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The Cottoncrest Curse by Michael H. RubinIn this heart-racing thriller, a series of gruesome deaths ignite feuds that burn a path from Russia to New York to the Deep South, from the cotton fields to the courthouse steps, from the moss-draped bayous of Cajun country to the bordellos of 19th century New Orleans, from the Civil War era to the Civil Rights era and into the present.

The fear of locals that the Cottoncrest Plantation is cursed seems confirmed when, two decades after the end of the Civil War, an elderly Confederate Colonel not only takes his own life (just as his father did before him) but also first viciously slits the throat of his beautiful young wife. The sheriff believes that this may not be a suicide pact but rather a double murder. Suspicion falls upon Jake Gold, an itinerant peddler who trades razor-sharp knives for fur and who has many deep secrets to conceal.

The impact of these deaths echoes across the decades. Jake attempts to stay one step ahead of the law, as well as the racist Knights of the White Camellia, as he interacts with landed gentry, former slaves, crusty white field hands, crafty Cajuns, and free men of color, all the while trying to keep one final promise before more lives are lost and he loses the opportunity to clear his name.

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A “gripping debut mystery.” Publishers Weekly

A “gripping thriller [that] captures universal themes.” New York Review of Books

IndieFab Book of the Year Gold Award; Best Thriller/Suspense Novel published by a university or independent press.

The “story is gripping, the writing is masterful.” “Rubin has struck ‘gold’ in his debut novel.” Chicago CBA Record

This “historical thriller” is “thoroughly researched.” It is “literary fiction” taking “readers on an epic journey.”
Southern Literary Review

“Trust me: this is a fun read, a page turner likely to keep you up all night.” “The Cottoncrest Curse is skillfully and intricately plotted.” “Through it all, the writing is sharp, vivid and compelling.” LSBA Journal

A “taut thriller with an uncommon depth of historical detail and a strong feeling of place.” Berkshire Voice

A “thrilling murder mystery.” 225 Magazine

“Michael Rubin proves himself to be an exceptional storyteller.” “The powerful epic is expertly composed in both its historical content and beautifully constructed scenery. I highly recommend picking up this book.” James Carville, Political strategist and commentator

“Rubin takes his readers on a compelling multigenerational journey that begins with the Civil War and ends in the present day. The Cottoncrest Curse is impeccably researched, deftly plotted, and flawlessly executed…Michael Rubin is a gifted and masterful storyteller. Highly recommended.” Sheldon Siegel, New York Times best-selling author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez novels

“Once I picked up the book I couldn’t find the time to just stop and put it down even for a second.” Spines and Covers.


Professional jazz pianist and composer who has played in the New Orleans French Quarter; television and radio host; public speaker and humorist; trial and appellate lawyer. Rubin’s multi-media presentations about the “history behind the mystery” of THE COTTONCREST CURSE. which he has given both in person around the country. as well as on FaceTime and Skype. have received rave reviews.
Twitter: @michaelhrubin
Facebook: Michael H. Rubin