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Sometimes the only way to stop the world from going to Hell is by working with Demons.

Hyacinth Finch has one goal: Save her nephew Geordi from the Hell Demon who kidnapped him. But to succeed, she’ll have to work with his Demon Mafia relatives, which she swore she’d never do. Worse, she’ll have to make another deal with the High Demons who murdered her. But Geordi’s life is worth it, even if she loses her own humanity in the process.

Meanwhile, Hyacinth’s ghost boyfriend Eric is wasting away after being ejected from his “borrowed” body. While digging in his past for something to make him fight for survival, she uncovers secrets that could destroy their relationship. Moreover, her feelings for Geordi’s Demon cousin Jason are stronger than ever, though every morally impossible choice she makes drives him further away. Can she save Eric and Geordi without losing herself—and Jason—forever?

“Ms. Blaisdell is a master storyteller…So many twists and turns will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!” ~Still Moments Magazine

“If you’re looking for an addictive series to binge-read, you’ll want to read the whole Dead series.” ~N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

Kerry Blaisdell recently spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing her latest thriller, BURYING THE DEAD.

Which took shape first: plot, character, or setting?
My stories are all character driven, so the initial idea for this series took shape when the character of Hyacinth popped into my head and introduced herself, and it all spiraled out from there!

Kerry Blaisdell

What attracts you to this book’s genre?
I’ve always been fascinated by the “otherworld”—from the Celtic Annwn to the Spirit World or anything Supernatural (including the TV show! :)). I didn’t consciously think, I want to write a Paranormal book, and in fact, had never even heard of Urban Fantasy when I wrote the first book in the series. But I’ve always had that awareness in the back of my mind, so it made sense that it came out this way.

What was the biggest challenge this book presented? What about the biggest opportunity?
The biggest challenge with this book was literally finding the time to write it. I teach high school math to middle school students in an advanced program in our district, and last year—after two full years of COVID disruption, insanity, personal turmoil, and everything else—I decided to change schools and add two new levels of math to my teaching repertoire. So on November 1, I decided to do National Novel Writing Month and hammered out over 50,000 words in an already overbooked month. However, I think it’s honestly the best book in the series, so I guess that’s the “biggest opportunity” part!

Kerry Blaisdell is the bestselling and award-winning author of the acclaimed Dead Series, including Debriefing the Dead and its sequels, Waking the Dead and Damning the Dead, which InD’tale Magazine recommends for “fans of shows like Constantine or Supernatural.” She also writes award-winning Romantic Suspense (Publish or Perish, a Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize Quarterfinalist) and Historical Mystery. She has a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in comparative literature (French/Medieval English), and a Master’s in teaching English and advanced mathematics from the University of Portland. Kerry lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with her family, assorted animals, and more hot pepper plants than anyone could reasonably consume.

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