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Have YOU Registered for ThrillerFest Yet?

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The pandemic may have cancelled in-person ThrillerFest this year, but organizers are working their magic to make this year’s first ever virtual event…well, thrilling.

No travel, no hotel stay—but there’s no shortage of offerings for both seasoned and aspiring authors. And in some ways, participants will have even more access to industry experts than ever before.

Glen Ford says he’s ready to pitch his time travel novel of suspense—but he wasn’t sure if he could muster the courage for a speed-dating style pitch session with agents. “But now, I’ll be able to spend a little extra time with the agents I choose—from my home office, where I’ll be more relaxed. Who knows, maybe my daughter will run in during the call and add a bit of extra magic to the pitch.”

Ford says he’s also looking forward to “Zooming in” for the craft panels, where he’s hoping to learn more about sculpting his thriller voice. As the author of a time travel novel, he’s disappointed he won’t have the chance to chat with Diana Gabaldon in person, but he knows that by saving on travel expenses, the roster of “participating genre superstars” is bigger—which is a big plus.

That’s a big draw for Sheri South, who says she’s looking forward to seeing the online interview between Steve Berry and Dan Brown, not to mention the more than 100 authors who have agreed to take part.

“If I wasn’t already becoming a Zoom expert, I’d be gearing up for it, because I don’t plan on missing any of the conversations,” she says. “I don’t have to choose between sessions like I would have had to in New York—I can watch everything on my own time. In my pajamas, and probably with a glass of wine.”

Steve Berry (left) interviews one of his idols—Dan Brown—for Virtual ThrillerFest. Catch the Zoom this July.

In fact, the videos will be available to registered attendees for at least six months post event—so you can binge watch them in a week, or savor them over time.

In addition to Mega CraftFest, PitchFest, and ConsultFest, registered attendees will also have an opportunity to check out CareerFest, or take a more one-on-one approach to learning by registering for Master Class. Ever wondered how Hank Phillippi Ryan nails each character’s voice, or how Robert Dugoni creates such perfect atmosphere? Spend a virtual day with these—or six other—genre superstars.

And of course, ITW will be acknowledging this year’s debut authors, as well as announcing the winners of the coveted ITW awards.

With so much to offer, what are you waiting for? Register for Virtual ThrillerFest today!

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