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Guarding Shakespeare by Quintin PetersonThe Folger Shakespeare Library is the world’s largest repository of Shakespeareana and English Renaissance books, manuscripts, and objects d’art. Nobody alive knows the library better than Special Police Officer Lt. Norman Blalock; he’s been guarding it for 25 years. That’s why he is the perfect candidate to pull off an inside job and heist from the library’s underground bank vault a priceless artifact that can rock the foundation of English Literature…

“In the time-honored tradition of noir fiction, Quintin Peterson doesn’t shy away from exploring the lengths to which people will go to feed their greed. In his world, things are seldom what they seem. They’re generally much, much worse – but a heck of a lot of fun to read.” –Karen Lyon, The Hill Rag

“Peterson’s novel is a lush tale of noir fiction in the spirit of the appealing thief utilizing all his wits against almost insurmountable odds.” –Literary Fiction Book Review

GUARDING SHAKESPEARE is available from Amazon and Literary Fiction Review.


Native Washingtonian Quintin Peterson is a retired D.C. police officer who served the public for more than 28 years. He is an artist and an award-winning writer who has authored three DC-based crime novels, a book of poetry, several short stories available via Amazon Kindle and Nook Books, and has contributed to six crime fiction/noir anthologies, including DC Noir, edited by George Pelecanos. He has also contributed to the British horror magazine SANITARIUM and to Heater Magazine (formerly known as eNoir). His latest offering is the novella, Guarding Shakespeare, a noir story about a plot to heist a priceless artifact from the Folger Shakespeare Memorial Library in Washington, D.C., which is where the author is currently employed. (For complete bio and links to author’s web pages go to

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