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Recommended by Dimitris Passas

Following his award-winning debut, Murderabilia, Carl Vonderau’s second novel, SAVING MYLES, sets its foundation around the diachronic question that has tormented every parent throughout time: How far would you go to save your own child? Vonderau deftly paints the portrait of a family in duress in this exhilarating thriller, which stands out both for its heavy plotting and witty dialogue.

Wade is a meek banker who is married to Fiona, and together they have one son, Myles. The parents face one of their worst nightmares—Myles is an addict who needs to get clean as soon as possible, regardless of the sacrifices or cost. Having no other viable solution, Wade takes a loan with plenty of strings attached and sends Myles to an exorbitantly expensive rehabilitation home to get well. The treatment is successful, and Myles returns to his family home a changed man.

However, the devil always lurks in the shadows. Myles once again gets into trouble when he and his girlfriend visit Tijuana to score some dope. He is kidnapped by a mighty drug cartel who ask for a heavy ransom. Desperate to help his boy, Wade embarks on a series of shady deals with banks, the DEA, and the FBI.

There is constant tension in the plot while the measured pacing adds to a truly unforgettable, thrilling experience. Nevertheless, what sets SAVING MYLES apart from other thrillers are his characterizations. The protagonists come across as plausible, three-dimensional human beings who are forced to make hard decisions spontaneously, without having time to contemplate potential consequences. You don’t want to miss it!