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The Big Thrill Recommends: FALSE SUMMIT by Cam Torrens

Recommended by Jonathan Davidson

False Summit Book CoverChaffee County’s Search & Rescue (SAR) team is supposed to find missing climbers, not lose their own.

When Kristee Li vanishes on a mission deep in the rugged Colorado mountains, Tyler Zahn, her best friend and SAR teammate, joins the desperate search to find her. After days pass without a rescue or a body, Kristee’s hiking partner tells Tyler that her disappearance may not be an accident.

This admission launches Tyler on a journey into Kristee’s personal life, where he discovers a struggle between her identity and her family’s culture, risky sacrifices to help her sister, and secrets as treacherous as Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks.

Cam Torrens draws on his search and rescue experience in Colorado’s backcountry to render FALSE SUMMIT with granular realism. Yet where Torrens truly shines is weaving a vice-like mystery that tightens with each new revelation. He also creates a cast of characters that grow more complex and sympathetic even as they become suspects.

You’ll be racing through the pages, not only to learn if Kristee will be found, but to see the unexpected ways her friends and family react to her sudden absence.

Readers of the first Tyler Zahn thriller, Stable, will be delighted to reunite with Tyler, who’s still healing from the tragedies and wrestling with the demons that drove him out of the Air Force and into the solace of the mountains. New readers will enjoy this gripping psychological thriller as a standalone and will want to follow up with Stable as soon as they reach FALSE SUMMIT’s surprising culmination.

The Big Thrill Recommends: FALSE SUMMIT by Cam Torrens

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