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zombiesA couple’s long delayed honeymoon is interrupted when they get shanghaied to Nineteen-Twenties America where a diabolical team is fabricating zombie soldiers. She is a brilliant biophysicist, he a former Green Beret, and they have no intention of fulfilling the zombie makers plans for them. They have plans of their own that include destroying the zombies and returning to their own time. Then things really get complicated . . .

First We Kill All the Zombies is available from Amazon.


“You will be drawn into Bootlegger’s Cove and Speakeasy Alley inside the park on a tour with Doktor Heinekoffen, into mysterious places with strange characters until you forget you are reading a book about zombies and are on a movie set with Johnny Depp…” Betty McNicholas

“Did you ever imagine you’d actually sympathize with a zombie? Well, fasten your seatbelt, you’re in for a bumpy ride. This book is both funny and touching by turns. . .  Read this book! You’ll be glad you did. . .” KayleeKer.


Award-winning, bestselling author Connie Flynn writes in multiple genres and formats, which is why she’s named her website and blog Imagination Gone Wild. After several years writing classic romance fiction, she branched into supernatural romantic thrillers. That naturally led to classic romantic suspense which . . . well, she just  had to write a humorous yet dramatic cozy zombie chiller. Connie lives with her Golden Doddle in Arizona on a cool green park that helps them survive the blistering summers and is busy working on the second book of this five-book series.