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Schoosing evilerafina Murano is no stranger to the paranormal. All of her life she’s lived harmoniously alongside demons. Damon Serpe is a conflicted demon on a mission. Unexpectedly, they collide into each other’s lives and are inexorably drawn to one another.

Dark deadly secrets, gut wrenching betrayal, and elusive questions haunt her and have her entire life. Instinctively, Serafina realizes Damon holds the key to her understanding. If she trusts him, can he help decipher her recurring nightmares and unravel the mysteries surrounding her?

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, she must select her path and make a difficult choice. One which will change her, and perhaps the world, forever.

Will Serafina embrace the truth and face her evil?

Would you?

“Rienzi’s first novel is a magnificent effort. Character development is excellent with personalities bursting from the pages. The plot thickens throughout the book leaving the reader anticipating the next in the series. A superb beginning for an author I hope to read a lot more from.” – amp10q

CHOOSING EVIL is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


“This story is dark and gritty and intriguing. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Serafina and her friends. 4 DEMON PAWS.” – Maghon at Happy Tails and Tales

“This story has great characters with lots of twists and turns as the suspense builds! I really loved this book and can’t wait for the next one by this author!” – Chris Clemetson

“With all the supernatural books available these days, it is so refreshing to read something new. I loved the demon idea. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Kristina really developed the characters, and the plot was well thought out. She provided great details and Imagery that made the story come alive. I can’t wait until the next book!” – Val Smith

“‘Choosing Evil’ kept me riveted page by page, pulling me along through the story. Very creative; stretches the imagination. Can’t wait for the next installment!” – Ed

“I absolutely LOVED this book! The author did a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life. I found all of the characters to be relatable – all of us knows someone in our lives like them. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!” – lori.


Kristina Rienzi writes suspense thriller fiction set at the Jersey Shore where she currently resides. She holds a Master of Psychological Counseling from Monmouth University and advanced certification in human resources, working in both fields throughout her business career. Her debut paranormal suspense novel, Choosing Evil is rated 4.5-5 stars on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads.

When she’s not writing or doing something writing related, Kristina spends her time reading, watching paranormal investigations, rooting for her West Virginia Mountaineers and relaxing with her loved ones, wine in hand. Although a lover of New Jersey, Kristina dreams of one day moving to Oahu and living the ‘Aloha’ way.

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