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Abducted by Brian PinkertonA young mother catches a glimpse of her child on a bus — two years after he was abducted and declared dead.

“Pinkerton is a master at tightening the tension until it spills out across the page.” –Nate Kenyon, author of Bloodstone

“A harrowing and frightening journey into a parent’s worst nightmare… Shocking twists and a smash-up ending make this a highly winning thriller.” –New Mystery Reader

“A tense pace all the way to the end.” –Midwest Book Review

ABDUCTED is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Brian Pinkerton is an American author of fiction in the suspense, thriller, mystery and horror genres. His novels include Abducted, Vengeance, Killer’s Diary, Bender, Rough Cut and How I Started the Apocalypse. Select titles have also been released as audio books and in foreign languages.

Brian’s short stories have appeared in anthologies including Chicago Blues, PULP! and Zombie Zoology. Brian received his B.A. from the University of Iowa and Master’s Degree from Northwestern University.