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The Big Thrill Recommends: TERROR BAY by Lisa Towles

Book Cover: Terror BayRecommendation by Dimitris Passas

Brimming with intrigue and tension, TERROR BAY is the latest work of the award-winning crime writer Lisa Towles. Prepare yourselves for some shocking twists and heart-throbbing moments in a novel destined to enthrall psychological thriller fans.

The impressive, intricate plot is set in the chilly landscape of Northern Canada. After getting shot in the line of duty, Detective Kurt Farin enters a world of hallucinations as he lies in a coma. The disturbing image of a woman caught under a shipwreck haunts him—she mysteriously calls to him. As he slowly recovers from the traumatic event that nearly killed him, Kurt, along with his best friend and partner, Detective Vaughn, becomes entangled in a labyrinthine web that involves ruthless killers and international scandals.

One thing is certain: TERROR BAY will keep you turning pages until the climactic finale. Towles delivers her most exciting novel to date, safely labeled as the crown jewel of her career.


The Big Thrill Recommends: TERROR BAY by Lisa Towles