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The Big Thrill Recommends: END GAME by Tracey Devlyn

Recommended by Debbie Burke

Book Cover: End GameEND GAME by bestselling author Tracey Devlyn is the fifth book in the romantic suspense thriller series Steel Ridge: The Blackwells. The series follows the adventures of the dashing Blackwell brothers, who operate a family recovery business that sometimes skirts the law while righting wrongs.

Straight-arrow brother Ash Blackwell broke away from the family to become an FBI agent. That choice causes a rift that leaves him isolated and lonely.

Kayla Krowne is a wealthy, successful lobbyist who, instead of following the money, follows her conscience. She only works for causes she believes in. In prior books, Kayla already has a close friendship with the Blackwells, except for the last brother, Ash.

Ash resents Kayla’s past interactions with the family but, at the same time, is attracted to the stunning, savvy businesswoman. Then, allegations surface that Kayla committed illegal acts, and, to Ash’s dismay, he must investigate her.

Kayla is surrounded by a group of strong women who have mentored her since childhood, especially Governor Victoria Stokes. When the governor is assassinated while standing beside Kayla, her world rocks off its axis.

Ash suspects Kayla, not the governor, is the real target. Who wants to silence her? And why?

Despite their clashes, Kayla and Ash join forces to pursue the killer. Plenty of fireworks explode as their mutual attraction becomes impossible to resist. They’re close to solving the mystery when new shocking secrets plunge them into peril that one or both may not survive.

For readers who haven’t read previous books in the series, Devlyn clearly explains already-established relationships. She also mentions events from past books that give context without slowing the forward momentum of the present story.

Romantic suspense fans will appreciate the compelling blend of passion and plot twists in this well-executed story.


The Big Thrill Recommends: END GAME by Tracey Devlyn