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Christmas Love Bundle by Devon Vaughn ArcherChristmas Love Bundle contains two complete bestselling contemporary romance novels, Christmas Diamonds and Christmas Heat, by award winning author Devon Vaughn Archer. Bonus material includes two romantic short stories, “A Christmas Tree Farm Romance” and “Passions on Maui,” and excerpts from the author’s romance classics, To Find That Love Again, Destined to Meet, Love at the Sea Bluffs Lodge, and Kissing the Man Next Door.

Christmas Diamonds

From bestselling romance writer Devon Vaughn Archer comes a charming and sexy holiday love story, Christmas Diamonds. In this moving tale of love between a jeweler and an interior designer, diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend, especially when they can lead to the man of her dreams.

Ever since she was a little girl, Paula Devine has dreamed of a romantic Christmas Day proposal like the one her grandmother received back in the day. Instead, her list of disappointing exes gets longer each year. But just as she’s ready to give up, Paula begins remodeling the home of an irresistibly sexy client, a man who inspires the kind of wicked thoughts that could land her on Santa’s “naughty” list permanently.

If there’s one thing rarer than a flawless diamond, it’s true love fused with passion. Jeweler Chase McCord had it once, and wondered if that shimmering heat was gone forever. But the beautiful woman who’s renovating his home is also overhauling Chase’s outlook, tempting him to submit to her sweet seduction, even if it means losing his heart all over again.

Christmas Heat

In the time honored tradition of such holiday classics as The Christmas Box, The Christmas Shoes, and A Christmas Carol, comes the nostalgic love story, Christmas Heat, by bestselling romance author Devon Vaughn Archer.

A season of miracles…and second chances at love…

Audrey Lamour is a successful artist and devoted mother, forever indebted to the heroic fireman who pulled her from a deadly blaze 25 years ago on Christmas Day. She honored him by painting his portrait, never dreaming her picture would become a lifeline to love.

Professional photographer Conrad Pearson was driven to meet the woman whose emotional painting of his father seared his soul, even if it meant returning home to the Pacific Northwest, and painful memories he had sought to escape from. But Audrey’s beauty, grace, and a long ago unforgettable kiss reunite the two. Both must confront the ghosts of Christmas past and present day trust issues if they are to have a chance to forge a future together.

“A Christmas Tree Farm Romance” and “Passions on Maui,” are delightful romance shorts sure to entertain. Excerpts from the author’s bestselling romances, To Find That Love Again, Destined to Meet, Love at the Sea Bluffs Lodge, and Kissing the Man Next Door, will leave readers eager to read the entire novels.

CHRISTMAS LOVE BUNDLE is available from Amazon, Amazon CA and Amazon UK.


“Filled with anticipation. Devon Vaughn Archer has crafted a well-written story of love and loss. Christmas Heat is a satisfying read.” — OOSA Online Book Club

“Fans of deep character driven tales will want to read Devon Vaughn Archer’s strong story of love coming out of the ashes of tragedy.’ — Harriet Klausner, book reviewer on Christmas Heat

“You will not be disappointed this is a great romance story where you believe in the love again also with the season of forgiveness and love how can you miss.” – Louise Brown, book reviewer on Christmas Heat

“Kudos to Devon Vaughn Archer for a job well-done! The story is romantic and sweet. His characters are intelligent, strong, and classy. “Would recommend to other lovers of romance.” — OOSA Online Book Club on Christmas Diamonds

“Fabulous holiday romance. Readers will enjoy this fun tale as diamonds are a woman’s second best friend after the love of their life.” – Harriet Klausner, book reviewer on Christmas Diamonds

“ Christmas Diamonds is a very good holiday read. Devon Vaughn Archer does a good job of developing the main and secondary characters.” – Urban Reviews

“This book was smokin’ with passion. …I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think you will too…. This book has the juice from beginning to end.” – Amazon book reviewer on Christmas Diamonds


Devon Vaughn Archer is the author of bestselling relationship, contemporary romance, and suspense thriller fiction. These include Aloha Fantasy, Bet on Love, Christmas Diamonds, Christmas Heat, Destined to Meet, Love is in the Air, Pleasure in Hawaii, Private Luau, The Hitman’s Woman, and To Find That Love Again.

The author has also written several bestselling young adult novels, including Her Teen Dream, His Teen Dream, and Her Teen Dream: Summer Heartbreak.

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