn ancient tablet is discovered that threatens to undermine the foundations of Christianity and Islam. The tablet gives instructions for resurrecting an older god once worshiped in the Ancient Near East who offers humanity a Faustian bargain: eternal life with unlimited knowledge and no ills or warfare in turn for unquestioning devotion and surrender of free will. This older “god” turns out to be a computerized artifact buried just under the surface of the moon eons ago by an ancient space faring race. Matt Nolan and his colleagues in the U.S. Intelligence services have only a limited amount of time to uncover the secrets of the artifact and find a means for destroying it while corralling a corrupt U.S. President and fending off Terrorist–before they themselves are destroyed.

–This thriller has movie written all over it. The Jericho Tablet does what a thriller is supposed to do, which in my view is to keep you up all night reading. Janis Weisbrot, copy editor for Seven Stories Press
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