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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE NURSE by Jenna Kernan

Book cover image: The Nurse by Jenna KernanRecommended by Dimitris Passas

Publishers Weekly bestselling author, Jenna Kernan, can boast a prolific career as an author and throughout the years she has penned more than 40 novels. After writing romantic suspense, western historical, and dark paranormal romance, she’s now writing unsettling domestic thrillers with massive commercial success. THE NURSE is a claustrophobic page-turner, raising moral questions and keeping the reader on tenterhooks in discovering the true motivations of each character.

It all begins when a wealthy Florida psychiatrist, Dr. Roth, seeks a private nurse to care for his ailing wife who suffers from a debilitating sickness. Because the job pays more than well, Emily, a recently certified nurse, is compelled to take it. However, the situation proves to be complex as Dr. Roth’s wife—whose mental state alternates between inhabiting her own, separate world and being perfectly lucid—frequently mentions a terrible accident that led to the death of a young child. Does she imply that her husband is guilty? Or is the story even more knotty and grim? Emily soon doesn’t know who to trust—nobody seems to be reliable and honest in this house. At the same time, she harbors her own secrets and the true reason she takes the job.

Kernan’s arresting prose and the ingenious plotting render THE NURSE a highly entertaining reading experience that guarantees both cerebral and emotional stimulation. Fans of domestic thrillers won’t want to skip this one.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE NURSE by Jenna Kernan

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