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Maddox Kinkade is an expert at managing the impossible. Tasked with neutralizing a lethal bioweapon, she turns to the one person capable of helping her stop the threat of pandemic in time: the love of her life, back from the dead and mad as hell at her supposed betrayal. Recruiting Cole to save millions of lives may be harder than resisting the attraction still burning between them, but Maddox will do whatever it takes…even if it destroys her.

When Maddox crashes back into Cole Matthews’ life, he wants to fight back. He wants to hate her. But the crisis is too strong to ignore, and soon the two former lovers find themselves working side by side in a breakneck race to stop a world-class killer with a secret that could end everything.

The clock is ticking.

Author Juno Rushdan took time out of her busy day to discuss her latest romantic thriller, EVERY LAST BREATH, with The Big Thrill:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

I hope readers are entertained and get swept up in the journey of the characters.

What attracts you to this book’s genre?

I love thrillers with plenty of action and a heartfelt romance. This genre combines the best of both.

What was the biggest challenge this book presented? What about the biggest opportunity?

The biggest challenge was not including anything classified by accident.

The biggest opportunity was being able to incorporate themes that are close to my heart, such as service before self, fighting for the greater good, and redemption.

What’s the one question you wish someone would ask you about this book, or your work in general? 

“Why did your agent and editor fall in love with the book?”

They both described it as sexy Jason Bourne-esque with a high concept and cinematic imagery.


Juno Rushdan is a former military intelligence officer and romantic thriller author. Her time supporting special forces and evaluating chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive threat scenarios and war-gaming response plans shaped the foundation for the Final Hour series, which includes EVERY LAST BREATH, Nothing to Fear, and Until the End. A native New Yorker, she currently lives in the Washington, DC area with her patient husband, two vivacious kids, and a spoiled rescue dog. Juno loves hanging out with readers and anyone friendly over a great glass of wine.

To learn more about Juno and her work, please visit her website.