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By K.L. Romo


3. The first name of Fifi’s bio mother in Jean Kwok’s THE LEFTOVER WOMAN.
6. What is Celeste Connally’s real first name?
7. Nickname for Alan Orloff’s protagonist, Benjamin Hopkins
9. Name of the talking cat in Jim Butcher’s THE OLYMPIAN AFFAIR.
11. In Lee Goldberg’s CALICO, two storylines share a body buried in this desert.
12. Villain’s weapon of choice in THE MURDER MYSTERY RACE
14. Per author J.M. Adams, 59 countries have had this kind of leader.
15. What city does Lev AC Rosen’s THE BELL IN THE FOG take place in?
16. Name of the school for boys featured in Tananarive Due’s THE REFORMATORY


1. Guy Bergstrom’s article addresses this type of character.
2. Damyanti Biswas’s THE BLUE MONSOON takes place in this Indian city.
4. Author Steve Urszenyi’s first memories of reading are of this series.
5. The age of author Andrew S. Cohen
8. This kind of dad is featured in Tony Wirt’s JUST STAY AWAY
10. Name of the red power Hindu women wear in the part of their hair as a marital flag.
13. Jack Reacher creators Lee and Andrew Child’s real last name.

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