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Burial Plot (A Jonelle Sweet Mystery Book 1) by R. Lanier ClemonsCampus security guard and cop wannabe Jonelle Sweet has a problem. Her recently deceased husband is missing from the cemetery plot where she buried him. Married less than two years to Delbert Sweet, Jonelle knows she can find the answers to why someone removed his body and where he was taken.

Refusing to give up or be stonewalled, Jonelle’s persistence pays off. As her demand for answers escalates, Jonelle methodically tracks down a body snatcher and uncovers a conspiracy where cadavers are sold for profit. Jonelle learns that if she doesn’t watch her step, the grave robber may just turn into a killer. And she will be his first victim.

Mystery readers will love R. Lanier Clemon’s gustsy wannabe-cop, Jonelle Sweet. The first in a series, this novel starts out with intrigue and suspense when Jonelle’s deceased husband goes missing from his eternal resting place. Her natural detective instincts serve her well as she gathers clues, questions witnesses and puts the pieces together that lead her to an unlikely and dangerous conspiracy.

The plot is compelling and the dialogue is sharp and sprinkled with humor. A terrific read.
Amazon 5 star review

BURIAL PLOT is available from Amazon.


Born in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, R. Lanier Clemons spent her early years moving from one Air Force base to another. It was her father, a career Air Force Sergeant, who instilled in her the love of books.
In college, she majored in Journalism and received her B.A. from Howard University. That degree helped her land a job as Managing Editor of an employee newspaper for the largest telecommunications company in the Washington DC area. Several years were spent writing the “5 W’s.” However, that didn’t dampen her thirst for fiction. With the love of mysteries in the back of her mind, she decided to explore some of the reasons why people committed crimes. That led to a degree in Legal Studies at the University of Maryland.
One day, she decided to sit down and write the kind of book she wanted to read. As a horse owner and competitor for 30 years, she finds writing and riding very similar activities. Both require skill, perseverance and practice in order to continue to grow and excel at each craft.

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