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Recommended by Tracey Devlyn

In New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan’s latest standalone thriller, Brennan propels readers into a frigid, unforgiving Montana landscape, complete with relentless action, gut-wrenching family dynamics, and an on-the-run teenager who has more heart and gumption than most superheroes.

Five years after escaping her powerful family in LA, sixteen-year-old Kristen McIntyre is forced to leave everything behind again when her murderous father, Boyd McIntyre, and his hired guns appear in her small Montana town.

Tony Reed, the man who helped her flee the McIntyre clan and has become more of a father than a savior, executes Plan B, sending Kristen, Tony, and her ten-year-old deaf brother Ryan racing for a getaway plane.

Not long after take-off, the plane crash lands, and Kristen and Ryan must continue on without Tony. A building winter storm ravages the region, knocking out communications and making roadways impassable. But Boyd locates the crash site—and Kristen’s trail—before the storm hits.

© Allison Brennan

As Plan B slowly disintegrates, Kristen must call up all of Tony’s outdoor survival training in order to keep her little brother safe. However, an unseen enemy, one more malevolent and lethal than her corrupt father or a blizzard that knows no remorse, stalks Kristen’s every move.

Brennan did a fabulous job of ratcheting up the tension and putting a spotlight on the complexities of family, love, and forgiveness. The author’s in-depth research shines through during the plane crash scene and the shiver-worthy trek through the snow-covered Montana mountains.

Recommended reading accessories: A warm blanket and/or a steaming beverage of choice. Snow goggles might be needed for those who wear winter coats when it’s 50℉/10℃ degrees outside.

Fans of Mark Cameron’s Cold Snap will enjoy Brennan’s atmospheric thriller, NORTH OF NOWHERE.

—Recommended by Tracey Devlyn, USA Today Bestselling Author