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We’re springing into a new season with a crop full of new thrillers—from time travel and big pharma, to mobster noir, and the makings of a serial killer, there’s something for everyone in these chilling new releases from our talented ITW members. Which ones will you be adding to your TBR?

April 1

Lauren Thoman kicks off Mindy Kaling’s Thomas and Mercer imprint with her young adult time travel mystery I’LL STOP THE WORLD—a story of two teenagers that go to the same school, separated by almost 40 years of time. Dawn Ius gets the scoop on it here.

A rookie game warden takes on a terrorist group in the rugged landscape of New Mexico in Alisa Lynn Valdés’ thrilling new book, HOLLOW BEASTS. Read more about the inspiration for this book and new series character in this The Big Thrill interview.


April 3

 Adventurer Chase Baker travels to Cairo with his excavator dad and a beautiful assistant named Judy, where they are to uncover the hidden, out-of-this-world secret chambers beneath the Sphinx in the latest from Vincent Zandri. Check out his author Q&A here.

April 4

After the success of his debut, Bearskin, James A. McLaughlin says writing his follow up, PANTHER GAP was no easy task. He shares insight into how he broke through the sophomore blues to deliver a gripping story of family and betrayal. Read more about his inspiration for the setting and the story in this The Big Thrill interview by Dawn Ius.

Meagan Jennett doesn’t mind bucking stereotypes—in fact, her sensational debut novel YOU KNOW HER thrives because of it. Read more about this cat-and-mouse thriller in this issue of The Big Thrill.


Kevin Kluesner’s latest release—THE KILLER SPEECH— touches on some important issues that Americans need to face…like big pharma, the health insurance industry, and vigilantism. Check out Kluesner’s Q&A in this issue of The Big Thrill to read more about it.


April 11

Using a horrible accident as a backdrop in her newest thriller, THE ONLY SURVIVORS, bestselling author Megan Miranda dares readers to consider, “what would I do?” She shares more about what inspired this new release and more in this The Big Thrill interview by K.L. Romo.

Natalie Walters closes out her SNAP Agency series with a bang with this nail-biting story of a deadly government conspiracy, an unlikely couple, and an ending that will leave you breathless. Get the scoop on BLIND TRUST here.

THE INTRUDERS by Brian Pinkerton is a science fiction-horror hybrid about mysterious happenings in a small town that grow into a worldwide threat. It’s partly a tribute to 1950s sci-fi stories like The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Read more about it in this author Q&A in the The Big Thrill.

NO TIME TO BREATHE features journalist Lisa Jamison, whose character was inspired by two single moms author Lori Duffy Foster knew as a reporter, and a determined and pregnant foster child she met while on the crime beat. Read more about this page turner in the April issue of The Big Thrill.


April 13

 Two murders take place on the same night, on different beaches in Vancouver. A very rich man and a very poor man. It falls to Dave Wakeland to find out who committed these crimes, why, and how the two deaths are connected. That’s what the book is about. But in another sense, Sam Wiebe’s SUNSET AND JERICHO is about much more. Read all about it in this author Q&A.

April 17

Charles Salzberg couldn’t resist the allure of bringing back one of his favorite criminals—and in MAN ON THE RUN, Francis Hoyt is out of jail and on the loose. He talks more about characters—the familiar and the new—in this The Big Thrill  interview by Dawn Ius.

April 18

Bestselling author Don Winslow follows up last year’s City on Fire with CITY OF DREAMS. Read more about his his vivid mobster noir in this The Big Thrill feature interview by K.L. Romo.