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When what appears to be the original Pandora’s Box is discovered in an ancient city, neighboring countries fight for ownership and unleash a terrible plague.

THE PANDORA ROOM is New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden’s chilling exploration of what happens when the original Pandora’s Box is discovered in an ancient subterranean city, stirring international conflict and exposing the archaeological team to curses, whispers, and the terror of a legendary plague.

In one ancient variation on the myth of Pandora’s Box, there were two jars, one for Pandora and one for her sister, Anesidora. One contained all the blessings of the gods, the other all the world’s curses. Now, in a subterranean city in Northern Iraq, archaeologist Sophie Durand has discovered a secret chamber covered in writing that confirms that version of the tale–a chamber which contains a single jar. “Weird shit” expert Ben Walker joins Sophie’s team just as the mystery deepens and grows ugly. Those who believe the myth want to know which jar has been found in the Pandora Room, the one containing blessings, or the one full of curses. Governments rush to lay claim, but jihadi forces aren’t waiting for the dust to settle. Whatever the jar contains, they want it, no matter who they have to kill…or what will emerge when they open it. For Sophie, Walker, and the others, the Pandora Room may soon become their tomb.

Bestselling author Christopher Golden spent some time with The Big Thrill adding some insight and intrigue into his latest thriller, THE PANDORA ROOM:

What was the biggest challenge this book presented? What about the biggest opportunity?

Research on something like this is always a huge challenge, but in this case, it was creating a book that could stand entirely on its own for readers who are coming to my work for the first time, but also be a satisfying follow up for those who read Ararat. The biggest opportunity came from that same challenge. Now I’m executive producing a Ben Walker TV series that will use the plots of Ararat, THE PANDORA ROOM, next year’s Red Hands, and possibly my novel The Ocean Dark to build an international, globe-trotting, horror-adventure-thriller hybrid. I’m writing the bible for the series and the pilot.

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

Throughout my career, editors and readers have told me they love books that shatter the boundaries of genre, and I’ve always loved them too, which is why I try to break the rules as often as I can. I really believe one of the reasons Ararat won the Bram Stoker Award is because it’s an adventure thriller AND a horror novel, and that it asks profound questions but doesn’t let that bog down the action or distract from the chills. Ben Walker was one of the main characters in that novel, and THE PANDORA ROOM presents a whole new adventure and a deepening of his character, as well as the character of Kim Seong, and the introduction of others. I’ve always loved books by authors like James Rollins and Preston & Child, that play in this arena, and I’m loving every moment of building these adventures and these characters. I hope the readers will feel that same excitement.

What’s the one question you wish someone would ask you about this book, or your work in general? 

“You’ve done so many different kinds of books over the course of your career, but you always seem to come back to supernatural or horrific thrillers. Why is that?”

I love all kinds of stories. My favorite authors include John Irving, Larry McMurtry, and Elizabeth Hand. I write the stories that spark my imagination, no matter what they are. But these sorts of tales, full of history, adventure, courage, and terror…they feel like home.


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Christopher Golden is the New York Times bestselling, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of such novels as Ararat, Snowblind, Of Saints and Shadows, and Tin Men. With Mike Mignola, he is the co-creator of two cult favorite comic book series, Baltimore and Joe Golem: Occult Detective. His graphic novel trilogy collaboration with Charlaine Harris, Cemetery Girl, reached #1 on the New York Times bestsellers list. As an editor, he has worked on the short story anthologies Seize the Night, Dark Cities, and The New Dead, among others, and he has also written and co-written comic books, video games, screenplays, and a network television pilot. Golden co-hosts the podcasts Three Guys with Beards and Defenders Dialogue. In 2015 he founded the popular Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival. His work has been nominated for the British Fantasy Award, the Eisner Award, and multiple Shirley Jackson Awards. For the Bram Stoker Awards, Golden has been nominated eight times in eight different categories. His original novels have been published in more than fifteen languages in countries around the world. The Ben Walker series (Ararat, The Pandora Room) is currently in development as an international television series with Golden as Executive Producer and writer.

To learn more about Christopher and his work, please visit his website.