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girls she left behindFrom the bestselling author of the Home Repair is Homicide series comes a thriller about an escaped kidnapper and rapist who once held three girls prisoner for fifteen years. In THE GIRLS SHE LEFT BEHIND (Bantam Hardcover; On Sale 1/12/16) Sarah Graves ventures in an edgier, darker direction and takes readers inside the mind of a twisted killer.

In the remote backwoods of Bearkill, Maine, a forest fire rages out of control. As embers swirl dangerously in the smoke-filled air, a teenage girl with a history of running away has dropped out of sight again. Lizzie Snow, a prickly but effective female deputy, thinks Tara Wylie is up to her old tricks—until her mother receives a terrifying text message. And when news gets out that convicted kidnapper Henry Gemmerle has escaped from a nearby prison clinic, Lizzie’s fears for Tara’s safety take on even greater urgency.

Following a trail of grisly clues—a bloodstained motel room, a makeshift coffin in a shallow grave—Lizzie races to save an innocent and corner a monster. On top of it all, someone else is desperately seeking Tara Wylie and the escaped convict, though, for reasons that have nothing to do with mercy or justice. And when they all meet, the inferno threatening Bearkill will pale in comparison to the hell that’s about to break loose.

With a fast-paced plot and a dark, bloodcurdling setting, THE GIRLS SHE LEFT BEHIND is sure to please new and longtime fans of Sarah Graves alike.

“Graves’s dark second Lizzie Snow mystery (after 2015’s Winter at the Door) examines the ugly, soul-destroying things that mark the aftermath of a child abduction.”
—Publishers Weekly

“…[a] tense and fast-paced tale of love gone horribly and fantastically wrong.”

“An action-packed psychological thriller that readers cannot put down. Both insightful and twisted…This haunting novel is a must-read.”
–RT Book Reviews (four stars)


sarahSarah Graves lives with her husband in Eastport, Maine, in the 1823 Federal-style house that helped inspire her Home Repair is Homicide books. The series and the author’s real-life experience have been featured in House & Garden and USA Today.

To learn more about Sarah, please visit her website.