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A Relentless Character with a Knack for Digging Up the Truth

The Big Thrill Interviews Author Robert Walton


By Susana Kuehne

Book Cover: THE RELENTLESS SUNRobert Walton grew up in Narberth, a suburb of Philadelphia, and studied anthropology at Penn State University. With a couple of archaeology digs under his belt, his main character, Harry Thursday, is essentially his alter ego. A multi-layered protagonist, Harry is constantly working on solving some type of problem or crime in the Harry Thursday adventure thrillers.

“My favorite thing about Harry is his cavalier attitude toward the world. He is easily adjustable to whatever situation he finds himself in, though he does have a preset ideology and belief system,” stated Walton.

In THE RELENTLESS SUN, the plot follows an archaeologist named Harry Thursday as he partners with a Hopi guide named Sun and a special agent of the Department of Justice, Tom Schilling, to investigate the discovery and sale of quality pigeon’s blood rubies in Arizona. As he completes this not-so-simple assignment by the Bureau of Audits and Reclamation (BAR), Harry sorts through the mystery surrounding precious gems—and a string of murders. With few clues to chase and a slew of other obstacles challenging the team, Harry runs into even more resistance, with individuals and groups fighting for their piece of the money pie. The author makes this story powerful with vivid settings and entertaining personalities, taking the reader for a surprising ride in dealing with the intricacies of love, life and death. Anyone who enjoys Columbo will quickly become engaged in the well-written action.

Author Robert Walton

Robert Walton

Here, The Big Thrill chats with Walton about his writing.

What is the hardest thing about writing a novel?

Hoping that the next one will be better than the previous one. It is not easy coming up with an idea unique enough to warrant the time and effort of putting it to paper. Thriller series are easy for me to write. I use a recurring character, and that helps when formulating the next masterpiece. Then, all I need is a new location, a new theme, and a new problem the protagonist has to overcome.

How do you develop your settings?

I do a lot of research; it’s a must. Thank God for the Internet and Google Earth. Despite all these online resources, I still have to focus on the story making sense; the locations have to be real. My inspiration comes from places I’ve been and things I’ve done. I write primarily with settings in the 70s and early 80s to avoid the need for cell phones and because using the past makes the checking process easier.


What do you want readers to know about your writing?

My stories are never based on outlines. They start with a basic premise and develop a life of their own, page by page, chapter by chapter. That way, I can come up with the best outcome, which usually takes hold after the third rewrite. Usually, I rewrite after two or three chapters have been put to paper. This method allows me to change the story as I go along.

Walton is currently working on selling THE RELENTLESS SUN. It was re-edited and formatted to be ready for a May 1 publishing date via both eBook and print. Due to health challenges, things have been going more slowly than he would prefer. When his last book, Wish to Die, was released, he was caring for his terminally ill wife and, understandably, had no desire or time to write. Now, he’s come back to the writing scene with the verve to dedicate to the lengthy process.


The Big Thrill Interviews Author Robert Walton